1. C

    Some thoughts about my AVR upgrade path towards 3D sound

    Currently I am investigating a replacement of an older 7.1 AV-receiver (5.1 + 2nd stereo zone) to try out Atmos by adding 2 Atmos enabled speakers in 1st path to gain some 3D sound experience. Video/Music 70/30. Streaming and input sources are: 4k Apple TV, BlueRay player and for music only I...
  2. orchardaudio

    500W (4ohm) GaN Class D Modules - Starkrimson Ultra

    The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest in these modules, please see the link below for full info. Full info here.
  3. MediumRare

    Best affordable power amp? Is Monoprice Unity 450w a good candidate?

    I need to buy three zones (so six channels, total) of clean power, at least 100 WPC into 8 ohms . The Monoprice Unity amp is 150 WPC into 8 ohms and is priced at $125 per channel. Does anybody know what modules it uses and/or legit specs? Are there...
  4. S

    Omnitronic Audio Amplifiers

    Does anybody from Germany or EU have an experience with Omnitronic? I see they have a pretty wide range of PRO audio gear at the reasonable prices. I'm interested in OMNITRONIC DJP-900P Class D Amplifier, which is a combo type Stereo/Mono/PA amplifier (2x 240 W RMS at 8 ohms & 2x 460 W RMS at 4...
  5. C

    How to build a Class-D Amp?

    Hello dear people, [mod: deleted] I am kind a newbie when it comes to building a DIY amp but I want to give it a try. My plan was to build an amp that outputs 30W (RMS and 60W max) to my Dayton Audio RS100-4 4'' speakers. With that amp I wanted to have 1 input with RCA connectors and another...
  6. orchardaudio

    BOSC - HiFi Monoblock Class-D Amp

    Currently Under Development Preliminary Specifications: Gain: 16.8dB or 6.92 (For 8 and 6Ω speakers) Gain: 13.8dB or 4.89 (For 4 and 3Ω speakers) Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 121dB (A-weighted) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.0003% (-110dB) @ 7W Frequency Response: DC - 60kHz Sensitivity...
  7. L

    Hifiman HE-6 + Sonos Amp

    I have a pair of HE-6 headphones, they're notoriously insensitive (83.5db). Many users drive their HE-6's with a speaker amp. Hifiman even sell an adapter for this explicit purpose here: Unfortunately my gigantic circa 90s Yamaha amp finally bit the dust...
  8. Xulonn

    Digital evolution - some audio electronics history

    I will start with some information about two audiophile Class-D amplifier pioneers - Tripath and Hypex. In spite of the disdain displayed by some traditionalist audio enthusiasts for Class-D, these pioneering efforts were based on rigorous engineering, not unicorn fairy dust and other...
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