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1 bit DAC launched by TOPPING


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Apr 3, 2019
I don't get it.

It’s like the Marantz SA-10 where it doesn’t use a single chip IC but converts everything to DSD (1-bit) and implements an ultrasonic filter…
What are the advantages? Thanks.
Probably none. Marantz themselves insist that it will measure worse but that it allows them to have more control over the filter and dithering which they believe affects the sound.

I think it’s important when you hear them say it measures worse but the trade off is that they can apply some of their preferred algorithms.

See this post in thread 'Marantz SA-10 Review (SACD Player & DAC)'

I really enjoyed my SA-10/PM-10 combo but sold it due to budgetary reasons. (downgraded by 2 ch setup to upgrade my HT setup). If I was wealthier, I would have kept it.
I presume the "discrete" refers to the DAC and that the DAC is 'R2R', correct? ("Discrete" could also mean refer to substituting discrete circuitry for op amps in the analog stages.)

Sounds like Topping is pandering to audiphool trendiness.

They call it a 1-bit DAC and show this

The LA90 Discrete outperforms the LA90 standard one, so I would be surprised if this measures that poorly. The SA-10 is almost 10 years old now.

These are delta sigma designs still, not R2R necessarily.

If you use Google Translate, you can see why Marantz went for it

And there was an interview at the same site with the developers where they say part of the development was engineers finding that things that had more noise sounded better. There has never been a solid ABX or blind test showing that you can hear the differences but I did show that the PK metric leans toward Marantz not being crazy.

Well, technically when the data comes from I2S or SPDIF or USB watever, the wire is 1 bit, no?
What are the advantages? Thanks.

Yeah, probably none. ;) Almost every manufacturer (of everything, not just audio) touts their design decisions/trade-offs as features or advantages.

I've never heard a difference/defect from a DAC, including the one that was built-into my 1st CD player. (I did have a noisy soundcard once that made noise when the hard drive was accessed, but I don't blame that on the "DAC".)

What does a 6 channel headphone amplifier do?
You can plug-in 6 headphones at once. :p I assume the firmware allows you to adjust the volume individually but knobs would be more convenient.

Multi-output headphone amps are common in recording studios, radio stations, and other professional situations.

I also see multiple connector types so you don't need adapters to plug-in a headphone with different connectors.
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