1. F

    2 way or three way speaker

    I have a 3 way speaker and recently i have noticed that most the sound including vocals is coming from the mid range speaker. Tweeter is like it’s not even there. My question is so in a two way speaker does the tweeter do all the work ? I mean all the sound and vocals comes from tweeter except...
  2. Dunring

    FS/US Large Listing of Amplifiers, DACs, and Headphones

    I have a lot of audio equipment for sale on my eBay store, and offering them direct with: 10 percent off listed price and free shipping on single or combined orders over $100. I'll pay the 3 percent PayPal fee for buyer & seller protection. Will ship only to PayPal verified U.S. addresses. eBay...
  3. DaniPucc

    Dayton Audio A400 new AB amplifier

    Hi guys, does anyone know this amp?
  4. 3

    3e Audio TPA3251 TPA3255 Finished Amplifier with PFFB is coming!

    Hi Amigos: It has been for around 2 years after we release TPA3251 and TPA3255 series amplifier DIY kits with post filter feedback design that improve the overall performance of the single chip itself. With many buyers(diyer) enjoyed our diy kits and having so many fun from their own diy...
  5. O

    Class D Amp Module Replacement

    Hi all, I have a Bel Canto S300 with one module that is out of commission. I was going to try a warranty fix but then I see how simple the replacement would be to do myself. My 1st thought was to replace both modules with new ones from parts-express. This is the closest match I could find...
  6. F

    Looking for a specific kind of amplifier

    I have two pioneer receivers, one is vsx 1131. The vocals on it are amazing, it can make any song sound better but because of that there is not much instruments separation, instruments sound bright too. In short i am looking for an amplifier that has airy bright vocals but has warm detailed...
  7. M

    Nad 325bee (50w) to Marantz PM8005 (70w) Worth it?

    Hello everyone, last week after many years I changed the speakers, after a lot of research, availability in Argentina and obviously prices, I bought Wharfedale 12.2 and I am very happy listening to them, I have a Polk Audio HTS10 subwoofer and I continue to adjust it as the days goes by, a...
  8. A

    can i get power amplifier recommendation for my Auratone 5C

    hello it's my first post on ASR i was searching through the chinese amplifier companies such as SMSL and Topping. i heard they making good budget amps and i want to get an amp with bluetooth support. since the amp i'm currently having is not supporting bluetooth so it makes me not use as much...
  9. F

    Vocals in a av receiver

    A dumb question maybe but is there any specific component in an av receiver that is directly responsible for the vocals produced by the av receiver?
  10. Y

    Recommend me a headphone combo DAC+Amp (with remote) that connects via Optical to my LG C2 48” OLED TV

    I have tried Topping DX3 Pro+ but encountered non stop audio dropout/stuttering/jittering every 5-10 seconds. I have contacted the manufacturer and updated the firmware but still encounter the same issue. I heard that SMSL C200 and DL200 would be perfect for my needs as they have the feature to...
  11. C

    [FIXED] Yamaha A-S700 intermittent power-on failure (and eventually full failure)

    [ SOLVED ] Yamaha A-S700 intermittent power-on failure. Updated as of 16 March 2024 Please help in repairing my Yamaha A-S700 Over recent time my A-S700 has developed an intermittent fault (and today eventually failed completely). It started a week ago, it would not switch on. I tried on/off...
  12. A

    Recommend amplifier: usb input, min 100W at 8ohms, HPF control

    hi, I need a recommendation for an amplifier capable of driving 2 speakers (e.g. Revel Concerta2 M16, KEF LS50 Meta, etc). Mandatory, minimal requirements: usb input (nice to have: optical, Toslink but not coaxial) drive at least 2 speakers min 100W at 8 ohms min 120W at 6 ohms able to work...
  13. jmz

    Marantz PM6006 UK Edition - high temperature without signal and connected speakers

    I'm using Marantz PM6006 UK Edition for a few years now. This amp is working in my office/workshop space and sometimes is turned on for many hours. The volume know is usually set at hour 9... sometimes 9:30. I noticed since the beginning that after playing music for a few hours the top cover...
  14. orchardaudio

    FS: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra DMC 2.0 w/Silver Front Plate -- $3500

    I have for sale the amplifier that Steve Hoffman has been using for his review. MSRP of the amp is $4300. The sale price is $3500 with free shipping to the USA. I will also ship it anywhere else in the world at an additional cost. A 1-year warranty is included with the purchase.
  15. M

    which amp would be "better"

    hey I am looking to buy a amp for my elac solano bs283, after searching for local options (new, I don't like buying something electronic without a warranty) and came up with 3 main options: the yba heritage a200 for 1800 usd (has a pretty nice dac in it so I won't need to upgrade for some time)...
  16. C

    What Power amplifier to get for 700$ ?

    Hello every1 o/ Im wondering what to get for power amp, atm i have fosi v3 with 48v power supply. My budget is around 700$, i think AUDIOPHONICS MPA-S250NC XLR or iotavx pa3 stack will do just fine but i would like to hear othere recomendations. Speakers that i have are...
  17. daniboun

    "Micro Bamboo Project" : 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stereo amplifier + Micro-Audio PSU

    Hi Amigos ) As promised, I remain faithful to my Diyer position ) After my dual Mono project "Bamboo" I return to the scene with a new project "Micro Bamboo" to pay tribute to Micro Audio and its audiophile grade SMPS630-SO PSU. (46V/13A or 51V/11,5A) Now that we know the measurements of the 3E...
  18. E

    Help choosing right integrated amplifier for Snell Type C/V

    Hello, recently, I've been given a pair of Snell Type C/V speakers. The previous amplifier was Krell kav 300i, I think the whole system was intended for Home Theater, but I'm interested only in music. I've only the speakers for now, and a friend of mine is building the Protodac TDA 1387 x 8...
  19. lerp

    Wiim Pro Plus + Fosi V3/BT20a Pro OR Yamaha R-N303?

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 speakers for a killer deal and am trying to decide which route to go with regards to amplification/interface. Budget is around the $300-350 USD range. I was planning on going with the Yamaha R-N303, but am wondering if...
  20. yussef961

    Marantz PM 25 upgrade worth it?

    hi I have had for 4 years now a PM 25 which works well and I love, I lack some new features like optical output etc, I know there are much newer amps (mine is from 1985-1990 approx). those are the specs from a new one Mesures Réponse en fréquence (entrée analogique) : 10 Hz à 40 kHz Rapport...
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