1. Mantra

    looking for a good cheap external battery bluetooth low latency receiver for my cable headphones

    Hi i'm using my headphones via cable ,and i like it a lot but sometime i'm using my phone to listen music , and i would like to listen music with a tiny bluetooth low latency receiver just to use with my sennheiser / grado and so on headphones , i have found Mpow receiver Bluetooth ,very cheap...
  2. J

    Bi-amp front speakers with receiver (internal) and external integrated amp?

    I have the following amps: - Yamaha RX-A4A (receiver) - Yamaha A-S1100 (integrated) Currently, the fronts (KEF R11’s) are powered solely by the integrated. It’s connected to the pre-out from the receiver. The receiver only powers the surrounds and center (KEF R3’s and R2C). Can I bi-amp the...
  3. E

    DAC Converter/Amp with bluetooth that can be disabled

    Hi everyone, I'm new guy here and i have a question in regard to DAC converters with Bluetooth. Are there some cheap options ( up to £150 ) that can have bluetooth function disabled if required and have usb c for example, used instead to connect to smartphone or laptop for music streaming? I...
  4. Y

    It ain't bust, but I'll fix it anyway... JVC R-S7 receiver OR ' I just can't stop tweaking'

    Idle thumbs and the devil's work.... I just can't stop tweaking. However much it works, it can always be better. Right? I've already got, but not yet replaced, the main filter caps for my JVC R-S7 receiver. Upgrading from 8700uF to 10000uF as I can't find the right value that physically fits...
  5. B

    Soundbar Replacement Advice

    Hi, the subwoofer for my LG SN9YG soundbar is no longer functioning (can’t figure out why), but it has me considering a replacement since there seem to be some decent sales going on now. I’m considering replacing my old soundbar with either: 1) LG S90QY soundbar 2) Klipsch Reference Cinema 5.1.4...
  6. Matias

    Marantz "Cinema Series" "2022-2023" AV Launch Thread

    Now official. :)
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