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Omnitronic Audio Amplifiers


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May 12, 2019
Does anybody from Germany or EU have an experience with Omnitronic? I see they have a pretty wide range of PRO audio gear at the reasonable prices.
I'm interested in OMNITRONIC DJP-900P Class D Amplifier, which is a combo type Stereo/Mono/PA amplifier (2x 240 W RMS at 8 ohms & 2x 460 W RMS at 4 ohms) - pretty powerful for a quoted 199€.

Looks pretty incredible for the price. "Distortion factor: 0.05 %" doesn't sound too bad for that power/price ratio.
Yes indeed. Would be interesting to see the measurement conditions when 0.05% is obtained.
Never heard of them but considering the fact that there are so many various audio products on sale, they should be in a business for a long time.
Need some feedback though...
They have a similar column type all-in-one powered speakers like newly announced Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K for some 1/3 of price :cool:
The MP3 logo on the faceplate suggests that the amp will really make those 128 Kbps tracks and ring tones "sparkle"!

What does distortion factor mean? Is that the same as THD, THD+N? (Being facetious here, as is often the case when I read between the lines of most gear... including my own.)
Agree, things seem shady when manufacturers are not clear enough with stating detailed specifications in a widely standardized and adopted manner.
I've also downloaded a manual but spec page doesn't differ from the one shown on website.
Looks pretty incredible for the price. "Distortion factor: 0.05 %" doesn't sound too bad for that power/price ratio.
Yep - and its weight is just 2.3 kg! :eek:

I'm wondering though about the specified power consumption of 96 W at 1/8 power as specified in the users manual. Does this mean it eats some 770W at full power which is 2 x 460W at 4 Ohm = 920W? Where does it get the missing 150W (assuming a perfect efficiency of 100%)?

Just seen that on the home page power consumption is specified as 140W at 1/8 power which would mean 1120W at full power. Makes more sense.
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