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How to build a Class-D Amp?

Jul 22, 2019
Hello dear people,

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I am kind a newbie when it comes to building a DIY amp but I want to give it a try.
My plan was to build an amp that outputs 30W (RMS and 60W max) to my Dayton Audio RS100-4 4'' speakers.
With that amp I wanted to have 1 input with RCA connectors and another with Bluetooth input.
As output I want 1 output with also RCA connectors.

Can someone help me with my little project?
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Nov 6, 2018
Hi Cross,

There are many kits to build (well, that is basically "assemble") a class D power amplifier. The most well known and also highly regarded is this one


It is a bit disappointing in terms of DIY nowadays as you don't even have to solder and you aren't learning anything while building it (as you would have in the 80ies if you had bought a radio-shack (or similar) amplifier kit. It is definitely not a disappointment in terms of performance though...

But please note that these amplifiers are just generally power amplifiers. Dual mono blocks is the easiest way to go and with the Hypex kit you "only " get one channel IN (through XLR) and speakers out. Adding one RCA in (or two if you build a stereo kit) is easy enough, but comes with a performance cost that can vary greatly depending on other factors (or you could use a RCA to XLR cable).

Adding BT is something else altogether and you would probably use (or build) a separate streamer/preamp that also happens to support BT (assuming BT is a good idea in itself, that's another can of worms)


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Dec 5, 2018
What budget did you have in mind? I'm guessing that if you're using the RS100 then the nc400 kit may be a bit more than you had in mind. The IRAUDAMP7S is a significantly lower price and performance. There's been some discussion of it and some similarly priced alternatives starting at this post. The IcePower boards may be worth a look too. None of these include BT though - many ways to skin that cat.

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