1. gallionetech

    Roon Server on NAS or Standalone

    Hey all, I want to spin up a Roon Server, and I'm looking to figure out how much CPU power I'm going to need as I heard Room is pretty CPU intensive. I currently have a beefy NAS that runs Plex, and a few docker containers and has 108TB of storage drives on it. It would be ideal to Spin up a...
  2. alto

    RPi4 + Pi2AES alternative or off the shelf unit?

    I'm looking to set up a streamer in my living room in the not-so-distant future and have been looking into my options. The setup in the room hosts a Marantz NR1605 which powers my speakers and takes input from a HTPC and record player today. The streamer would most likely connect to the NR1605...
  3. G

    Wich DIY preamp in 2022 ?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently thinking about a total reconfiguration of my actual setup. And I wish to reconsider electronics parts in full DIY. I'm looking for a preamplifier with some keys characteristics : MC/MM preamplifier Unbalanced line level inputs (at least 2 or 3) Volume control Easy...
  4. B

    Line Array Speakers : Modular, Expandable, Out-of-the-Box Design for in-home use

    That title… Sounds impossible, right? Possible, and sounds right. The project has spanned some years of (1) excessive backlit screen reading, (2) many in-person listening sessions to diverse high end systems, and (3) defining my preferences/expectations, then pursuing them with this particular...
  5. R

    JBL L82/L100-inspired bookshelves

    I recently fell in love with the walnut veneer and burnt orange quadrex foam grilled of the (new) JBL L82/L100. I also found out that you can purchase the grilles, or a fairly good clone of the foam, for a reasonable amount of money. So, I’m looking to make something in the same dimensions as...
  6. C

    DIY 2way or 3way Build / Midbass Midrange

    Looking for clarity and guidance. I'll cut right to it. Looking to complete first build for small living room home audio. Goal is to have immaculate sound quality under all volume levels. Apartment complex so I won't need to shake walls but would love the capability. I'm having a hard time...
  7. R

    PartsExpress Copperhead has been tested over at EAC Saw this was posted. I know the DIY kit is being tested here as well. Anyway go ahead and gave a look at what Erin found. Might not be worth a double Klipple but then again maybe it is to allow for more discussion in the...
  8. R

    EAC has posted DIY speakers, Samba and Overnight Sensation measurements

    The P.E. Dayton Audio DIY kits did not fair all that well. Has anyone here heard them? I have not heard either set. The Samba RS drivers are still obviously extremely good reasonably priced drive units. The cabinet is solid but that crossover is just really short of a good design. What gives...
  9. daniboun

    Hypex NC500MP modules 2x250W / 8R + cables set

    Hi amigos, I am selling a pair of a brand new Hypex NC500MP modules. I offer the cables set. Shipping to Europe only. 460€ paired. no need to introduce the NC500MP anymore, it's a safe bet for DIY or building a good little amp without breaking the bank) SPEC : Hypex NCore NC500MP X2 PSU...
  10. D

    3D Modeling and Redesign of Enclosure

    Hey all, I got covid this last week. Not a lot to do but 3D model. I have been seriously considering the baffle and bracing of my existing nearfield monitors. My goals this year are to learn CNC, and I hope for this to be my first finished project. Luckily, most pieces are also small enough to...
  11. Dilettante

    DIY Fet microphone preamp

    There are a few designs posted over the internet (4 FETs in line). Is there a preferred one given the components availability in 2022? Or "just buy the Fethead from Amazon" is the way to go?
  12. thin bLue

    Best 15inch/38cm woofer units?

    With High BlieSMa T34B-4 Mid BlieSMa M74B-6 Low Purifi PTT8.0X04-NAB-01 What kind of...
  13. L Λ N D G R E N

    Looking for DIY headphone drivers

    Just ordered myself a pair of peerless 50mm drivers. The waiting time is november this year. But i was wondering what other options there are? Peerless is the most liked/used from what i have seen but certainly there must be other options with similar quality? When it comes to headband and...
  14. P

    Subwoofer enclosure for two 12" subs 4th order with the port in an isobaric load?

    I'm not sure if I'm wording this correctly... I'm building a box for my manager for his two ds18 exl 12inch 2500watt subs... I've tried googling it, but I can't find any info for using a port in between two subwoofers in a 'parallel isobaric load'? If thats the correct technical definition? I'm...
  15. A

    I just build a 14-band music spectrum analyzer

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I've built a 14-band spectrum analyzer using 280 RGB full color LEDs and laser cut and frosted acrylic blocks. Here are some pictures: Do you like it? If so, please give it a check and drop me any your feedback.
  16. DownUnderGazza

    DIY Surround Pre-Pro: Apple Logic Pro + Dolby Atmos

    TL, DR; What if we could configure Apple’s Logic Pro to be your Surround Preamp-Processor (including up/down mixing); Control input selection and output levels via Focusrite’s Rednet R1 controller; and Send the input/output channels wherever you need via Dante? PREAMBLE We all are very aware...
  17. N

    AIYIMA A09 for 3 way open baffle

    Hello everyone I am still embarking on this open baffle journey. I currently have a passible analog crossover for the Kef Q100 coaxial woofer and tweeter driver in the baffle. My goal is to actively blend two woofers coming that will arrive Wednesday and be placed on the same baffle...
  18. Yayoming

    Class D amp board 1200Hz noise

    Hi guys, I have little class D board as can be seen here: Would like to use it bring back my dead Edifier R1280T (already turn in to passive speakers) and add some sub. Was using little class AB board but not sub output. Unfortunately after playing sound amp noise floor jumping up and there...
  19. T

    3D Printed Aurora Borealis style headphones

    Hi all - I posted this over on a couple of other forums, but ASR is where I spend the most time and wanted to share this. This is pretty much near final except for I don't think the headband is perfected. I don't have a GRAS to measure, but they sound decent to me. I have a simpler version where...
  20. N

    My First Build Log - Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kit

    Hello everyone! All my materials are coming in today, so I thought I’d start a build log. I’ve been lurking & learning for a while but recently I took the plunge and ordered these speakers. The Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kits are put together by Dennis Murphy, and as of today...
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