1. A

    Experiment: 600 Ohm HPs + Topping Amp & Old Interface - Possible?

    Hi everyone! I recently got a very good deal on the DT 990 600 Ohm Version and finally found a reasonably priced amp that I hope will drive it. Here's what I got: HP: DT 990 Edition 600 Ohm - ( As new / 90$ ) Amp: Topping A50s ( Used / 105 $ ) - Haven't bought this one yet. Old Interface...
  2. R

    Has anyone tried to differentiate between a chain of audio devices (and files) which are perceptibly indistinguishable from each other individually?

    I wanted to know whether or not a blind test has been conducted to determine whether imperceptible differences observed in individual components become perceptible when added together. I have heard of this idea before (I think) and wanted to know of any study (amateur or professional) that took...
  3. ThatM1key

    Topping E30/L30 Combo: 1 Year Review

    Its my one anniversary with this legacy combo. I'll tell you my experiences with these two. For disclaimer I've owned the E30 a bit longer than the L30's, I'll start with newest to oldest. My amp is an old Sansui 2000A. Headphones is AKG 7XX. Topping E30 (Serial 2003) : Pure glorious DAC. The...
  4. tomini

    Suitable solution for PC38X (and the rest of my setup)?

    Hello, I recently ordered the Sennheiser PC38X headset from DROP and I'd like an AMP/DAC combo to accompany it. This whole setup is 70% for gaming on Windows 10 and 30% for everything else on the same OS, so please keep that in mind. Quick backstory: Although the headset is only 28 Ω, I still...
  5. F

    Final showdown: FiiO K5 Pro vs Topping L30(but without DAC) which would sound better?

    So after almost a month of owning my Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro and trying to figure out which amp to go for, here is what I've narrowed it down to, and I don't wish to consider any other option but these two given my budget, availability where I live and all my past research. Which of these do...
  6. D

    Worthwhile Plate Amp Candidates<=100W

    Hey all, I've been having fun with my recent DIY speakers, but I'm routinely disappointed with my hand-me-down, buzzy receiver or my distorted at high volume, no headroom desktop budget all-in-one amplifier. I like the way my buddy's JBL LSR305's are set up on the back, and as much as possible...
  7. D

    Pandemic Builds

    I started getting into DIY audio as a way to save money, pass time, learn more, and increase my daily quality of life at home during the pandemic. This was rewarding and enriching, I can't imagine I'm the only one who started for similar reasons. Who else caught the DIY bug after being stuck...
  8. Asking Dumb Questions

    FS: Hidizs S9 Portable DAC / AMP (Black) - Non-Pro Version

    About an Hour of use total with PC, unfortunately for some reason, my Galaxy S9+ doesn't recognize any DAC/AMP. I've tested this on a Friends Galaxy S20 and My Computer, Works Fine. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Not looking for any Trades. This is the Non-PRO version. I'm only...
  9. J

    Anyone heard of episode amplifiers?

    I can’t find any outlaw 2200 or 2220’s on the used market, so I’m considering something different for my center channel. I can across this episode ea-amp-2d-150a for $160 shipped but can’t seem to find any real reviews or amp Dyno info or anything on it. It claims to push 280 watts in bridged...
  10. F

    Amp suggestion for Atohm GT1-DV SE Speaker

    I am considering buying a pair of second hand Atohm GT1-DV Special Edition. I heard them in the shop connected to a Naim Uniti Atom and it sounded fantastic. A lot of detail, nice bass and a fabulous sound stage. My budget is around £1500. The speakers cost £800 (New £2000). I am now looking to...
  11. P

    Does it matter if an amp has a linear power supply vs switching power supply? Starke AD4.320 vs NCore and ICEedge

    Good day, I'm looking for a new amp and am seriously considering the new breed of Class Ds such as Hypex NCore, ICEPower ICEedge, and the seeming unique Starke Sound AD4.320 with NS600 Class D amp mods. Starke makes some interesting claims that made me wonder on the effect of the power supply...
  12. G

    Audio from PC - budget $500, very newbie

    Hi, I've got a PC, it's got a stock sound card and USB ports. It runs linux, if that matters. Today my active creative T40 speakers began playing up, crackling. I tried switching the power supply, same problem. Headphones in the same jack work fine, so it's not the source. I'm a bit...
  13. N

    Should I get a dac/amp or just an amp?

    Hi! I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 599 (50Ω). I used to drive them with my Behringer UMC204HD (which I mainly bought to record). Recently I've figured out that they actually sound better on my desktop PC output. The bass is richer, the volume can get much louder without distortion, and they seem...
  14. RickSanchez

    THX's first consumer product: Onyx portable DAC/amp

    Obviously THX has spent many years partnering with audio companies to design and certify devices. But I believe this is the first THX direct to consumer device: the Onyx AAA portable DAC/amp. (US $200) Source: Gizmodo Source: THX
  15. D

    Spend more on Amp or DAC?

    I'm currently looking for an amplifier and DAC for the hd800s. It is my first experience going from "mid-fi" to the "hi-fi" world :) and I'm wondering if it is best to spend slightly more of my budget on the amp or the DAC. Since I need an amp with remote control support (which limits my...
  16. A

    Can a DAC cause channel imbalance?

    Can a DAC like cause channel imbalance? Can low VRMS from a DAC to an amp cause channel imbalance? Asking out of curiousity.... My friend has a Chord Qutest and he things it is causing channel imbalance and I don't have a clue about this kind of things. Thanks! :)
  17. Z

    Newbie question about Amp/Dac + Headphone combo

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and to the audiophile community and I would like to ask some questions if that's alright with you. I envisage putting a foot into this world and I would like to get some advice from you about a Amp/Dac + Headphone combo. Before I talk about the setup I have in...
  18. R

    Advises for dac/amp or dac+amp combo for DT990 Pro?

    Hello! I have DT 990 Pro Headphones connected to FX-Audio Dac-X6, but i would like to upgrade to a better dac/amp, what do you advise? Budget max 200/250 euros Could you give me a few options, since i want to buy it from and a lot of dac/amp aren't available there. Thanks in advance...
  19. S

    Pairing an RME ADI-2 DAC FS w/ separate HP Amp

    Hi ASR Forums! I’m interested in the RME ADI-2 DAC FS and was thinking of purchasing the unit with the hope that in the future if I were to get a pair of headphones which required required additional output beyond what the ADI-2 DAC FS can provide single ended (which I believe is 1.5w @ 32...
  20. Z

    Best portable DAC/Amp for Beyerdynamic Dt770 pro 80 Ohm for my MacBook Pro 2019

    looking for a portable DAC to get the best sound out of my headphones. The volume with the dt-770 pros is currently loud enough for me, I am purely concerned about the sound quality. Listen mainly on Spotify or Youtube times in between. So far I have found the following : - TempoTec Sonata HD...
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