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Can someone with some Genelecs compare them to these Bestisan clones, even if for the lols?


Apr 22, 2023
I'll even order them and ship them to you. I'd love to see some measurements on these. It seems like the kind of fun project someone on ASR would like to do.

I have actually been pleasantly surprised by some other Bestisan (SR02) I have as kitchen speakers and I'd love to see how close these $62 with coupon clones get to the $700 Genelec 8010A. 10% there? 80%? The Amazon reviews seem glowing, but sometimes Amazon reviewers don't know what they are talking about.

I also just love made up Amazon brand names. Oh is that your Bestie? No, it's my Bestisan.


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I had never heard of this company before!
PM @amirm to get him to test it.

You never know. Years ago, no one would have thought DACs from Amazon would beat megabuck DACs from Chord.
I seriously doubt it too. Emulating Genelec's design is one thing (it's not the first time such chinese clones are seen and sold on line) but getting the same level of expertise and experience is quite another issue.

But we're talking about a little cute beast sold one tenth of the Gen 8010 regular price. So maybe worth to try it ? it won't cause a heart attack to your banker anyway.
If it's a crap, just put it on a shelf to look at it and then buy a real Genelec. If it's rather good, that's fine for a secondary cheap system.

Well, I'd like a review by Amir, or by another review publisher on ASR or by Erin's (Audio Corner).
...but sometimes Amazon reviewers don't know what they are talking about.
Yeah, sometimes. :D

I also just love made up Amazon brand names. Oh is that your Bestie? No, it's my Bestisan.
Bestie in German means beast btw. :)
Well I see I don't have any takers yet, so I ordered the Genelec and Bestisan and will do some measurements and tests. :)
That would be awesome.
The Amazon reviews seem glowing, but sometimes Amazon reviewers don't know what they are talking about.


a hint as to the magnitude of the problem:

Indeed the smallest Swans/Hivi monitor looks the same as the Bestisan or Senal seen above, they probably are all sourced by the same OEM chinese company.
I found out an Amir review of this small Swans HIVI monitor.
Not good results for this little Swans, but Amir found some good points and excuses :

There are larger and more sophisticated speakers in this range, which could be better, hopefully with less brightness and distorsion than the smallest model :

Nice looking and solidly built, much inspired by Genelec for styling of course, but I wouldn't consider them as pure clones or counterfeit Gens. If you look carefully to the speakers and their specs, you'll see real differences between them and genelecs. Emulate a well reputated and innovative competitor has always been quite common in the industry, not only in the audio domain. I consider this a bit "too easy" and not quite fair (much less creativity and expenses in R&D), but that's not illegal.

Anyway, I strongly doubt they sound as good as genelecs, one of the some respected and innovative audio brand on the planet, but these Swans/Hivi are not crap either for the price (we have to take into account the large difference in price).
This brand being not distributed in France. I won't take the risk to buy online the 6 or the 8 inch model, but maybe some of of you will do or have done it yet ?.
Well I have disappointing news, I won't be able to provide measurements, sorry. I had sold my UMIK-1 because I didn't find the measurements that useful for actually deciding which speaker I like, compared to just listening. JBL 4311 and other speakers I tried had different squiggles than the JBL Studio 530 I love, but my ears already told me which speakers I liked the best. And my ears told me I liked the Revel M16 I bought, but the metal tweeter still hurt my ears a bit, so I sent them back. I think we can all agree that speakers sound different from one another and I think ears work great for comparing speakers.

I thought I could use my Dayton IMM-6S microphone with REW but in setting it up I realized that won't work with my laptop without a splitter and even then it might be a bit dodgy since it has to use the mic preamp in the laptop. I don't want to rebuy a UMIK-1 for this and then have to sell it again. So I apologize for no measurements.

I'll give you my subjective listening tests of the desktop computer speakers I assembled, which is plenty good enough for these speakers. :)

From left to right is my order of preference. All were tested at my desk using the headphone out from my old iMac. Most music was just from Spotify or Youtube and at 70-75 dB. I wanted to test these speakers exactly as I would be using them, in stereo and on my desk using the headphone out from the computer.

