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  1. kanjerkoe

    Primare I15 MM - any owners ?

    Does anyone here on ASR own or have listened to a system connected with the Primare I15 MM? I have been eyeing this amplifier because it uses the Class D power and it looks and ticks some of my boxes. I was wondering if anyone can tell their own experience with this product and if they would...
  2. dougi

    Class D vs tube at the listening position

    After recently purchasing a New (Very Old) Stock Audio Research amp from a store and noting how I subjectively liked it in comparison with my existing amp (March Audio P502 Hypex), I thought I would take some comparative measurements at the listening position to look for any differences...
  3. daniboun

    Hypex Ncore NC500mp pair new EU only

    Hi amigos I am selling a pair of a brand new Hypex NC500MP modules. I offer the cables set. Shipping to Europe only. 460€ paired. no need to introduce the NC500MP anymore, it's a safe bet for DIY or building a good little amp without breaking the bank) SPEC : Hypex NCore NC500MP X2 PSU...
  4. K

    Octavio AMP

    Hello, I'm curious about this product. There are no reviews. Octavio is like a French copycat of Bluesound. They made a first splash with their Octavio Stream (200€), a streaming DAC with only one AUX input and no digital outputs. Octavio uses Octavio Virtuose for streaming. It looks...
  5. F

    Looking for am amp up to about £150/$. Sabaj, SMSL & Loxjie look promosing.

    So from reading around the SMSL A100 seems a good bet but have come across a lot of other options but could not find full reviews of them here so wondered if the A100 was what people recommend. I will be using them with Q Acoustic 3020i speakers. A lot of the time I will be using a computer to...
  6. Matias

    ICEpower 2000AS2 HV

    New module announced by ICEpower, with integrated buffer and SMPS for 588 usd. 2 x 1000W or 1 x 2000W, 5W SINAD 98 excellent (4 ohms, 1% THD+N). Still not tamed the highs though like Hypex NCore(x) and Purifi Eigentakt did.
  7. Matias

    Hypex Announces New and Improved NCOREx Class-D Amplifier Technology

    Nice. "The first new module with NCOREx implemented is the NCx500 OEM, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing NC500 OEM module."
  8. L

    Full Noob seeks guidance - Which Amp?

    Hello highly distinguished, educated and kind humans, My name is LilSizzle and I want to buy an amp. Here is the story: I've moved into solo living for the first time in years, in the middle of the forest, and I want to some killer sound for my dance practice and watching movies. Killer as in...
  9. A

    Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT Class D Amp Designs

    I'm m looking for persons who have purchased the Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT based systems and any build mods. I'm looking for a Canadian Supplier with track record. I live in Canada and have only found VTV so far. I'm planning on using a VTV Purifi type amplifier as a front left and right Channel...
  10. pma

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR amplifier module analysis and review

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR module analysis and review After buying and testing AIYIMA A07 amplifier (based on TPA3255 class D chip) in January 2021 I was quite disappointed with the frequency response modulated by speaker complex impedance and its audible consequences. This is, unfortunately...
  11. pma

    Class D A07 x class D UcD180 and class AB amp - there are measurable differences on acoustical side

    Following the assumptions on possible influence of ultrasonic noise and carrier frequency residuals to tweeter output I have prepared an experiment where the tweeter is driven by 2.82V sine tone of 6kHz from 2 different amplifiers. One of the is AIYIMA A07, see my review...
  12. Matias

    Apollon NCMP6200 multichannel NCore MP amplifier

    Just received this beauty today! I am very happy! :) Based on Hypex NCore MP modules and Modushop case just like I wanted. 2 x NC502MP + 1 x NC252MP = 4 x 500W + 2 x 250W in 4 ohms. @Apollon Audio congrats on another beautiful amplifier.
  13. dougi

    Wacky AGD class D with GanFETs in a tube

    Hifi News has a review of this very expensive class D with some measurements. Seems to use an Infineon Merus driver with the GanFETs output switchers in a tube bottle. Good power but doesn't seem state of the art in measurements, but interesting with slow rise in distortion with both power...
  14. HionHiFi

    SOLD!!!: Nord Three 1ET400A MKII Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier: SOLD!!!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE ******************* I am selling a Nord Three 1ET400A Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier. The Nord Three SE 1ET400A Dual Mono Stereo Amp is a nicely built amplifier using the Purifi class D amplifier technology. It uses the Nord Rev D buffers with on board...
  15. C

    SOLD!!!: Hypex NC1200 Stereo Amp: SOLD!!!

    For sale is the powerhouse of Hypex nCore, the NC1200 stereo amp built by VTV in the USA. asking $1000. It’s has all the clean power you need for even the most demanding speakers. 400W @ 8ohm 700W @ 4ohm 1200W @ 2ohm This has a 12v trigger option. This unit does NOT have the pin1 issue that you...
  16. anphex

    Weird phenomenon with Emotiva XPA Gen3

    Hi folks, greetings from Berlin! due to a pretty big upgrade in my hifi system I came to occupy myself with looking for a fitting power amp. The speakers are Nubert NuVero 170 which are said to be very power hungry with 85db/1W and mercilessly monitor like (they are). I was powering them with a...
  17. P

    Does it matter if an amp has a linear power supply vs switching power supply? Starke AD4.320 vs NCore and ICEedge

    Good day, I'm looking for a new amp and am seriously considering the new breed of Class Ds such as Hypex NCore, ICEPower ICEedge, and the seeming unique Starke Sound AD4.320 with NS600 Class D amp mods. Starke makes some interesting claims that made me wonder on the effect of the power supply...
  18. Matias

    ICEpower 300A2, 400A2 and 1500S announced

    Finally ICEpower is expanding the use of its ICEedge chip to other modules other than the 1200AS. They went with separate amplifier boards (300A2, 400A2) and a separate power supply (1500S). Still the 400A2 distortion is kind of disappointing. 300A2 Features: 2 channel 300 W @ 1 % THD+N, 20...
  19. B

    Differences between transformers

    I'm trying to put together a linear power supply for a TPA3255 board. I ordered a transformer from a company who shall remain nameless. It's 500VA and 34V transformer. They have two at these specs. One simply has 2x outputs at 7.4A (according to their specs). The other one has 2x 34V at 5.8A, 2x...
  20. Matias

    Class D FAQ

    This topic is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about class D amplifiers. If you have been directed here the reason is that it is easier to concentrate the frequent answers here instead of repeating them in several topics. Q: Class D power ratings cannot be true. How can these small and...
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