1. A

    Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT Class D Amp Designs

    I'm m looking for persons who have purchased the Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT based systems and any build mods. I'm looking for a Canadian Supplier with track record. I live in Canada and have only found VTV so far. I'm planning on using a VTV Purifi type amplifier as a front left and right Channel...
  2. pma

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR amplifier module analysis and review

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR module analysis and review After buying and testing AIYIMA A07 amplifier (based on TPA3255 class D chip) in January 2021 I was quite disappointed with the frequency response modulated by speaker complex impedance and its audible consequences. This is, unfortunately...
  3. D

    SEAS Coaxial 3-Way Design Log

    This thread will serve as my log for iterations of this project. I am sharing it publicly for reference and constructive criticism. I am not a speaker design expert, or an audiophile guru. I'm some nerd with irregular, long bursts of free time and a rabbit hole. Building speaker kits was very...
  4. Matias

    Apollon NCMP6200 multichannel NCore MP amplifier

    Just received this beauty today! I am very happy! :) Based on Hypex NCore MP modules and Modushop case just like I wanted. 2 x NC502MP + 1 x NC252MP = 4 x 500W + 2 x 250W in 4 ohms. @Apollon Audio congrats on another beautiful amplifier. http://www.apollonaudio.com/
  5. S

    Hypex NCore - Yea or Nay?

    I've become intrigued by the Hypex NCore amplifiers (particularly NC502MP) and this site is one of the few I've found with meaningful discussion and commentary about the various options available on the market. But it's also left me feeling a bit baffled and concerned about whether the whole...
  6. R

    Optimal sound path for TV's optical out?

    Hello, I have a LG CX TV. I initially wanted to buy 2 KEF Q950 towers and a SVS/Arendal powered sub to connect to a HDMI 2.1 Yamaha/Denon AVR. But seeing as AVRs with perfectly working HDMI 2.1 are not out yet (for gaming purposes - 4:4:4 4k120hz with ALLM, G-Sync etc.) and I being in need of...
  7. M

    Hypex Ncore NC502MP - audible hum on one channel?

    Long time lurker, first time post. Is it normal to hear an audible hum (only from the right speaker) from the Hypex Ncore NC502MP modules? I recently purchased a Audiophonics LPA-S500NC, a French made stereo amplifier that utilizes the Hypex Ncore NC502MP module. My set up is as follows...
  8. V

    Amplifiers based on Hypex/Purifi and maybe Pascal

    Hello guys, Actually I'm submitting this thread to use the wisdom of the crowd and hear the ideas about designing and building amplifiers based on Hypex/Purifi and possibly Pascal modules. For now, we are focusing on Hypex NC252MP to see how it will turn out. Afterwards we will work on nc1200...
  9. P

    Does it matter if an amp has a linear power supply vs switching power supply? Starke AD4.320 vs NCore and ICEedge

    Good day, I'm looking for a new amp and am seriously considering the new breed of Class Ds such as Hypex NCore, ICEPower ICEedge, and the seeming unique Starke Sound AD4.320 with NS600 Class D amp mods. Starke makes some interesting claims that made me wonder on the effect of the power supply...
  10. M

    Topping D30 Pro and VTV NC252MP for main stereo?

    I usually see the Topping D30 Pro recommended as a desktop DAC in conjunction with the A30 Pro but do you see any valid reason not to use it in a home stereo setup as a DAC/pre-amp with a laptop as the USB source and in conjunction with a VTV NC252MP power amp connected to passive speakers?
  11. Thunder22

    Making Paradigm Studio 40's active utilizing Hypex plate amp.

    I have a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 40's that I would like to make active. They are an 8 ohm, 3 driver, 2-1/2-way passive speaker. Way back when Paradigm also released an active version that was discontinued soon after. Passive version specs: Power Handling (RMS):180 WattsFrequency...
  12. S

    IcePower 1000ASP amplifier

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice regarding amplification. Does anybody have any input on the datasheet for this ASP1000 amplifier from IcePower? Download link to the .pdf directly from their website, or go to this and scroll all the way down to the 1000ASP Why I'm asking is because I'm...
  13. R

    FS: Amp Hypex 502MP Ghent audio

    Selling a new Ghent audio Hypex 502MP amplifier. Just built it for fun. Features 1. Air gapping wires, 2. Ton of thermal paste (Arctic MX-4), 3. Ring connectors for proper grounding, cable harnessing. Purrs like a tiger, 0 noise and thermal paste works really well keeping it cool. Selling...
  14. B

    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    I'm currently running my Elac dbr from a 50w Audiolab 6000a. It sounds ok but I feel like the speaker is struggling to play bass notes properly so I wanted to try out a more powerful amp. My budget is around £500 (less is, of course, definitely better). My current options are: AUDIOPHONICS...
  15. differenceclouds

    NAD C 338 vs Rogue Sphinx - two hypex integrateds

    I'm looking at new integrated amps, and the fuss about hypex boards has intrigued me. Both of these are integrated amps with a phono stage, several line stages, and a headphone amp, and both use Hypex UcD modules, but they seem to have different goals. The DAC and bluetooth on the NAD would...
  16. M

    Will I Damage My Speakers? (Building my first setup)

    Long time lurker on the forums, but finally made an account :) So I'm putting together my first home hi-fi system (that'll reside in my living room) and will pull double duties for music listening and for TV. My listening position will be the couch, which will be about 10 feet from the...
  17. R

    Home Theater Planning Advice - 7.2.4 Focal/SVS/Denon/JVC 4k to 7.4.6 8k Separates

    Interested in audio since college 15 years back when I was getting in trouble with a pair of Klipsch SF-3's and a SVS PC12-Plus in a dorm room. Two years ago I upgraded from a 5.1 Klipsch/SVS/Yamaha setup to 7.2.4 Focal Aria/SVS PC-4000/Denon X6400H. I would have went with bigger speakers/subs...
  18. M

    Hypex NC400 monoblocks

    Selling a pair of Hypex NC400 monoblocks. These were built with balanced inputs. Look and sound great, as expected! Asking $830 shipped to US
  19. S

    Trying my hand at speakers

    Hi, I am designing a speaker for the first time and would like some feedback on my design before I actually build it. Some additional info: - Outer wall will be 36mm/1.4 inch thick and lined with 5cm/2 inch acoustic rock wool. - Tweeter: Tang Band RT-2202S Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter...
  20. R

    Any issues when pairing Purifi or Hypex class D amps with home cinema AVR?

    I have asked to Amir what would be the ending SINAD when pairing the new Denon 3700H with a purifi amp. Please find below its disappointing answer: Well, I tried to test this scenario but failed completely. :( Hooking up the output of 3700 to Purifi using RCA to XLR adapter generated worse...
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