1. Bestisan SR02 ($70.40) These surprisingly sounded the best. I was really really surprised by that. Some listening notes are that these sounded the best of the speakers with Rocks Off by The Rolling Stones from Exile on Main Street. These are the ones I wanted to listen to the song with. Smooth and warm, the wood added nice sound, maybe it's distortion, I don't know and I don't care, this is how I wanted the music to sound. Lisa Ostergren's cover of When the Party is Over sounded great on these as well, real and like someone was in the air between the speakers singing. Vocals were very nice and non-fatiguing. The strings on Daft Punk's Solar Sailer sounded most sweet and pleasant on the silk dome tweeter in these and the bass line was by far the best on these. The Bestisan SR02's size (10"x6"x7", 0.24 ft^3) certainly helps their bass I'm sure. They aren't that large, but compared to micro monitors like the Genelecs, they are huge. In the land of 2 and 3 inch woofers, a 4-inch woofer is king.

2. Genelec 8010A ($700) At first, I thought I had a huge problem on my hands and was going to have to have $700 speakers on my desk. First thing I listened to was Taylor Swift's Tiny Desk concert on Youtube. I got chills. My girlfriend said "It sounds like someone kidnapped Taylor Swift and sat her down". The low distortion was very evident and the Genelecs weren't harsh or too bright at all. They just were the music. This is the best way to listen to this concert and I really like how they record Tiny Desk audio. It was one of the best audio experiences I've ever had. Her playing Lover on the piano and her vocals on the Genelecs was just incredible. I moved onto other music and as the music got more complex things started to fall apart though. Classical music was really not pleasant or engaging with these, it just "was". I didn't enjoy it. Strings weren't sweet at all, which surprised me. Solar Sailer by Daft Punk was just kind of bland and electronic sounding and not in a good way. It's like when too much stuff is going on these get a little lost, maybe it's the 3 inch woofer and tiny enclosure. Lisa Ostergren sounded flat on these and I just wanted to turn them off because the tweeter was causing some fatigue. I could barely hear the awesome bass notes on Solar Sailer on these, they gave me none of the goosebumps that the bass line can give you on this song. I can see that if you were monitoring mids and highs or using a sub you might want these, but I'm not monitoring anything, I want to just enjoy music. I honestly just wanted to turn off Solar Sailer on these, it was giving ear fatigue and just boring. That's not what I want in a speaker! For enjoying music, it wasn't the Genelecs for me (unless we are talking Tiny Desk concert).

3. Bestisan SR06 ($66) These weren't that bad really, quite clear, but still have a bit of that "I'm a plastic enclosure" sound. Maybe I just like how wood resonates in the Bestisan SR02s. These can play quite loud, and if you didn't compare them to something better you might think they were ok. It gets congested and complicated and they just go to crap though. There is no comparison between these and the Bestisan SR02 in my mind- these sound artificial, comparatively. The only thing they are better at is not taking up a lot of desk space. They actually look quite nice too. Someone not in audio wouldn't know these are 10x cheaper than the Genelecs unless they picked them up and noticed the plastic compared to the Genelec solid aluminum enclosure.

4. Redragon GS520 ($23.99) Last and least. Really not that bad, but make a weird buzzing noise at any loud sounds, even in the 70 dB listening range. The plastic really lets these down, you can feel the sides flexing when they are playing. It's a shame because I loved the cyberpunk outrun feel of the LEDs that change colors. There's not much the amps in these can do, as they are powered via USB haha.

My long term plan is to build some C-notes ($139, 11"x7.5"x9.5", 0.45 ft^3) and try them on the desk. The Bestisan SR02 aren't perfect, they still have flaws and the clarity can be a bit muddled. The Bestisan will go back to kitchen duty, where they are perfect for listening to music while cooking or watching the Botez sisters stream chess.

I was glad to try the Genelec just to satisfy curiosity I've always had about what I may be missing from Genelecs. I am going to return them.


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