1. dominikz

    Sabaj A1 2022 stereo integrated amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Sabaj A1 (new 2022 version) stereo integrated amplifier. The amp is based on the popular Infineon MA12070 chip and I bought mine for $68.99 (total, shipped to EU). A few pictures of the amp: As you can see the power brick (Sabaj branded, 24V /...
  2. Matias

    ICEpower 2000AS2 HV

    New module announced by ICEpower, with integrated buffer and SMPS for 588 usd. 2 x 1000W or 1 x 2000W, 5W SINAD 98 excellent (4 ohms, 1% THD+N). Still not tamed the highs though like Hypex NCore(x) and Purifi Eigentakt did.
  3. C

    wondom vs dayton audio

    Hi I am building a speaker at home again but this time I want to go more complex and digital. I am looking at 2 different amps and I can't tell if they just are the same even though the prices are very different. So I am here to ask if anyone can help by telling me the differences between...
  4. H

    FS: Crowson D501 Amp **SOLD**

    Selling a D-501 Crowson amplifier at a fraction of the manufacturer’s cost! Being the original owner, the unit has been in storage and is in like-new condition. Included in the original box is the remote control and power cord. More information can be found here…...
  5. S

    I would like to ask a good amp to best adapt to my k3003

    the price not more than 100$ is best. thank you guys. love you.
  6. Matias

    Hypex Announces New and Improved NCOREx Class-D Amplifier Technology

    Nice. "The first new module with NCOREx implemented is the NCx500 OEM, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing NC500 OEM module."
  7. RandomEar

    SMSL AO200 THD+N compared to other "lower power" class D amplifiers

    I just happended to stumble upon THD+N data @ 4 Ω for the AO200, published by Aoshida. SMSL isn't even displaying this data themselves on their AO200 page. They only show results for 8 Ω. Obviously, I can't check whether the data is correct and actually belongs to the AO200. But I thought I'd...
  8. T

    Headphones / Amp recommendation for given budget

    Hi all, I'm new to audio stuff and I'd like to make my first meaningful purchase. I'd like to ask you for suggestions as your product reviews and general know-how seemed better than other forums. I'll keep my question clutter free. Topic Audio setup for PC desktop, looking for Headphones and...
  9. Matias

    Schiit Tyr mono amplifier

    New mono amp from Schiit - 1.6k usd each. 8 Ohms: 200W RMS per channel maximum 4 Ohms: 350W RMS per channel maximum
  10. L

    Bookshelf Speakers Amp Recommendations?

    Hi, My setup is really simple. I use Spotify on my iPad that's connected via USB cable to SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII DAC that also take an Optical Toslink input from my TV and pass all to 'No Name' Fosi T20 Amp found on Amazon, all of this to feed a pair of Dali Spektor 1. It is surely all on...
  11. Wack Audio

    Big value bookshelf speaker poll

    Cast your votes above.
  12. Rat God

    Amplifier for Hifiman Sundara

    Needs to be shipped from Europe Probably thread #50 on this but all the recommendations are for amplifiers only available in AMERICA. :mad: Living in Denmark I'd have to pay ~50% import tax + fees so anything that isn't shipped from within the EU is out of the question. Can't afford DAC I...
  13. L

    Weird Noise in Phono mode for Luxman L-1 amplifier

    Hi folks, I come to this forum seeking some help beyond my knowledge to resolve a weird issue I´m experiencing in my Luxman L-1 amplifier. It has worked pretty well during his more than 30 years of life. However, quite recently, it creates a very frustrating noise in both Phono an Subsonic...
  14. openbaffle3278

    Mivera Audio Puremusic Mk I (iPhone) Purifi 1ET400

    Selling my Mivera Audio PureMusic Mk I. This is the iPhone version that works with Roon. Is based on the well-loved Purifi 1ET400 amp modules that have been measured in various forms on this forum. iPhone stays charged and has been a rock-solid transport with Roon for my main system. I do room...
  15. Yayoming

    Class D amp board 1200Hz noise

    Hi guys, I have little class D board as can be seen here: Would like to use it bring back my dead Edifier R1280T (already turn in to passive speakers) and add some sub. Was using little class AB board but not sub output. Unfortunately after playing sound amp noise floor jumping up and there...
  16. M

    A Beginners Question?

    Hey ive lateley thinking of getting into the hobby and i recently got a akg k371 and wanna expand what i have. i have never tried open backs mostly gaming headphones and i have done tons and tons of research and i think im concluding in that i wanna buy a Harmonicdyne Zeus due to it has some...
  17. T

    Help to finalize a setup

    Hey, I'm here instead of my brother that got some sweets deals on some audio gear and wants to finalize his setup but doesn't know what he lacks. What he got : - a pair of KEF LS50 - Focal Evo 5.1 - Headphones Sennheiser HD660s He would like to use all of that the most optimal way to listen...
  18. R

    Large Wide Yoga Studio Room Advice

    I just purchased a yoga studio and the main room needs a major sound upgrade from a lone Bose Soundtouch. The dimensions of the room are 24'x60' 1,466sqft, 14,660 cuft. The whole floor is textured mats with one wall (teachers wall) all mirrors. Dropped ceiling. The teachers typically teach along...
  19. orchardaudio

    FS: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 10% Off

    I have a brand new Starkrimson Stereo Ultra with the $400 cap upgrade, XLR inputs and configured for 110/120V line voltage. MSRP is $2900. A customer canceled their order. 10% off to anybody here who wants it, free shipping in the US. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Link to...
  20. J

    Crown Class-I/BCA topology

    I have not seen many topics about this type of topology used in the Crown iTech/MacroTech (The amps marketed for the M2s) and the same topology used in the Mark Levinson No53. Could be interesting to start a discussion from both a theoretical point of view and also experiences with these...
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