1. Cosmos

    Amplifier for passive subwoffer

    Amplifier to drive passive speaker. Criterias Dead silent. 400 - 1000 watt 8 ohm 500 - 1000 € Plug and play. Idlike this thread to be open outside my budget and criterias (except silent) cause when searching the internet i dont find a alot. What I have found myself...
  2. daniboun

    "ASH-400 Project" Sylph Audio FB-100 Stereo Module with advanced PFFB

    Hi amigos, I'm coming back to the forefront with a new project. This time I focused on the Sylph Audio FB100 module, based on a TPA3251 and an advanced implementation of the PFFB. Voltage Gain is factory set @ 14dB (5V/V) on this module. So I intended to couple it to my DAC SMSL D6s which has...
  3. C

    What Power amplifier to get for 700$ ?

    Hello every1 o/ Im wondering what to get for power amp, atm i have fosi v3 with 48v power supply. My budget is around 700$, i think AUDIOPHONICS MPA-S250NC XLR or iotavx pa3 stack will do just fine but i would like to hear othere recomendations. Speakers that i have are...
  4. daniboun

    "Micro Bamboo Project" : 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stereo amplifier + Micro-Audio PSU

    Hi Amigos ) As promised, I remain faithful to my Diyer position ) After my dual Mono project "Bamboo" I return to the scene with a new project "Micro Bamboo" to pay tribute to Micro Audio and its audiophile grade SMPS630-SO PSU. (46V/13A or 51V/11,5A) Now that we know the measurements of the 3E...
  5. ambd

    Help with Decision: Purifi, Nilai, NC502MP or ?

    Hi, This is my second post in ASR. I appreciate the effort of the community being objective. So, I will try to be as objective as I can be. I may fail though. I would like to buy a class D amplifier to for my stereo system and I need help deciding among the different options: Purifi, NC502...
  6. O

    Apollon Purifi vs Hypex

    Hi all, quick question. I’m looking at two amps from Apollon. The Purifi 1ET7040SA DM Luc Dual Mono Amplifier and the Hypex NCx500 DM Lux Dual Mono Amplifier. The Purifi is power rating is 250/500/950 watts at 8/4/2 ohms. The Hypex power rating is 380/700/700 watts at 8/4/2 ohms. Do people...
  7. zalayetadk

    Class D inside active speakers

    Does anyone know what kind of class d amps that brands like Dynaudio Professional, Adam, Genelec use inside their active speakers. Infineon, Hypex, others? Thanks
  8. boXem

    boXem A series

    We are glad to present our all-new A series. The A series address the need of high-performance-no-design-compromise amplification at the best possible cost. Power per channel will range from 150 to 800 W. Applications are single to multichannel combinations, for home audio, home cinema and...
  9. pma

    Can you hear a difference between dac+amp path with 92dB vs. 78dB SINAD? (test)

    Can you hear a difference between dac+amp path with 92dB vs. 78dB SINAD? Quite a lot has been said here about “audibility” of SINAD, or existing/non-existing sound differences between amplifiers or DACs. Quite often we forget to evaluate SINAD of the whole audio chain consisting of a DAC, power...
  10. Matias

    Mola Mola Trajectum

    Mola Mola has been using NCore technology in the Kaluga amps for years, specifically a version of the NC1200. Since the Kula all-in-one integrated amp they have developed an update of their class D tech, which now they call Trajectum, and is also used in the standalone stereo power amp called...
  11. SimonS

    Looking for future Stereo Amplifier and Streamer for my B&W 804s (8 Ohm) & Turntable Thorens TD2001

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so have mercy with me and please forgive any unqualified or imprecise statements. After trying a NAD C399 on my fairly old HIFI system with a pair of B&W 804S (CD-player (Technics PG5), turntable Thorens TD2001) I was quite impressed by Class D performance. However, I...
  12. O

    WTB Apollon or Nord

    Hey all, I'm in the market for an Apollon or Nord with preferably the Hypex NCx500. I would settle for a Purifi 1ET400A or 1ET7040SA as well. Let me know what you have. I'm US based so the mains voltage will need to be 110-120V. Thanks!
  13. T

    Looking for kind advise on what hardware to get to assure reliability and decent sub integration

    It's been a long pleasure to read along this forum for months. For my birthday I had decided to finally build a value setup. I'm seeking best value offering with future subwoofer integration. I plan to stick with the build for long, and would rather not touch it for around 10 years so...
  14. A

    KEF R5 or R7 and a good amp

    Hi all, i hope my thread is in the placed right area, if not please move it to the right area. Currently i have some KEF R5 (no META) speakers powered by a NAD C268 amp which is sourced by a NAD C658 preamp. The setup is placed in the living room which is about 26 square meters in size. The...
  15. D

    Value in adding HPF to KEF R3 in 2.1?

    Hey All, I've been trying to do my due diligence in building a new system geared towards music and video games. I'm having a ton of enjoyment in the process thanks to this forum. I'm hoping someone can give me some input on the design and specifically, if there would be noticeable value in...
  16. Buckeye Amps

    Buckeye Amps: Hypex NCx500 Official Thread

    Hypex NCx500 specs: - 700w @ 2ohm (per channel, peak) - 700w @ 4ohm (per channel, peak) - 380w @ 8ohm (per channel, peak) You have a choice of two configurations (both at the same price): - The default configuration uses the onboard stock Hypex buffer stage, which renders our Low/Med/High...
  17. Matias

    Nord's new Value-Line Hypex NCore MP series

    Nord has released a new range of Hypex NCore MP series amps with great prices using more affordable cases. "Our new Value-Line range of lower priced amplifiers. Built to compete with the budget box shifters offering a no frill amplifier with the same sonic performance of our standard range...
  18. S

    First impressions after first dip into class D (2x Hypex Nilai 500 Mono)

    I had a bit of an experience in ordering and getting these amp kits assembled and working. The amp modules themselves seemed to have been damaged in shipping (vibration caused several caps legs to fatigue via vibration and break off). Hypex (and my retailer, Deer Creek) did a great job taking...
  19. M

    FS: Hypex FA123 (x3)

    As per above, I have 3 Hypex FA123 plate amps bought from KJF audio around a year ago for a project that I just haven’t had time to complete or get running, so I’d rather someone get better use from them. International and EU shipping possible, based in UK. Price is £900 for all 3 excluding...
  20. S

    Hypex FA253 for 3 way DIY speakers

    I've been building speakers for about 15 years - this combines my love for audio and woodworking. :) These have all been 2 way desktop and small MTM configurations. About 7 years ago I set out to build a large set of 3 ways. (or 2 way with subs) Unfortunately things got in the way: moving 3...
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