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Audio interface usb multipurpose inside 500€


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Mar 2, 2023
Hello everyone!
I'm looking around for a usb audio interface (no thunderbolt) around 500€ that has these requirements:
- distortion around -115db more is better
- at least 4 entrances more is better
-at least 6 outings
-at least 24/192khz
-internal mixer and dsp
-a truly flat frequency response I/O
-Gain at least 40db
What do I need it for? I need it to make audio measurements (the flat frequency response) and play music as dj karaoke etc. I don't use speakers with passive filter but I want to use all speakers with active filter, for example: output 1 and 2
subwoofer with dedicated cut in the dsp.
output 3 and 4 midrange with dedicated cut in the dsp.
output 5 and 6 tweeters with dedicated cut in the dsp.
Is all this possible within €500?

I see this interface:
-Steinberg UR44C
-Presonus 1824C (not understand if have or not dsp)
-Tascam US-16×08
-Tascam Serie 208i
I'm sorry for my english

Thank you!
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