1. D

    Where Do I Go From Here?

    I'm new to "HiFi" so bear with me. I live in an upstairs, carpeted apartment so high quality sound at low volume (without headphones) is my goal. My listening tastes are varied, mostly jazz and classical with some country and classic rock mixed in. My current audio setup is a 20 year old Yamaha...
  2. Marasmic

    Question about phasing and balanced cables

    Hello, everyone. I'm trying to build my first DIY audio system and I'm trying to use my existing audio interface as the DAC. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and it has 2 sets of balanced 3.5mm outputs on the back. I was going to connect 2 cables like this one to the right and left balanced...
  3. T

    Amplifier for bookshelf speakers - rookie trouble

    I have very limited knowledge about hifi, and I must admit that as of now I don't understand much of the charts except maybe the frequency response. I want to try a couple of bookshelf speakers the following year just for fun, and potentially some headphones. Good sound is nice to have / fun...
  4. mononoaware

    [Solved] Attention Headphone users - I need help identifying these headphones.

    Photo is from ShenzhenAudio twitter. Post only names the DAC/Amp/Player and there are zero comments.
  5. C

    Better mic than behringer xm8500?

    I am looking to buy a cheap audio interface M-Audio M-Track Solo, i want to know if their are any better options for mics than Behringer xm8500 for max $100. Is gonna be used at a close distance mostly for discord or streaming. I live in europe. Thank you ahead
  6. C

    Help buying a microphone

    It would be nice if i got some help. I am looking to buy a Mic with a usb. My microphone that i am currently using is a blue snowball which is pretty damaged. My criteria is the price cant be more than $150, and if the mic have som noise filtering it would be nice because of my clicky keyboard...
  7. F

    Moving from a X6200W, help deciding between a X6700H or X4700H

    My precious X6200W of six years, took a good bit of a power surge, from a nearby lightning strike a few weeks ago. (HDMI 1 port is dead, all kinds of sporadic EDID issues between devices, and the pre-outs no longer work) My setup is 7.1.4, with the two rear heights powered by a 2-channel amp...
  8. C

    Help setting up Room EQ Wizard

    Hey Audio Science forum! I recently got more into audio and I want to treat my room. So I bought an electret measurement microphone to know what frequencies are the worst in my room to try and treat them. This is my current gear: -Scarlett 2i2g3 audio interface -Adam sub10mk2 subwoofer -Adam...
  9. tomini

    Suitable solution for PC38X (and the rest of my setup)?

    Hello, I recently ordered the Sennheiser PC38X headset from DROP and I'd like an AMP/DAC combo to accompany it. This whole setup is 70% for gaming on Windows 10 and 30% for everything else on the same OS, so please keep that in mind. Quick backstory: Although the headset is only 28 Ω, I still...
  10. L

    please recommand a set of device to listen natural sounds

    Hi, I like to listen to the recordings of natural sounds, such as the sounds of a forest, rain, rivers etc.., so I really need your help to give an advice about a set of device that gives me the sound that is the most close to the original sound of the recording. I don't want anything else to...
  11. Azathoth

    My ceiling fan is causing interference in my DAC/AMP

    I noticed a faint crackle or pop sound and such in my audio system right now, an E30/L30 setup through my FD5s, and after looking around for an explanation I realized the ceiling fan I had up there is somehow showing signs of wear and tear, and it seems to be wobbling around, and it gives off...
  12. S

    How can I move a thread from Headphones to this section?

    How can I move a thread from Headphones to this section? I am afraid posting it here as well is against the rules.
  13. M

    Help! - SMSL Su-8s only playing MQA files on tidal @44.1khz

    Hi guys, I've just got the SMSL Su-8s and I'm struggling to get MQA playback on Tidal working properly as it seems to only want to play 44.1khz I have downloaded the drivers from Shenzen audio "" and installed them but when playing a Master track on...
  14. G

    ¿Do i need a dac for my Edifier S1000MKII active speakers?

    According to the manual of my active speakers, only in optical mode it reproduces at frequencies from 44.1 to 192 khz, so what I wanted to know is if with a dac with Optical output I could reproduce in that quality in Tidal since a dac with RCA output would be losing quality right? I was...
  15. L

    Intermittent buzzing on Topping L30/E30 setup

    Basically I get this random buzzing, it's 5-7 short 1-3 second buzzes of sound, at a sort of mid pitch (the pitch is the same all the time), and then it stops. It happens randomly, some times it's every 15 minutes, other times it could be an hour between instances. I tried a couple pairs of...
  16. Eidie

    Wanted...Help, guidance, a guru

    I started my journey with a NAD 3020e, Wharfedale Diamonds and a Dual turntable. The vageries of life have left me with a Denon AVR fed by an ipad via analogue. This is not acceptable. I have been lurking here for a few months & have been impressed with the knowledge, empiricism and cordiality...
  17. C

    Help with upgrade selection...

    Hi there, I know this is likely a common post, so redirect me elsewhere if this particular question has already been answered. I currently have a UR22mkii that I'm looking to replace. It's paired with a couple of JBL LSR305's, and a pair of HE350's from a mass drop a while back. Most of my...
  18. R

    Topping dx3 pro + dt 990

    Hello everyone! After many sacrifices and weeks, read the information on this forum. managed to retrieve a Topping dx3 pro and the DT990 Pro. The purchase was made to be able to hear uncompromising music and play while hearing an audio as realistic as possible. I connected the headphones to the...
  19. N

    First Set of Speakers Setup. Please Help

    Hi. I'm confused on what is the best volume control to use. I want to make sure I'm doing it right. I have it setup DAC into Gustard H16(has built in preamp), into speaker amp. have both the DAC and the AMP maxed and am using the Gustard H16 as the volume control. Am I doing it right?
  20. J

    Looking for advice on a headphone cable carrying microphone signal.

    I am looking to find some bare cable (no attached connectors) to repair my Audio Technica ATH-G1. What I am having trouble with is finding a 4-5 conductor cable that is close to 4mm and has a silicone outer insulation. From my understanding even though the current cable has 6 conductors (5 that...
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