1. G

    Music tech plugin collaboration callout

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so hope this is in the right room. I'm into music tech and joined with the intention of finding someone who would be interested in collaborating on building a plugin that facilitates easier remixing and collaboration. I thought there might be individuals...
  2. benanders

    Is this site about AUDIO Science Review, HiFi S.R., or MEASUREMENT S.R.?

    Audio! Audio! Audio? As the query poses. Do you consider this site’s assessments and discussions to (or should) focus on: (1) Audio Science Review - broadly any form of music playback equipment / setup / process (2) HiFi Science Review - focus on equipment / setups / processes which themselves...
  3. Mantra

    question about windows audio players output engines , are they all accurate?

    Hi I use mostly foobar2000 and sometime musicbee ,i have used aimp 4 and 5 Goldwave have the possibility to loopback record like audacity I'm not an expert , but seems the foobar2000 ,musicbee or other windows audio player output engine is different , i'm not sure about it ,but seem some...
  4. R

    L30 II and Aune X7S comparison. Output impedance effects on different types of headphones.

    So I have this new amplifier aune X7S(2021 version) and here at asr it was measured to have rather high output impedance(about 11 ohms). But I also have a topping L30 II with me and I wanted to sell one of the amps so I compared their sound on the single ended outputs with the Hifiman HE400SE(28...
  5. S

    Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Gen Power?

    Hi everyone! Just had a quick question for ya'll. Would the new Solo have enough juice to handle a pair of Neumann KH 80's? I wasn't sure if it would be better to possibly go with the Audient iD4 MKii instead. I'm currently only planning on using the interface for my headphones and the...
  6. E

    difference between IMAX and 4DX?

    I been wondering about IMAX and 4DX. Like, how do they compare? I mean the visuals, the sounds, and all that motion in 4DX seats. I've seen movies in IMAX but never tried 4DX. What's the difference between them, really? Anyone know or got an opinion on this?
  7. D

    Topping D90SE vs S.M.S.L VMV D1SE2

    I'm looking for a new DAC and I'm currently having trouble deciding between the D1SE2 and the D90SE. I've done some research and I know that they're both great DACs, but I'm still not sure which one would be the best fit for me. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with both of these...
  8. PaperBoat

    Fabfilter Pro MB as DSP?

    Anyone here using this professional tool as a DSP in consumer environment?
  9. PaperBoat

    foobar2000 v2.0 beta 64-bit

    Just switched back from JRiver 29 to Foobar... Looking for Eole type of F2k theme... Any help?
  10. H

    Handler Vendor ID and Encoder in metadata of media file (audio /video)

    Hi, In metadata of audio/ video there are some flags with the name of Handler Vendor ID and Encoder. I have few queries regarding these flags: 1) What does Handler Vendor ID represent? e.g In a file I found the tag value for handler Vendor ID as Apple. Is this tag value represent the device...
  11. A

    What are your digital media sources previously and currently ?

    Regrouping options with similar poll question about digital media source you are listening to ... previously and currently. Thanks for voting.
  12. Jim Shaw


  13. Docteur Poulet

    Dirac for already compensated phase speakers ?

    Hi folk, I will soon receive a pair of PSI Audio A23m which are phase compensated and have a flat frequency response. I know a acoustic treatment is a better option but more difficult for my living room. Does some of you tried Dirac Live with these kinds of speakers ? Does it work well ? The...
  14. Thunder

    Best budget studio monitors?

    Budget $200 for each Some examples: KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Yamaha HS 5 Adam T5V
  15. J

    Reflection point for ceiling, Where to place?

    Hello, I was wondering where would I place the panel on the celling, it is a slanted celling which goes (Short to High). How would I calculate the first reflection point, my guess would be between the centre of the listening position and the speakers. Also would the panel be Vertical or...
  16. PaperBoat

    PowerAmp Android music player app

    Does Poweramp completely bypass native Android audio processing with its "Hi-Res Output" when streaming via Bluetooth?
  17. Thunder

    Bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors for just entertainment?

    I'll be using them with my PC to listen to music, watch movies, play games always at nearfield position and I'd like a very good sound quality, I won't be doing any music production, mixing, recording... I have no specific budget. I'm giving 2 examples. Speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2...
  18. Thunder

    Would the KRK Rokit RP5 G4 + Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen be a good combination for a budget entertainment setup?

    I want to upgrade to studio monitors for my gaming setup, I play games, watch movies, listen to music and I'd like the best audio quality possible for my budget (500€), although I don't have a limited/specific budget, it's an objective for me and I could save money if it'd be worth it to get...
  19. S

    flac file played by blu-ray to DAC: bit perfect?

    Is this a bi-perfect playback? FLAC file played by a Blu-ray player -> HDMI cable -> TV -> optical cable -> hi-fi stereo DAC
  20. ThatM1key

    Thrift Store Finds

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this topic yet. This thread discusses thrift store finds or other places you found electronic goodness, in the past and present. Recently I found something good at my local DAV thrift store while hanging out with my father. Usually they have just 4:3...
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