1. pozz

    Master Index of Audio Hardware Reviews

    This thread lists ASR’s reviews, tests, measurements and teardowns of DACs, amps, players, audio tweaks, etc. They are organized roughly into portable, non-portable and miscellaneous categories, and will be updated as more reviews are done. Most are by @amirm, but there are others by @Blumlein...
  2. R

    McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier

    McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier $3200 I'm offering MC252 in very good working condition. Voltage: 120V Cosmetic Description: 9/10 Excellent condition with no notable blemishes. What is Included: Amplifier, Remote, Manual, Factory packaging Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is...
  3. R

    FS: Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier

    I'm offering my Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier at $3900 200w Per Channel at 8ohms New NOS Inventory - Unit comes with original packaging, accessory kit, and cables. No damage. Unit tested fully operational on all 5 channels. -Outside of Normal Factory Warranty Period-”...
  4. F

    Newbie looking for best pair of headphones in £100-£150 range

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this as I'm new here. I'm a newbie who's only ever used cheap gaming headsets and am looking for a good upgrade is sound quality and comfort. Budget - My budget is strict as I can't go above £150 and £100 is my minimum. Source - I'll be plugging...
  5. M

    Discrepancy in my dB SPL calculations

    I posted on a couple of other forums. i haven't had much luck. I realize this post is very specific & complex. But i can't figure out on my own what my mistake is. Hoping someone here will be able to help me out. Using this post as a reference, I tried an experiment. I connected a Extech...
  6. V

    Transparency in sound explanation?

    I wonder what transparency means and influence the overall sound frequency response/sound signature, I wanna know how I should choose my equipment. So, for EXAMPLE: EL8 Titanium headphones, this is the frequency response graph...
  7. Blumlein 88

    Proposal for grouping DACs by measured performance

    What I have in mind is something similar to Spurious Free Dynamic Range. You have maximum signal and any other signal whether noise, harmonic or intermod distortion or jitter spurs or idle tones or aliasing or anything that should not be there with the signal. I would propose the clear to...
  8. O

    Bluetooth transmission from digital recorder to notebook

    Hi! So, I have a Zoom H1 digital recorder and I want to transmit audio without cables to my notebook, so I though with a bluetooth transmittor pluged on zoom h1 and a bluetooth receiver on notebook should work but I am not sure, can someone tell me if it is possible with good quality ? (The...
  9. Blumlein 88

    Do we need audio reviewers, and how they should they review products?

    Do we need audio reviewers? (My answer is yes for what it is worth). How should they review products? (Ahhh, here is where it gets interesting I think).
  10. amirm

    Understanding FPGAs

    Understanding FPGAs FPGAs have become part of the parlance of DAC technology so I thought I write this article to explain what they are. Before we understand FPGAs we need to first learn a bit about digital circuits. Digital circuits used to be designed using discrete tubes and then...
  11. amirm

    How Tubes Work

    My favorite Canadian Tech, Mr. Carlson, does a great view on basics of tubes and different types:
  12. amirm

    Computer Optimization of Room Acoustics

    Computer Optimization of Acoustics By Amir Majidimehr [Note: This article was published in the January 2013 issue of Widescreen Review Magazine] At the risk of severely dating myself, I got my start in computer technology in 1970s. My first computer ran at one megahertz. No, I didn’t say...
  13. amirm

    Yet another look at Jitter: Clock Extraction

    I hope you are not getting tired of jitter talk because I have more info to share :). One of the common arguments made against jitter mattering is that: "the data is buffered and clock regenerated in the DAC so jitter won't be there." This makes all the sense in the world. Once we capture the...
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