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FS/US: Genelec 8080C - Studio Monitor Speakers Pair - $1025 (local, nyc) or $1150 shipping (obo) (price raised due to interest)


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Nov 14, 2023
New York, NY
Hi: please excuse that I am a new member and perhaps barging in to sell something - but I have lurked for some time. I am an entirely legitimate person w/ no intentions of scamming anyone.

I enjoy upgrading equipment and am interested in swapping out my Genelec 8030C's for 8341A's (which I saw were on sale here just about a month ago, but which I missed) - so I tend to take care of things with the intention of selling them - once I am ready to pay for the upgrade.

So, it is with that spirit that I'd like to sell my pair of Genelec 8030C's.

I am local to NYC and so would love to do the trade with someone who can come and just pick them up, but will ship for some small amount extra - either $1025 local or $1150 for shipping to the US. They were purchased from B & H about a year ago.

Finally - I wall mounted them, so the pictures you see will show them on those, but w/ purchase I will include the iso-pods they came with, the power cabling, and then the paperwork that was included in the box. I should have kept the boxes, but I didn't really have a place to keep the boxes as they were fairly large and at the time thought that these were my final speakers. Now, I realize that the 8341A's are my actual goalposts.

(edit: I have raised the price slightly due to interest)


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