1. P

    Tweeter Impulse and Step Response Has Two Peaks and a Massive Dip

    Hello, I'm having trouble understanding and diagnosing my tweeter's impulse and step response. The negative peak seems to be greater than the positive, and the positive seems to be split. This was measured using a UMK-1 3 inches away from the driver. I'm unsure what to make of it, whether...
  2. Digital1955

    Turntable RPM Measurement Script

    I have been inspired by @JP 's various scripts for measuring cartridge frequency response and plotting W&F. It gave me an idea of writing a similar script to calculate the RPM of a turntable platter with as much precision as possible. I settled on a method of using the 'click' that is produced...
  3. R

    Measured of RME Fireface UC - Does my RME work properly?

    Hi, here is my very first review, of the audio interface. The device under test was interface RME Fireface UC and measures were conducted on Audio Precision APx525 analyzer. Based on the results I started to worry that something may be wrong with the measured interface. Other RME product...
  4. benanders

    Is this site about AUDIO Science Review, HiFi S.R., or MEASUREMENT S.R.?

    Audio! Audio! Audio? As the query poses. Do you consider this site’s assessments and discussions to (or should) focus on: (1) Audio Science Review - broadly any form of music playback equipment / setup / process (2) HiFi Science Review - focus on equipment / setups / processes which themselves...
  5. S

    REW measurements and 0dbfs level

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to measure the TempoTec Sonata HD Pro in REW as an example, as I would like to measure some other equipment in the future. System: RPi4, Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye), REW (Java), EMU 0404 USB. The output level is set to maximum, 1kHz tone 0dbfs. The input level is -6...
  6. V

    Cable measurement

    Any additional comments?
  7. R

    Any way to obtain an accurate and smooth distortion percentage chart for speakers?

    I can obtain good frequency response, directivity, and other useful information when measuring speakers outdoor, but when it comes to harmonic distortion, I encounter difficulties. The background noise outdoors is too loud. It's not a problem for measuring high sound pressure levels, but when it...
  8. R

    L30 II and Aune X7S comparison. Output impedance effects on different types of headphones.

    So I have this new amplifier aune X7S(2021 version) and here at asr it was measured to have rather high output impedance(about 11 ohms). But I also have a topping L30 II with me and I wanted to sell one of the amps so I compared their sound on the single ended outputs with the Hifiman HE400SE(28...
  9. Scytales

    808 digital sources from 1992 to 2024 ranked by THD

    From 2013 onward, I began a systematic survey of FFT measurements published by some German Hi-Fi magazines. Those magazines belong to a publisher which runs its own laboratory, thus ensuring consistency in the measurement method. At that time, I was driven by sheer curiosity. My goal was to...
  10. R

    Sooo many questions about preamp Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) measurement. please help!!!

    I encountered a significant setback while studying the process of measuring the Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) of a microphone preamp. There are several tutorials on EIN measurement available online, but I have many areas of confusion, which has resulted in me spending over a week without fully...
  11. Biblob

    Genelec 8030c vs Arendal 1961 bookshelf - unexpected treble boost

    Hi all, Recently bought the Genelec 8030C and Arendal 1961 bookshelf to compare the two. Had the Genelecs for a while and listened to them, love them. Comparing them on beforehand showed the on-axis and in-room response to be comparable. Tonight I unpacked the Arendals, set one of...
  12. Rednaxela

    Audyssey Manual Calibration “OCA’s REW + Audyssey Awesomeness”

    The other day I mentioned elsewhere this wonderful video by @OCA. It covers many topics but it has one little trick that is so genius that I think it deserves its own thread. In short it is to make Audyssey believe that there is nothing to correct about your speakers and your room. This turns...
  13. S

    PEQ Sennheiser HD560S vs upgrade to Sundara or Edition XS, or other HP

    I'm using Senheiser HD560s via UAPP with Oratory or Crinacle PEQ.through E1DA9038D DAC/amp. It really is a marvellous listening experience. Using model specific PEQs, would HiFiman Sundara (£300), Edition XS (£430) or any other headphone up to about that £400ish price range be superior and if so...
  14. nawfal07

    Source: Streaming Services - Detailed Measurement Review

    Hi @amirm / Reviewers / Everyone, Hopefully this thread is worth having, if not I fully understand and it can be deleted. I'm wondering, besides from a blind test, can audio sources i.e. streaming services (Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc or even radio apps like TuneIn...
  15. dougi

    NAD C3050 meters and levels

    After finally getting my NADC3050LE delivered, there were a couple of things I wanted to understand in relation to the analog input and preamp outputs, as I need to use both: run a separate phono preamp into the line in and drive a separate amp from the preout. Consequently I wanted to verify...
  16. pasi123567

    Do we really need to EQ the room?

    I already had a discussion on this with some people but I still don't really get it. Now I am also not that deep into audio to really understand everything but this is what makes sense to me. Lets say we have a speaker that measures perfectly flat in an anechoic chamber. This means that the...
  17. V

    Is it possible to flatten out a non measurement microphone?

    I was wondering if one could flatten out a microphone by inverting the frequency response found in a graph. I would like to get a taste of the result without having to buy an expensive microphone for this... There's a Superlux microphone, which is pretty cheap, but requires an audio interface...
  18. M

    Audio interface usb multipurpose inside 500€

    Hello everyone! I'm looking around for a usb audio interface (no thunderbolt) around 500€ that has these requirements: - distortion around -115db more is better - at least 4 entrances more is better -at least 6 outings -at least 24/192khz -internal mixer and dsp -a truly flat frequency response...
  19. GurvanBHC

    Tweeter impedance problem

    Hey, can someone tell me if you find the Monacor curve’s normal? The Aliexpress tweeter seems normal to me but the Monacor I have never seen such a curve, the second Monacor tweeter is already better than the first... (measured with DATS V3) Thank you in advance
  20. A

    acoustic problems in my home studio (garage)- please help

    Hello everybody, I have a home studio in my garage (6.20x4x2.60 meters). I did an acoustic treatment with DIY bass traps using rock wool with a density of 70 (120x60x8cm each). I placed them at the points of the first reflection using the mirror technique. I put corner bass traps in the corners...
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