1. A

    acoustic problems in my home studio (garage)- please help

    Hello everybody, I have a home studio in my garage (6.20x4x2.60 meters). I did an acoustic treatment with DIY bass traps using rock wool with a density of 70 (120x60x8cm each). I placed them at the points of the first reflection using the mirror technique. I put corner bass traps in the corners...
  2. R

    Behringer Truth B2031A - how to flatten it with the switches in the back only

    In my review & mod of the speaker, most people liked my tinkering to make it better, but some "understanding" souls told me I know no engineering or that I simply got a broken speaker. Well, I bought two more! With 3x B2031a purchased each separately over the course of 2022, I have a good view...
  3. di2ger

    Creative Sound Blaster G3

    Hi guys, I wanted a small device for digital/analog audio measurements so I bought Creative Sound Blaster G3. It has Line-in and mini-Toslink Optical inputs. I used Topping D10s and REW to do some testing: Line-in performance is quite underwhelming, but what surprised me is that the digital...
  4. M

    Harman target curve for OE and IE

    Hi, does anyone have a Harman target curve in excel or any different file? I am looking for a target curve for both headphones and earphones.
  5. PaperBoat

    Pultec punch

    Hi all! Merry Christmas Eve! I've paired my JBL 305p MKII Monitors with an IFI Zen Air DAC... I toggled boundary EQ to -3dB and now trying to tighten up the low end using DSP... My IFI DAC has an XBass+ switch which is an ASP circuitry. I know the XBass (XBass+ has better components) feature is...
  6. ahofer

    Importance of SPL-Response Linearity

    I keep looking at these graphs in Erin’s reviews and thinking these measurements deserve more discussion. Doesn’t a lot of difference hear suggest that the speaker’s dynamic response is poor?
  7. dougi

    Class D vs tube at the listening position

    After recently purchasing a New (Very Old) Stock Audio Research amp from a store and noting how I subjectively liked it in comparison with my existing amp (March Audio P502 Hypex), I thought I would take some comparative measurements at the listening position to look for any differences...
  8. trl

    E1DA Cosmos APU - Teardown and personal thoughts and measurements

    Hello all, I recently received a Cosmos APU from Ivan (@IVX) to have it teared down and, why not, to have its guts tested as much as possible. Main product page is from where we can get lots of technical details about this interesting audio...
  9. S

    REW-like app for mobile (Android/iOS)

    Hey all, In another thread, y'all might be convincing me to invest in a minidsp UMIK-1 measurement microphone. I'm thinking about one advantage of a USB mic: portability. Could a smartphone use the UMIK-1 and its calibration profile? If so: Is there a recommended app for iOS/Android that's...
  10. U

    Having trouble interpreting frequency graph

    Hello, I am new when it comes the room acoustics, I have been mixing in headphones most of the time, and now I would like to start mixing on speakers , I have set up my speakers and my best listening position in my room, it is a small room with a slanted roof. I have ran some test on REW with L...
  11. dougi

    Come on Amir, where's your nuclear power station?

    You should try and visit this place Amir, only in the next state. A Stereophile article about audio test lab in an old power station. No pictures of the inside though, or on the NWAA site either.
  12. D

    Yamaha A-S1000 measurements anywhere?

    Hi there I'm searching for some THD, FR and Power measurements of the Yamaha A-S1000 but haven't had any luck finding any. Anyone who might have a link?
  13. P

    REW Room1 vs Room2 Review Help

    Hello All, Wondering if you could help me review some of the results from REW, just concentrating on the centre speakers for each room. Measured with the same laptop and a iMM-6 Calibrated Mic with a cal file added in REW. Room1 - More sofa's pictures etc in the room and with some very cheap...
  14. Dilettante

    How to measure a portable player?

    Please share the best practises. I have a pocket audio player; can certainly save test tones into its memory and play them back. Any ideas how to run a RMAA test, Multitone sweep and such?..
  15. Pinox67

    Physics and perception of low-order nonlinear distortions

    Introduction In the engineering of electronic devices for music production or reproduction all designers are faced with the problem of minimizing the different forms of distortion inexorably introduced by their creations on the audio signal. They are commonly classified into two categories...
  16. Hasan Aydin

    Measurement MacBook Pro Output (Newbie)

    hello, I want to measure my MacBook Pro headphone output with my ADI-2 Pro using the REW software. This is the first time I measure something and I'm a beginner. My question is: Can I use a simple 3.5mm jack to XLR cable for this or would that be a problem because that is unbalanced to balanced...
  17. M

    Bizzare REW issue?

    Hello, recently acquired MOTU M2, here is the noise floor measurement along with the settings, using ASIO drivers: Looks nice. Lets switch to Java drivers Device is the same, computer is the same, everything identical except drivers and it does this. Tried messing around with buffer size and...
  18. S

    Procella P815,P6 and V21 measurement from Trinnov training

    Here is the in-room measurement from Trinnov itself during ISE 2020 , The measurement below is the P6 and V21. Here is P815 with V21. Warning: The showroom has room acoustics treated What do you guys think? Maybe that's why there is no measurement online for procella. lol
  19. dougi

    What mechanism is causing feedback in this setup?

    The other day, when performing near-field measurements of my study speakers (as part of designing a crossover for them), I started getting feedback when measuring close to the tweeter (Seas D2010/8513) with no test signal being generated. Measurement setup was: PC USB->Scarlett 2i2 audio...
  20. Fraxo

    In IEMs - Is there a scientific proof that BA Timbre is a real thing? What about "Speed"?

    This whole topic is getting annoying. I don't need people to repeat the same facts about different technologies of drivers, Planar\BA\DD etc.. But can someone actually prove that there are differences beyond FR? An actual audible proof or something that impossible to refute? Debates about this...
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