1. pma

    Measurement of power handling and dynamic distortion of speakers with sine bursts

    Speakers are usually able to accept quite high impulse power and measuring of speaker distortion by sine bursts would show if we are still in relatively linear region. The pain of sine burst distortion measurement is in length of the burst, which may not be long enough to get sufficient...
  2. edechamps

    Loudspeaker Explorer: analyze, visualize, compare speaker data

    This is what I've been working on these past few days: Open Loudspeaker Explorer What is it? It is an interactive, fully customizable Colaboratory notebook for the analysis, visualization, and comparison of loudspeaker measurement data that @amirm publishes along his reviews. (This project is...
  3. A

    AP's blog - "...hardware analyzer often became just a large and superfluous dongle"

    Huh - the 555 is a "Large Dongle" ??? "APx500 software has supported the use of third-party ASIO audio interfaces since version 4.2. This was originally added at the request of manufacturers of these devices who wanted to be...
  4. M

    Speaker Equivalent SINAD Discussion

    I thought I'd create a thread where suggestions/comments can be made on if Amir were to rank speakers based on measurements, how would he do so. As of right now, since Amir wants his rating to be based on listening tests and not just opinions, Sean Olive's Predicted Preference rating is likely...
  5. pozz

    Establishing Measurement Guidelines

    Calling resident technical experts, scrutinizers and contributors. This has been a topic of discussion for some time now and the various pieces are distributed across the forum. I'm not sure how to begin given the wide array of tested components, setups and software used. Maybe at first we...
  6. pma

    Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier

    Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier This review shows measurements of Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier, ser. no. Y399871TV, made in Malaysia. I bought this amplifier in the year 2002 and have been using it shortly. Then it was sleeping in my stock and 5...
  7. C

    Help me choose between these 3 measurement interfaces!

    I'm an audio DIYer, and I want to start making high quality measurements of some of my designs - power amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and preamps. I've got a decent scope, some high power dummy loads and some highly precise attenuators I've built - so all I need now is a decent soundcard or...
  8. pma

    Review and Measurements of Marantz SA7001 CD/SACD player

    Marantz SA7001 CD/SACD player Marantz SA7001 is a nicely built unit of the year 2006 that was capable to play CD and SACD discs. As now, it only plays CD discs for me, so it is only tested as a CD player. Photos of the front and rear view SA7001 has detachable 2-pin IEC mains cord Photos...
  9. STUDIO51

    Apple HomePod Measurement

    This post is a partial transfer from a previous article I wrote at UNDERkg. You can check the original here All measurements were made with the AudioPrecision APX555 and the AP's 1 / 2-inch microphone. HomePod 4 direction frequency response measurement This is the result of measurement...
  10. pozz

    Master Index of Measurement Comparison Charts [Defunct]

    [Click here for the current index. This thread is now defunct.]
  11. pozz

    Master Index of Audio Hardware Reviews [Defunct]

    [Click here for the current index. This thread is now defunct.]
  12. Aprude51

    Documenting Sources of Loudspeaker Measurement

    Although the product of a known troll, I found the premise of the “Who do we trust?” thread interesting. For me, the sharing of measurements is an important contributor to my trust in a brand or publication. And so I’ve been taking note of which brands and publications provide useful...
  13. Blumlein 88

    Proposal for grouping DACs by measured performance

    What I have in mind is something similar to Spurious Free Dynamic Range. You have maximum signal and any other signal whether noise, harmonic or intermod distortion or jitter spurs or idle tones or aliasing or anything that should not be there with the signal. I would propose the clear to...
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