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Marantz PM6006 UK Edition - high temperature without signal and connected speakers


Mar 11, 2021
London, UK
I'm using Marantz PM6006 UK Edition for a few years now. This amp is working in my office/workshop space and sometimes is turned on for many hours.

The volume know is usually set at hour 9... sometimes 9:30.

I noticed since the beginning that after playing music for a few hours the top cover where transistors heatsink is become very hot.

But recently I discovered that without playing any music amp will be also very hot.

Today I did experiment. Turned amplifier On, but with signal source turned off and also speakers were turned off. Unfortunately the top cover over heatsink area become very hot.

Now I'm bit confused... why idle amplifier is almost that hot like when I play music for many hours?

Do I have a problem or it is normal for this model?

Should I check Idle current and DC offset voltage?
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