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How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

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Mar 25, 2023
Multichannel sound, done approximately right, can quite nicely move you into another acoustic space in your living room. The problem with multichannel sound presently is that production for multichannel sound is still approaching the renaissance, and is still in the late dark ages.
Well, i m conscious of that. In fact, multichannel music in film is but tentative. However, tentative is still better than pure 2 channel old stereo. For example, the number of channels in multichannel DAWs' output is as large as your computer can process and the number of channels your soundcard has. Reaper goes as high as 512 and Lynx' sound card has 16, 24 and 33, if memory serves well. But what puzzles me most is that we haven't found a viable way to finally detach us from a 100+ years of piston cum cone (whatever material that may be made of) technology. I think that is the gist of the problem. That cone's mechanical radiation has so many problems that solving them is sort of like reinventing the wheel. So, unfortunately, we're back to our main business: the electromechanical speaker and its environment and everything that stems from that combination. Perfect electromechanical speaker would be like looking for perfect human character. Nah... New technology, please!
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