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  1. daniboun

    "Bamboo V2" project. 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stéréo Rev. B (OPA1656) + PFC/LLC PSU. APx555 Measurements )

    Hi amigos, Before starting, I suspended the measurements of the first project "Micro Bamboo." I will come back to the quick measurements at the end of May finally, I still have to speak with Sami about his Micro Audio PSU... am focusing on this thread only on the measures of the "Bamboo V2"...
  2. sweetchaos

    McIntosh MC462 Stereo Amplifier Review (by

    Erin (from ErinsAudioCorner) has posted his 2nd electronics review, conducted using Audio Precision APx555B. Erin's conclusion: Link to his site, for full review and graphs: Discuss!
  3. J

    Fosi Audio T10 - Amazing WiFi Streamer and Amplifier at Unreal Price

    At first, I was definitely skeptical about buying the Fosi Audio T10 WiFi (+ blue tooth, usb, u-disk and auxiliary) streamer with 100 watt + 100 watt (2.1 channels) amplifier. I read so-called “audiophile “ reviews that caused me to pause…but, after seeing so many positive reviews I decided to...
  4. orchardaudio

    For Sale: Used Starkrimson Stereo Ultra (Dual Mono w/ Caps)

    I have a used Starkrimson Stereo Ultra for sale for $3300 + shipping. MSRP is $3800 Custom silver front panel Dual mono with capacitor upgrade XLR inputs 110/120 AC input (can be changed to 220/240V). 1-year warranty included.
  5. T

    Recomendation of stereo amplifier for JBL E90

    Hello from Lithuania! Im stuck on choosing new stereo amplifier for my JBL E90 towers, specs in link Im considering Denon DRA-800H or Yamaha R-N803. Im more like into bass and hip hop/rap music. At this moment I have old yamaha rxv450, but...
  6. juliangst

    Using an integrated amp as a power amp

    Hi, Because I want to properly integrate a sub I need to high pass my mains (LS50) but my amp does not have a main in to use it as a power amp. Is it possible to just use my integrated amp with the volume pot in a fixed position to achieve that? I already found the volume position in which...
  7. dominikz

    Sabaj A1 2022 stereo integrated amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Sabaj A1 (new 2022 version) stereo integrated amplifier. The amp is based on the popular Infineon MA12070 chip and I bought mine for $68.99 (total, shipped to EU). A few pictures of the amp: As you can see the power brick (Sabaj branded, 24V /...
  8. orchardaudio

    FS: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 10% Off

    I have a brand new Starkrimson Stereo Ultra with the $400 cap upgrade, XLR inputs and configured for 110/120V line voltage. MSRP is $2900. A customer canceled their order. 10% off to anybody here who wants it, free shipping in the US. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Link to...
  9. I

    SOLD!!!: NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amp:SOLD!!!

    In excellent physical and working condition. Considered the best hifi amp for an entry price. v2 retails for $479. Sounded great with different speakers I tried with. Slim form factor. Price is $220 local cash pickup (zip code: 08540). I prefer local cash pickup and I am willing to travel...
  10. orchardaudio

    SOLD!!!: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra - 500W GaN amps SOLD!!!

    I have 2 x Starkrimson Stereo Ultra review units, one with a black front panel and one with silver. Black front panel w/ XLR input -- $1500 + shipping (2500 MSRP) Silver Front panel w/XLR input -- $1650 + shipping (2700 MSRP) -- SOLD Both have some minor dings and scratches and will come with a...
  11. orchardaudio

    FS: Preowned Orchard Audio Gear

    I have the following pre-owned items available: 1 x Starkrimson Integrated – $1749 + shipping 1 x Pair of Starkrimson Monos (5k input impedance) – $999 + shipping 1 x PecanPi USB (Rev 1, no volume knob) – $333 + shipping All items come with a standard 1-year warranty.
  12. VintageFlanker

    BoXem Audio Arthur 2408/N2 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Disclaimer: This review sample was kindly loaned to me by @boXem | audio. I have no financial relationship with the brand whatsoever, nor had got paid to say anything good or bad about this amplifier. Also, my English still sucks even after being there for two years, so please be easy on that.;)...
  13. S

    Omnitronic Audio Amplifiers

    Does anybody from Germany or EU have an experience with Omnitronic? I see they have a pretty wide range of PRO audio gear at the reasonable prices. I'm interested in OMNITRONIC DJP-900P Class D Amplifier, which is a combo type Stereo/Mono/PA amplifier (2x 240 W RMS at 8 ohms & 2x 460 W RMS at 4...
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