1. L

    300w Pure class A Monoblock search!

    Hi Never posted before. But I am in the search for a set of pure class a Monoblocks with a wattage output of 300w into 8ohms….. I cannot seem to find a useful site to help my search filters! Does anyone know of any that don’t cost the earth? Budgetary speaking in the region of £1500 each...
  2. A

    Lack of Audioengine N22 reviews/discussions

    I've been looking at small amplifiers for nearfield listening at my desktop. The majority of what I see recommended is cheap Chi-fi class D amps, some of which measure really well here on ASR. Something like the Aiyima A07 sounds perfect for me, on paper. However, I find the lack of quality...
  3. C

    Elac b5.2 amplifier

    Hello. Recently I bought elac's for 140$ and now I am searching for a matching amplifier. I would prefer used or vintage one. My budget is about 250$. I was looking at Marantz PM5005 or PM6003, Technics SU-Z2, Rotel RA 970BX or RA 413, ITT 8033, Yamaha R-S500, NAD c350 or c326bee, Cambridge...
  4. dominikz

    Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier. The amp is based on the TPA3116 chip and I bought mine together with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool app for $152.32 total (shipped to EU) during the holiday sale. A few pictures of the amp: The included laptop-style...
  5. P

    Issue with noise from cayin IHA6 headphone amp

    Hello guys, so today my cayin iha6 started to output static noise on the left channel of the 4pin balanced output. There is 0 audible noise on the unbalanced output. I am 99% sure the issue comes from the amp. I have tested on another power outlet without anything but the headphone connected...
  6. J

    Fosi Audio T10 - Amazing WiFi Streamer and Amplifier at Unreal Price

    At first, I was definitely skeptical about buying the Fosi Audio T10 WiFi (+ blue tooth, usb, u-disk and auxiliary) streamer with 100 watt + 100 watt (2.1 channels) amplifier. I read so-called “audiophile “ reviews that caused me to pause…but, after seeing so many positive reviews I decided to...
  7. nikson420

    TOPPING DX1 Mini DAC Headphone Amplifier, Xmas Sale. Need help!

    Hello guys, As title say I want to buy DX1 Mini DAC Headphone Amplifier. I am happy with quality but price seems a bit high, what you think guys. Is it good choice and its price to high? Want to buy this one - Thanks!
  8. C

    Fiio E10K TC worth it over previous version?

    [If a Moderator sees this, would you please move the thread to the Headphone Amp section? I accidentally posted it here. Thank you!] Hello everyone, I was wondering whether or would be worth it purchasing the latest Fiio E10K model called TC - used for 60 - euros over the previous Olympus 2...
  9. T

    Re-using sub and car amp for PC sound

    Hello, I have a PDX m12 amplifier and a alpine type x subwoofer that was used for a car audio awhile back. Both items are discontinued so awhile ago. Goal is to have a couple speakers hooked up to PC but any chance I can hook up the amp sub combo at the same time? Sounds like it...
  10. S

    Douk Audio U5 Balanced XLR headphone amp

    This fell into the "Cheap enough, worth a pop" category so decided to get one to play around with. It arrived this morning, no power supply just a USB A to Barrel jack cable and the unit itself, thing is tiny. Got it hooked up to a Topping E50 via XLR and powered at the min with a cheap generic...
  11. infinityfine

    [HELP]DT990 250Ω and DT880 600Ω: Amplifier requirements

    I've been creating reddit threads and Facebook posts across everywhere trying to decide which headphones to get and which amplifiers to pair them with(my current problem). Out of all the recommendations, from the AKG K7s, Senn HDXXX line, Audio Technicas, HIFIMANs, down to the 73usd(local price...
  12. Xulonn

    Audio gear or appliances that are good "investments" or valuable as "vintage items"???

    Two caveats: 1. This is not a future or even present thing for me. At 80 y/o, I won't be around for items that are new today to become "long term" investments. Plus, there are no thrift shops or the occasionally found cast-offs here in Panama as there are in the USA and Europe. But I...
  13. Eddie75

    Budget setup check

    Hi to all, I'm planning to buy my first hifi set. I'd like to ask you whether the combination of the hardware is good - whether it works together, but also whether I can improve something (or whether something is a needless overkill) within the similar budget. So here is my planned setup...
  14. kanjerkoe

    Primare I15 MM - any owners ?

    Does anyone here on ASR own or have listened to a system connected with the Primare I15 MM? I have been eyeing this amplifier because it uses the Class D power and it looks and ticks some of my boxes. I was wondering if anyone can tell their own experience with this product and if they would...
  15. P

    Want to Buy: Denon PMA-SX11

    Looking to purchase a Denon PMA-SX11 integrated amplifier (Japanese model). Thank you!
  16. J

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room. I was curious if the little box would do the trick, but based on the wonderful reviews I took a risk and bought it. As it turns out, there was no risk at all with this purchase. The Fosi Audio Amp does an absolutely perfect job driving...
  17. bkarl

    Affordable Streamer, Preamp and Amplifier

    I'm assembling a Streamer/DAC, a Preamplifier and a 120W Power Amplifier, all which I branded “Claudio” for “Clean Audio”. I want to end up with products that allow me to stream and play my favorite music with absolutely no discernible noise, minimal distortion and great tonal quality. I will...
  18. K

    Purifi Eval1 Eigentakt Amplifier For Sale

    Purifi Eval1 Eigentakt The Eval1 is in the Ghent case, excellent, original working order in good condition. Demo welcome, collection from OX10 near Oxford/Reading. Could deliver or post by arrangement. Purifi SPK5 also for sale Looking for £950. Open to offers PX etc.
  19. Xulonn

    From Atmasphere - how to properly (and neatly) wire a vacuum tube amplifier...

    For many years I have been aware of the OTL (Output-TransformerLess) vacuum tube amplifiers designed by of Ralph Karsten of Atmasphere, a small St. Paul, Minnesota company. Ralph's contributions to discussions here at ASR under the handle "atmasphere" have been intelligent, courteous and...
  20. L

    Recommendations for home passive subwoofer amplifier

    I am looking for a home (not car) amplifier for a passive subwoofer. Base requirements: - To be placed on a shelf; rack-mountable acceptable (so no in-wall models) - Built-in power supply (so, Aiyima, Acoustic Audio and similar models with external PS are no-go) - Min. 150 W to max. 250 W into 8...
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