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  1. S

    Concrete Speaker Evaluation

    I recently built some desktop speakers from concrete, and I am trying to understand my measurements. I am quite happy with the overall sound, but they are definitely missing some base. I am using a Dayton Audio DS135-8 woofer with a Peerless Tymphany BC25SC08-04 tweeter and crossed them at...
  2. S

    What am I missing from this test?

    I think I captured the difference in sound from speakers placed directly on your desk compared to decoupled speakers on stands. You can clearly hear the difference because speakers on desk are actually LOUDER, but that's the desk vibrations adding to the volume and the bass. How can I improve...
  3. S

    Recommendation: DAC to connect active speakers to TV

    Dear colleagues, Since my search for a dedicated recommendations thread was unsuccessful, I'm hoping here is a good place. If I missed something, please excuse me. I am using a pair of active Neumann KH120 speakers with my TV and for now I have them connected with a random DAC from Amazon. I'm...
  4. M

    Headphone Amp with DAC and balanced XLR pre-Out for studio monitors?! Topping DX5? SMSL DL200?

    Hiya I'm looking for a solution to kill a problem that's been plaguing me for well over a decade. I have a pair of studio monitors (Yamaha HS5) and a simple headphone amp (Destiny Aristaios mk II - tube amplifier; basically a Yaqin PH-5L) and a huge issue with noise from my computer. Before...
  5. B

    What are my upgrade options from Adam T5V

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here, so glad to meet y'all. About 2 years ago I got myself into the speakers world with a pair of Adam Audio T5Vs. My choice was based on the plethora of positive reviews on these speakers. They indeed did not disappoint, really balanced set with quite a bit...
  6. Erik With a K

    Upgrade from Edifier MR4?

    Hi all, I currently own a pair of Edifier MR4 studio monitors running through a Teyun-Q16 with TRS cables. They've served me well over the past year, however I've been looking to upgrade as it is hard to hear anything under 70hz or so. I understand I won't be able to hear much of any sub-bass...
  7. M

    Can someone with some Genelecs compare them to these Bestisan clones, even if for the lols?

    I'll even order them and ship them to you. I'd love to see some measurements on these. It seems like the kind of fun project someone on ASR would like to do. I have actually been pleasantly surprised by some other Bestisan (SR02) I have as kitchen speakers and I'd love to see how close these...
  8. OfficialChill

    Thomann Swissonic A305 measurements by Erin

    Erin has published his data for the Swissonic A305. Unfortunately Thomann discontinued the A305, 306 and 308 (maybe even more models) which understandably has made the time measuring and reviewing these speakers largely a waste of time. Why Thomann went through the time and cost to ship these is...
  9. sweetchaos

    Master List of New Speakers

    Intro: Active Speakers (in 2022): Active Speakers (in 2023): Passive Speakers (in 2023): Unreleased Speakers (Rumors and Prototypes): Changelog:
  10. pkmnx

    FS/US: Genelec 8080C - Studio Monitor Speakers Pair - $1025 (local, nyc) or $1150 shipping (obo) (price raised due to interest)

    Hi: please excuse that I am a new member and perhaps barging in to sell something - but I have lurked for some time. I am an entirely legitimate person w/ no intentions of scamming anyone. I enjoy upgrading equipment and am interested in swapping out my Genelec 8030C's for 8341A's (which I saw...
  11. P

    Desktop Nearfield Speakers £1k budget

    For nearfield desktop use between 2 ft and 1M distance from me. Active Studio Monitors vs. Passive Bookshelves + Small Amp? Roughly £1k budget. I’m looking for desktop speakers/amp to pair with Topping DX5 DAC that I currently only use with headphones. Usage will be hi-res music playback...
  12. B

    Kh 150 + Kh 750 sub room measurements advise

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advice.. I’m a long time recording engineer and musician. I’ve owned a few sets of speakers but I’m coming from a set of jbl Lsr 4300 with the matching sub I’ve used for 11 years. I recently bought the Neumann Kh 150s and Kh 750. With the MA1 system. Because...
  13. C

    Looking for first pair of home studio monitors (Video Editor)

    Hello. For context, I work as a full time video editor and often times I have to deal with a little sound mixing on my projects. These include voice EQ, sound effects and music. At this point I'm using my Macbook Pro speakers and Hyperx Cloud II to mix. Of course this might be the worst...
  14. L

    Adam T5V vs Kali LP-6 v2

    Hello, I've been looking for budget studio monitors for my desktop setup and have come down to Adam's T5V and Kali's LP-6 v2. I can't seem to pick one, some input from people who know more than I do would be great. I will mainly be listening to music with the occasional show (will not be doing...
  15. E

    2.1 System with deep subwoofer for 500 - 700 USD

    Hello masters of the audio and ear candy, this is my first post in this forum so please bear with me. I'm having trouble finding a good 2 studio monitor + 1 subwoofer combo for my budget, because there's simply too many choices and possibilities and frankly my knowledge about soundsystems is...
  16. D

    Parametric EQ options with audio interface and monitors

    I have a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface, and its speaker outputs are combined with headphones output in the system, as in most/all audio interfaces out there, I guess. I'm planning to buy some active near-field monitors, and I'd like to EQ speakers only (without affecting the headphones output)...
  17. regan

    Add Bluetooth to Studio Monitors without quality loss

    I want to make my studio monitors (kali lp8v2) be able to play wirelessly from my phone. Without affecting audio quality. Would adding a wiim mini/pro to the dac do that? A combo like Topping DO100 (or any other dac idk what to choose) + Wiim would be able to play tidal lossles from my phone?
  18. TrickyMoreira

    Adam A7V Measurement Report | Released

    Hi All, Just found that Adam Audio has finally released their A-Series Monitor Measurement Reports. I'm specifically looking at the A7V's. Some people have mixed reviews on these; while others love them. As I'm not an engineer, some of these graphs are quite foreign to me. I make house and...
  19. Huang Jerry

    Help with choosing a studio monitor.

    So I sold off some gear, and instead of being a financially wise man, I decided that I needed a proper pair of studio monitor. I'm choosing between two pairs: - Klein + Hummel O110 in very good condition, for SGD650 (USD470, EUR455) - Kali LP6 (not V2) brand new in box, for SGD500 (USD375...
  20. B

    Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805

    Hello good folks, I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away: Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo? And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain? I guess...
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