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Auralic Vega G2 Streamer and DAC Review


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Apr 1, 2019
This, especially, is a total bullshit argument.
From the fellow Alex (employee) not "knowing" Amir:

"The author of these reviews, whose motivation I won’t question, may have the best of intentions when it comes to the work they do. They may be trying to rid the world of “snake oil” products, an effort we applaud and for which we would gladly pitch in."
"We can only tell you that our products have been measured before in other reviews, and by us in our development process. We are not afraid of measurements."
Okay so we have two issues here, the first quote is either constructed by a pretty intelligent social architect, or someone unaware he betrays the majority of a major portions of his message. That being when he later draws emphasis to:

(and we know you will because you’re all pretty intelligent, and that’s not flattery, it’s just something we know about you guys)...........Also, please research the people writing these reviews. Learn who they are, and what their point of view might be. Learn about how they measure, whether it’s accurate, or if the measurements inform on how the product sounds and functions.
Would it have killed him to take his own advice here and do some "learning" of their own about others? Might've helped with a more substansive reply, rather than leaving it up to the community to go and do the research, and researching about methodologies. Alex could have came back to such a community and given his take on the measurements himself so said community could rest more assured, instead a hollow post that addresses nothing.

To the second quote about "not afraid of measurements". Okay so then you're lazy? People selling devices at the prices you are, one would naturally assume you know the basics of performance validation procedures followed in nearly every respective electronic industry. And if not you, then who would? That said.. If you're not afraid of them, you have multiple problems to rectify

1. Verify the ones here are accurate (as skeptics here normally assume you guys don't have your own).

2. Get your own measurements so you have something to compare to.

3. Realize we're not afraid of them either, so publish them publicly for us to see as well. Unless of course you want to get into the nitty gritty of business ethics or outward image that makes you feel you're somehow some riders of high horses too tall for your own community/customers/potentially interested customers. I'll gladly outline why you ought do these things if you care to discuss this, and if you truly stand behind what you said in your post.

@HookEm Thank you for sharing our findings there. I've been somewhat critical of Alex, and I actually align myself with the rest of what he's said. But if he's going to make claims like "They may be trying to rid the world of “snake oil” products, an effort we applaud and for which we would gladly pitch in." Then we'd like to take him up on said offer.

Fortunately for him. Auralic performance is pretty decent compared to the high-end shovelware present in high-end realms, so he has less reason to hide. And no matter where you are, or what industry. If there is a company that makes high-end products and has been on the market for years, if they want to say there's something wrong with our approach, I think many of us here would be present with ears waiting.

One last thing HookEm if you're reading this. If none of what I say is something they ever get around to doing. At least ask why they don't publish their own measurements. Everything else can wait, but a non-answering of this question basically makes the rest almost pointless. Unless of course they can't afford to get their products measured anymore or some weird answer like that comes from them.

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