1. pma

    What is on your workbench right now?

    I am curious what what is on your workbench right now. I am testing a "small" power amplifier module :).
  2. B

    Hypex UcD400HG+ SMPS400 monoblocks

    Hello everyone. I currently use these monoblocks that I built about 2 years ago. It is the UCD400HG with HxR and SMPS400 powersupplies. I have been very pleased with these, but would like to add a 12V trigger circuit to it. Do any of the more experience members here have some tips or...
  3. Audiophonic


  4. A

    Hypex power amplifier implementation

    Hey all, After reading a lot across this forum, I'm still a bit confused about the best way to get an Hypex. Should I - buy the audiophonics HPA-S250NC - dismantle a FA-252 and get case from ghentaudio (since the module NC252MP can't be buyed from non OEM) - something else I've missed to consider?
  5. maty

    Vera Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    Vera Audio P400/1000 Power Amplifier https://www.vera-audio.com/product.php?product_id=1 Hypex NC500, own buffer, stereo or bridged selection and... silent forced ventilation (two Noctua I think) -> more power. Some key performance data: - Selectable gain in very accurate 3dB steps from...
  6. W

    Looking for advice on a 3 channel Hypex Ncore Amplifier - ATI vs Nord/Apollon

    Looking for advice on a 3 channel Hypex Ncore amplifier - ATI vs Nord/Apollon I currently have a ATI AT528NC amplifier which powers my surrounds and atmos speakers. I am looking for another amp for my LCR (Procella P8). I have decided to stay with a Class D amp specifically Hypex ncore based...
  7. S

    Opinion on IMG Stage line STA-400D amplifier with Hypex modules

    Hello everyone. I introduce myself. It is the first time I write. I'm Stefano from Milan, Italy. I have been following this magnificent forum for some time. I found a German manufacturer that produces a very good price amplifier that uses Hypex modules. It's the only amp I've found online that...
  8. BillG

    NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Lab Report...

    hi-finews.com has run a performance analysis on the NAD M10 streaming, integrated amplifier recently, and this is what they found - I can't attest to the validity of it , though...
  9. maty

    Hypex NC1200: Quality of the implementations

    The first, the original, the expensive... the Bruno Putzeys implementation. Mola Mola Kaluga mono https://www.mola-mola.nl/kaluga.php
  10. Xulonn

    Digital evolution - some audio electronics history

    I will start with some information about two audiophile Class-D amplifier pioneers - Tripath and Hypex. In spite of the disdain displayed by some traditionalist audio enthusiasts for Class-D, these pioneering efforts were based on rigorous engineering, not unicorn fairy dust and other...
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