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Carver M-1.5t Review (Vintage Amp)

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Nov 29, 2019
^^^ I owned quite a few CarverM200T cube units at one time in a larger HT setup using 1 per channel. I sent them in for recapping and general service every few years and the last time I asked Rita (no longer in business) if there was any way silence them better. As I recall, her response was these were always a bit "hissy" mainly due to the routing of internal wiring and PCB layouts - especially with higher efficiency speakers. She managed to re-route wiring and they got a bit quieter but were not silent 6" away.

I'd hope the Hypex would be dead quiet. IDK about the delivered power.
I still recommend switching off any AMP when not in use b/c these components will only last so many hours "on"...

Check out the "Buckeye" thread where you can have one made with the 12V triggers. YMMV. Peace.
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