1. P

    Want to Buy: Denon PMA-SX11

    Looking to purchase a Denon PMA-SX11 integrated amplifier (Japanese model). Thank you!
  2. J

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room. I was curious if the little box would do the trick, but based on the wonderful reviews I took a risk and bought it. As it turns out, there was no risk at all with this purchase. The Fosi Audio Amp does an absolutely perfect job driving...
  3. bkarl

    Affordable Streamer, Preamp and Amplifier

    I'm assembling a Streamer/DAC, a Preamplifier and a 120W Power Amplifier, all which I branded “Claudio” for “Clean Audio”. I want to end up with products that allow me to stream and play my favorite music with absolutely no discernible noise, minimal distortion and great tonal quality. I will...
  4. K

    Purifi Eval1 Eigentakt Amplifier For Sale

    Purifi Eval1 Eigentakt The Eval1 is in the Ghent case, excellent, original working order in good condition. Demo welcome, collection from OX10 near Oxford/Reading. Could deliver or post by arrangement. Purifi SPK5 also for sale Looking for £950. Open to offers PX etc.
  5. Xulonn

    From Atmasphere - how to properly (and neatly) wire a vacuum tube amplifier...

    For many years I have been aware of the OTL (Output-TransformerLess) vacuum tube amplifiers designed by of Ralph Karsten of Atmasphere, a small St. Paul, Minnesota company. Ralph's contributions to discussions here at ASR under the handle "atmasphere" have been intelligent, courteous and...
  6. L

    Recommendations for home passive subwoofer amplifier

    I am looking for a home (not car) amplifier for a passive subwoofer. Base requirements: - To be placed on a shelf; rack-mountable acceptable (so no in-wall models) - Built-in power supply (so, Aiyima, Acoustic Audio and similar models with external PS are no-go) - Min. 150 W to max. 250 W into 8...
  7. M

    Powering the subwoofer

    Bass quality is affected by many things including amplifier, bass driver and room.
  8. ScepticSchizo

    Volume dropping and amp vibrating

    Hello good people of ASR. I have been reading quite some rather interesting reviews and posts on the website for some years now, and I feel confident that some of you will be able to help me out with an issue I am having. I've been lucky enough to purchase a Marantz PM Pearl for a bargain. It...
  9. batata004

    Amplifier sharing same GND as LINE IN

    I have a digital piano with LINE OUT. I also have a mini amplifier named "pam8610" (cheap and very common) which has LINE IN. I have 2 power supplies, each one with 12V and 5A. When I connect each power supply to each device (one power supply to the piano and the other power supply to the mini...
  10. sarumbear

    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    I am considering upgrading a friend's AVR. As an entry level AVR Denon AVR-X3700H seems to be a good choice. The unit has nine amplifiers but my friend's setup is 5.2, hence there will be two redundant channels of amplification. My friend's subwoofers are passive. They are currently run through...
  11. D

    F/S: Benchmark AHB2

    Selling my Benchmark AHB2, as I have downsized / simplified my setup and moved to a pair of Kef LS60s. The unit has a black faceplate (non-rackmount version), and 2 Benchmark 10 ft NL2 speaker cables are included. The unit is in great condition, and it has never given me any problems. Original...
  12. M

    FS (GER/EU): Rotel RA-1572 (Mk I) integrated amp

    Selling a 3 years old Rotel RA-1572 (Mk I) in perfect condition. No scratches or any aesthetic defects. It has been used in a hifi rack with plenty of ventilation in a smoke-free household. Full data here: Cool feature: it has 2 mono sub outputs, which is...
  13. A

    Using the "Recording out" on Marantz PM6006UK as a subwoofer input

    Hi, I have a Marantz PM6006UK amp which I love. What I don't have is a sub out. There's an audio out - "Recorder out" on the backside - Is this basically an aux out? Can I connect it to a powered sub's...
  14. daniboun

    Hypex NC500MP modules 2x250W / 8R + cables set

    Hi amigos, I am selling a pair of a brand new Hypex NC500MP modules. I offer the cables set. Shipping to Europe only. 460€ paired. no need to introduce the NC500MP anymore, it's a safe bet for DIY or building a good little amp without breaking the bank) SPEC : Hypex NCore NC500MP X2 PSU...
  15. stroshek

    Electrostatic headphones - dedicated amplifier vs. transformer

    Hello, this is my first post here. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the differences between using dedicated voltage amplifier and step up transformer with speaker amplifier to drive electrostatic headphones. I've tried electrostatic headphones recently and I am thinking...
  16. V

    Class D amp recommendation

    Hi all! Was hoping to borrow some of your expertise and wisdom. I plan to order a Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI speaker for outdoors. I plan on using it as a dual (single stereo speaker). From what I understand this will use...
  17. dominikz

    Sabaj A1 2022 stereo integrated amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Sabaj A1 (new 2022 version) stereo integrated amplifier. The amp is based on the popular Infineon MA12070 chip and I bought mine for $68.99 (total, shipped to EU). A few pictures of the amp: As you can see the power brick (Sabaj branded, 24V /...
  18. Matias

    ICEpower 2000AS2 HV

    New module announced by ICEpower, with integrated buffer and SMPS for 588 usd. 2 x 1000W or 1 x 2000W, 5W SINAD 98 excellent (4 ohms, 1% THD+N). Still not tamed the highs though like Hypex NCore(x) and Purifi Eigentakt did.
  19. C

    wondom vs dayton audio

    Hi I am building a speaker at home again but this time I want to go more complex and digital. I am looking at 2 different amps and I can't tell if they just are the same even though the prices are very different. So I am here to ask if anyone can help by telling me the differences between...
  20. H

    FS: Crowson D501 Amp **SOLD**

    Selling a D-501 Crowson amplifier at a fraction of the manufacturer’s cost! Being the original owner, the unit has been in storage and is in like-new condition. Included in the original box is the remote control and power cord. More information can be found here…...
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