1. C

    Denon AVR-1912 Front Left output stopped working

    The Front Left output of my Denon AVR-1912 suddenly stopped working. Only a soft rumbling noise can be heard. I suspect my experiment with a B&O Beolab 4000 has something to do with it. I stripped one end of an old RCA cable and connected it to the FL output of the Denon and the RCA to the...
  2. C

    Legion 7 soundcard vs Topping E30 II lite and Topping L30 II perception

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking these forums for quite a while and having read about DACs and AMPs and headphone sensitivity, I decide to buy an E30 II lite and the L30 II to help my HD 650 (maybe some planars in the future if it justifies over HD650 EQ). The reason for this is that while...
  3. C

    Is my amp enough for my speakers?

    I just bought a Wiim amp and Kef R3 metas.I will be listening to the speakers around 3 meters away from them. I have looked at the specs and the amp should deliver enough power. But then i read some articles saying that the Kef R3 needs a beefier amp. So now i am confused.
  4. M

    which amp would be "better"

    hey I am looking to buy a amp for my elac solano bs283, after searching for local options (new, I don't like buying something electronic without a warranty) and came up with 3 main options: the yba heritage a200 for 1800 usd (has a pretty nice dac in it so I won't need to upgrade for some time)...
  5. lerp

    Best Budget Amp Under ~$180 With Optical & BT

    Hey y'all. I am looking for people's favorite class D amp that has both bluetooth and optical inputs. I have seen the Aiyima T9/T9 Pro, Aiyima D03/D05, Fosi Audio DA2120C, I think SMSL has some too, etc. Are there any that people prefer over others? Really trying to stay under $150ish, maaaybe...
  6. C

    What Power amplifier to get for 700$ ?

    Hello every1 o/ Im wondering what to get for power amp, atm i have fosi v3 with 48v power supply. My budget is around 700$, i think AUDIOPHONICS MPA-S250NC XLR or iotavx pa3 stack will do just fine but i would like to hear othere recomendations. Speakers that i have are...
  7. N

    Help! Amp humming!

    Hello, I’ve spent days roaming the internet for a solution, so I really hope you can help! I have an Harmon/Kardon HK3270 RDS and an old BSR turntable. When I just plug in my turntable to the amp, it sounds awesome. BUT my turntable is 15 feet away from my amp, so I have to use a 15 ft RCA...
  8. R

    Amp and DAC needed?

    Hello! Looking for advice of whether an amp and/or DAC are really needed. Currently running with headphone pairs ATH-M50x for EDM/Dubstep/etc., ATH-AD700x or less bassy music and gaming. Likely to step up to Massdrop 58x and/or 6xx in the near future, though still scoping out what. Headphones...
  9. G

    New need some advice please :)

    Hey I never posted here before but have read alot. Id like to get some advice and wisdom on which way to go. Im on a night schedule and live in an apartment so I have to mainly use headphones. I want to get a new system. .. more of an endgame that can last me a long time. I'd mainly use it for...
  10. G

    Lost ch7-ch8 on Pyle PT8000CH

    Lost ch7-ch8 on this less than 2 year old Pyle PT8000CH amp---from reading thread, suspect bad power transistor. Not sure what caused failure. One day good, next day bad. Any...
  11. amirsam

    Dac, headphone amp, passive preamp, headphone & studio monitor recommendation

    Hey guys This is my first post on this amazing forum I listen to prog rock 60s 70s 80s metal classical jazz fusion ost. My archive consist of vinyl rips dsd 5.6 mhz flac 24 bit /96 khz flac 24 bit /192 khz, sacd & 24 bit/ 48 khz mqa hi-res music I enjoy neutral sound with high detail & good...
  12. M

    Upgrading Within the Bluesound Ecosystem

    Hey all, This is my first post on the forum so please correct me if I'm not following standard protocol or posting in the wrong place. When I was younger, my dad helped me pick out a Rega turntable, Sonos Connect, Rega Brio, and Neat Iota speakers for my bedroom. I've had that setup ever...
  13. G

    Need help with pre-amp/amp connection.

    Hello, just recently started getting more into audio with speakers/amplifiers, please bear with me as all of my equipment is currently from my dads basement... So what Ive started off with is a speakercraft big bang 12 channel amp, (images will be linked below.) Now, this does work in power the...
  14. jayapple

    PRE-AMP is really useful?

    Is pre-AMP still useful in the digital age?
  15. C

    7.2.4 HT Speaker Placement/Setup and Other Questions

    Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster. Doing my first real HT setup (Atmos 7.2.4) and would love some input on speaker selection, placement, and other miscellaneous items. LCR: In-Wall KEF Ci3160RL Side surround: In-Wall, KEF ? Rear surround: In-Wall, KEF ? Atmos: In-ceiling, KEF ? AVR...
  16. R

    L30 II and Aune X7S comparison. Output impedance effects on different types of headphones.

    So I have this new amplifier aune X7S(2021 version) and here at asr it was measured to have rather high output impedance(about 11 ohms). But I also have a topping L30 II with me and I wanted to sell one of the amps so I compared their sound on the single ended outputs with the Hifiman HE400SE(28...
  17. D

    Looking for versatile desktop DAC and Amp recommendation

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to purchase a new DAC and AMP (or an all-in-one). I'm mainly using this with Hifiman Arya Stealth and Beyerdynamic DT1990 but also have Sennheiser HD6XX and some IEMs as well (Sennheiser IE300 and Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite). I currently have a 6 year old Burson Play...
  18. Mantra

    can i ask if when I turn on an amp should I keep the volume knob at 0?

    Hallo to everybody somedays ago i was in a hifi store , and the reseller talking about Denon and Marantz amps , he told me to keep the volume always at 0 before turning on I could understand for tube amps ,but transistor amps seems a non sense is that true ? thanks
  19. G

    Can you help me reccommendations an amplifier for B&W 683S2

    Hello, i am new here on this forum and this is my first topic. Last 14 days i just read a lot of reviews for DAC and Streamer (Eversolo DMP A-6) on this site. Next month i want buy Eversolo, but next step is amplifier for my speakers. Now i have very old receiver Yamaha rx v 659, but this is...
  20. aristofane

    Schiit Heresy lever broken

    I got a used Heresy and due to rought shipping and lack of packing, the gain lever on the back was in this conditions: And aside from the actual "feel" of the lever the functionality is also kinda broken, the only way to get high gain is to fiddle with the position untill you can hear...
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