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Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

  • Yes

    Votes: 116 59.8%
  • Yes, but

    Votes: 60 30.9%
  • It's OK

    Votes: 12 6.2%
  • No, but

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • No

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Why AVR again?
I just have a Sony SA-D100 (4.1 multimedia system) which replaced my old Philips Sound Machine. Never owned a stereo amplifier or an AVR.
What I've found out about the AVR's advantages are as follows:
AVR has atleast 5 built-in audio amplifiers along with a subwoofer preamp output.
It can enable surround sound and video and can also work as a 2-channel stereo system.
It offers the most advanced sound technologies and more convenience.
Nowadays, there's not much difference in the price of a good integrated amplifier and an AVR.
Eager to know your expert opinion.
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The SU-1 has USB, OPT and COA, what other inputs do you want?
I chose the SMSL DL200 to place in my main system and put the SU-1 in my secondary.
Yes, so much so that the I've basically moved on from "audio" as a hobby and onto other interests. Of course I still *listen* to music, but it's not accompanied by the "audiophile hobbyist" part that we all know and love - researching, buying, and tweaking gear, reading/arguing on forums, etc. You know, now normies do it.

In fact this is the first time in weeks (months?) that I've visited this site as something reminded me of the NAD M66 which I - seemingly a lifetime ago - was interested in to replace my NAD C658 (which I consider to be my system's weakest link). Will this lead to a resurgence in my interest for all things audio or simply the final nail in the coffin. Only time will tell.
Yup, I change when stuff breaks or meaningfully better becomes available
It's ok.
-I'm using a yamaha receiver and often wonder if I'd hear the difference if I got an amp with a higher sinad
- Receiver is 60 wpc stereo, speakers are 150 watts. Often wonder if a more powerful amp would make a difference.
-Room is open plan family room, not dedicated or even closed
-Other than YPAO I've never bothered with any room correction.
- I can't seem to convince myself to part with more than $ 600 for a pair of speakers.. Will I even hear a difference or will it be money down the drain
Too many unresolved issues.. Probably when I'm flush with cash I'll begin addressing them one by one
"Yes, but" always looking for improvement (within reason)

Having recently REMOVED my center channel speaker, my system has never sounded better. Tannoy dual concentric L/R generate an excellent phantom center for movies, which automatically disappears for multi-channel stereo.

So now it's a 6.4 system built around a Marantz AV8801 with 4 DSP (MSO) corrected subs, that the AVP sees as a single sub. The L, R & four surrounds each have pseudo-anechoic correction applied external to the AVP.

I am really happy with the sound at the moment and see no need to look beyond Audyssey XT32 for room correction. I prefer to address the room directly first, if possible.

The room is quite big and has windows along the length of one wall. It has some treatment on the walls already, but I have plans to make some 4ft2 combo diffusers/absorbers and suspend them from the ceiling.

The only possible reason to upgrade the AVP would be to better support a modern 4K TV with the latest HDMI specs vs our current (20 year old!) 42" FHD model TV.
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Always "Yes, but".

The but is :

I'm awaiting more channels (3 operational at the time of writing) and identical speakers...

... and I'm still in search of the ideal multichannel digital player and preamplifier for conveniance and absolute audio performance.
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