1. OCA

    Masimo Corporation Board of Directors Authorizes Management to Evaluate the Separation of Consumer Business

    Masimo is considering selling its consumer business which they bought for $1 billion back in 2022. 2024 1st quarter revenue is down 30% year on year and their target price is about $730 million according to experts: These are the brands they own:
  2. Cosmos

    Amplifier for passive subwoffer

    Amplifier to drive passive speaker. Criterias Dead silent. 400 - 1000 watt 8 ohm 500 - 1000 € Plug and play. Idlike this thread to be open outside my budget and criterias (except silent) cause when searching the internet i dont find a alot. What I have found myself...
  3. C

    Understanding Amp Gain, Output Voltage, and Input Sensitivity, to find a suitable PrePro for MCINTOSH MC255.

    Please help me understand the math around; output voltage of a Pre, Input Sensitivity of a Power Amp, how to find out the Gain of a Power Amp, and help me understand what can one do with that information, and how can it help me with choosing a pairing. I will be choosing either a Denon/Marantz...
  4. O

    Marantz Cinema 70S and MultEQ-X questions

    Hi, I have been wanting to revise my current setup into something with the ability to have room correction. I have been considering the Eversolo DMP A6/A8 with a Purifi/Hypex amp. I’m now questioning if I would not be better off with something like the Cinema 70S as a processor into the same...
  5. jmz

    Marantz PM6006 UK Edition - high temperature without signal and connected speakers

    I'm using Marantz PM6006 UK Edition for a few years now. This amp is working in my office/workshop space and sometimes is turned on for many hours. The volume know is usually set at hour 9... sometimes 9:30. I noticed since the beginning that after playing music for a few hours the top cover...
  6. yussef961

    Marantz PM 25 upgrade worth it?

    hi I have had for 4 years now a PM 25 which works well and I love, I lack some new features like optical output etc, I know there are much newer amps (mine is from 1985-1990 approx). those are the specs from a new one Mesures Réponse en fréquence (entrée analogique) : 10 Hz à 40 kHz Rapport...
  7. M

    Amplifier decision time for Triangle Borea 08

    Hi everyone, Greetings from Berlin. I am a complete newbie and I am in the process of building my first HiFi system. I recently got a great deal on Triangle Borea 08 during the Black Friday and bought them. Though I have never heard them, from the reviews, they come across as dynamic and...
  8. J

    Best option for streaming lossless?

    Going through all the forums and trying to make an educated decision on what would provide the highest quality sound when streaming Tidal HiFi+ into a pair of B&W AM1s. Will I be better off pairing a streamer (WiiM Pro+ / EverSolo DMP-A6) with an amp (e.g. Marantz 6007) or a NAD 368/389...
  9. Mantra

    differents amps ,might I have some advises about them? Dac or Cd player

    Hi Well , I don't want to make a compare between Denon and Marantz , I guess it's unless but for my ears Marantz have a more flat sound with less bass and more treble , while Denon for my ears with more bass and less treble , all 2 channels I own even vintage amps Pioneer ,Denon and Marantz ,and...
  10. E

    Schiit, PS Audio or Marantz in Alaska

    Hello from Alaska! I'd like to buy a new amplifier for my stereo system. My budget is $1200 US. Right now, I have it narrowed down to 3 choices: 1) Schiit Vidar 2 > $950 shipped > 2) Marantz MM7025 > $999 shipped >...
  11. X

    Marantz Cinema 50 - Noise from -7db / 75 Scale

    Hi I just got a Marantz Cinema 50, feels like a nice unit. I’m a bit concerned though, I’m hearing noise from -7db (75 on scale mode). It doesn’t feel right to start hearing noise at this level from a « premium » product. Totaly audible at max level. I thought such a unit would be dead silent...
  12. T

    Marantz 6110 TT repair instructions & questions.

    Regarding the marantz 6110 : First here is a link to a very detailed post about standard cleaning when refurbishing/cleaning a 6110: When I bring the tone arm out over the platter it spins but will no longer lowers. Also it...
  13. S

    New Home Theater Setup - AVR/AMP questions

    Hello, all! I just joined the forums and would love to learn more about this world of hi-fi thus I have a few questions. I recently ordered a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000s since I like a lot about them specifically for the place I live in currently. Now, I still haven't bought anything else but...
  14. C

    Elac b5.2 amplifier

    Hello. Recently I bought elac's for 140$ and now I am searching for a matching amplifier. I would prefer used or vintage one. My budget is about 250$. I was looking at Marantz PM5005 or PM6003, Technics SU-Z2, Rotel RA 970BX or RA 413, ITT 8033, Yamaha R-S500, NAD c350 or c326bee, Cambridge...
  15. D

    New here looking for help: Deciding between Marantz vs Denon vs. arcam avr20

    I’m new here and just rebuilding my home theater system. Just purchased 3 KEF in wall ci5160RL for front stage and 6 in ceiling KEF ci200rr 8 inch. It seems that Arcam was the winner for sound so I bought the AVR20 and just realized it can only power 7 speakers. Looking at the Marantz...
  16. T

    Replacing a tired Marantz CD6000OSE

    Hello, my 21 year old Marantz cd player is starting to behave funny: some disks won't play, the tray door won't open half the time. I though that maybe it's time to look for a replacement. And that is where things got a bit complicated. First I thought of using a cheap DVD player as a...
  17. Matias

    Marantz "Cinema Series" "2022-2023" AV Launch Thread

    Now official. :)
  18. U

    SOLD: Denon AVR-X3700H AV Receiver; 9.2ch 8K AVR with 3D Audio & HEOS

    I have an immaculate condition Denon x3700 receiver for sale for $995. I bought based on all the fantastic reviews it received on websites like audiosciencereview and others. The reviews said it had low distortion and was very clear. I 100% agree. It is two years old. I babied it as it was the...
  19. xaviescacs

    Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite repair

    This thread is the follow up of a discussion started by myself in a thread about different speaker cables lengths because I wanted to know if that could be the case, in my ignorance. I don't want to keep polluting that thread so I start this one. The last intervention by @restorer-john, which...
  20. S

    Marantz 6014 and Martin Logan ESL combo

    hi, I have a Marantz SR6014 and Martin Logan ESL combo, using the Logan as front LR speakers. I stream with TIdal Hi-Fi I wanted to be able to hear the Pure Direct because of the great soundstages with great DEPTH; aka you can hear the front and back of singer and instruments. While, the...
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