1. TOOdamnFRANK

    PC Gaming Setup / Gear

    What’s your endgame gear for PC Gaming? Im currently using a Topping D90SE DAC, Topping A90D Amp, Blue Yeti Pro Mic, & HD800S Headphones, but I’m always curious to try new headphones / potential upgrades. Anyone want to share their current setup or have any suggestions for something new to try...
  2. A

    7.2.4 Home Theater first time build advice

    I've been doing research to learn the in's and out's of picking a good setup. That being said, I'm reaching a point where I'm hitting a lot of questions that don't have straight forward answers and is leaving me in hellish indecision loops of trying to find the best bang-for-buck on my budget. I...
  3. dominikz

    Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier. The amp is based on the TPA3116 chip and I bought mine together with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool app for $152.32 total (shipped to EU) during the holiday sale. A few pictures of the amp: The included laptop-style...
  4. J

    Fosi Audio T10 - initial opinions

    I thought I would share my initial opinions about the Fosi Audio T10. Note: this is not a necessarily a review either subjective or objective. I am just providing some brief opinions below. I will attempt to answer questions in any follow on comments as I further test this unit. In my opinion...
  5. R

    Denon HEOS AMP HS2 (not the Link)

    Happy Holidays everyone, I've searched the forums and the internet, and haven't much about the Denon HEOS AMP HS2. I found things about the "Link", but the only place I found user feedback on the Amp was from the Denon website reviews/comments section...
  6. C

    Fiio E10K TC worth it over previous version?

    [If a Moderator sees this, would you please move the thread to the Headphone Amp section? I accidentally posted it here. Thank you!] Hello everyone, I was wondering whether or would be worth it purchasing the latest Fiio E10K model called TC - used for 60 - euros over the previous Olympus 2...
  7. A

    Replacing a Magnat THX Sub-300 amp

    Hi, I have a 5.2.2 Magnat Ultra THX speakers configuration, and one of my two subwoofers amp does not work anymore, so I would like to replace it. Magnat rated its Class D amp with 550W RMS and 1100W max at 4 Ohms. Searching for a new amp, I've found the Hypex NC502MP, which can delivers...
  8. C

    The desktop setup needs an upgrade

    Hi all, so I'm kinda new to audiophile (2 years ago I was still using Astros A40 so don't judge me) and since the beginning of the last year I bought 2 KPH30i (one clear, that is modded with Grado pads, and another normal) and a Beyerdynamic Tygr. I have some headphones on my list, such as...
  9. Ziroz

    vibration/electric current/shock when touching audio device chassis

    I have used a Fiio K5pro as a usb dac for my pc and never had any issues, nothing funny when using and touching the device. After recently upgrading and moving the unit to my reading desk, I found there is quit a significant feeling of vibration/electric current/shock when touching the case, the...
  10. orchardaudio

    For Sale: Used Starkrimson Stereo Ultra (Dual Mono w/ Caps)

    I have a used Starkrimson Stereo Ultra for sale for $3300 + shipping. MSRP is $3800 Custom silver front panel Dual mono with capacitor upgrade XLR inputs 110/120 AC input (can be changed to 220/240V). 1-year warranty included.
  11. S

    stress test problem: amp not outputting sound. Re-plugging the input fixes this

    I've set up an installation with my company where the computer outputs sound through a 6ch audio interface into three 2ch audio switches into three 2ch amps into 6 speakers. The computer gets reset often while the amps remain on. Sometimes, there is no sound from one of the amps (speaker pairs)...
  12. O

    Upgrading AMP to Asgard 3, is my DX3 Pro+ Sufficient as a DAC for my Hifiman Edition XS?

    I'm simply wondering if the DX3 Pro+ is a sufficient enough DAC alone for the Asgard 3. If my DX3 Pro+ is sufficient enough let alone to not buy anything else, I'm all ears. If there are any other suggestions, I'm fully open to as well. Whatever performs or is suggested for my Edition XS, I...
  13. dougi

    Class D vs tube at the listening position

    After recently purchasing a New (Very Old) Stock Audio Research amp from a store and noting how I subjectively liked it in comparison with my existing amp (March Audio P502 Hypex), I thought I would take some comparative measurements at the listening position to look for any differences...
  14. J

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room. I was curious if the little box would do the trick, but based on the wonderful reviews I took a risk and bought it. As it turns out, there was no risk at all with this purchase. The Fosi Audio Amp does an absolutely perfect job driving...
  15. juliangst

    Using an integrated amp as a power amp

    Hi, Because I want to properly integrate a sub I need to high pass my mains (LS50) but my amp does not have a main in to use it as a power amp. Is it possible to just use my integrated amp with the volume pot in a fixed position to achieve that? I already found the volume position in which...
  16. vvs.angelo

    Objetive recommendations for DAC/Amp portable

    Budget: 150$ (sadly). Format: Portable (iOS, Android and Windows) Features to consider for my main earphone: Etymotic ER4SR Impedance: 43.9958 to 75.8971ohms (from 20.3hz to 16khz (frecuency response respectly)) Sensitivity: 98 db/mW...
  17. C

    Worth upgrading?

    Hey i own a Topping L30 and a Topping D10's i bought it around 3-4 months ago. Is it worth upgrading to the L30 and E30 II, if it is has an audible difference? I own a Hifiman Sundara and for iems 7hz timeless, and i have not planned on upgrading the headphones in a while.
  18. P

    Sabaj A30a announced

    There is new available product. SABAJ A30a Power Amplifier 200W*2 Using the latest DSP chip with ST high-power amplifier chip, carefully designed and debugged, its distortion is as low as 0.0008%; The second generation XMOS solution, PCM sampling rate up to 32bit/768kHz; Subwoofer pre-output...
  19. J

    Hypex NC252MP Speaker Amp - Connecting Two Sources

    Hi all, Hoping for some help. I’m trying to figure out a way to connect two sources to a Hypex NC252MP speaker amp that has only one XLR input and no volume control. The two sources are: a turntable with RCA outs (Drop + Audio-Technica VTA Carbon Turntable (I just pre-ordered it)) and an iPad...
  20. D

    Headphone / Amp Recommendation

    I've been a long-time reader here, mostly for speaker / amp / DAC reviews. I'm looking to get a desktop setup for headphones, a s I've done some digging, but I haven't really paid enough attention to all the headphone / amp reviews on here to have a good understanding of the landscape. I wanted...
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