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can i get power amplifier recommendation for my Auratone 5C


New Member
Apr 23, 2024
hello it's my first post on ASR

i was searching through the chinese amplifier companies such as SMSL and Topping. i heard they making good budget amps

and i want to get an amp with bluetooth support. since the amp i'm currently having is not supporting bluetooth so it makes me not use as much as i wished to.

so i was looking the SMSL A300. and this thing have everything i need (line input, bluetooth, enough power for auratone). but the review of ASR doesn't recommend this one so i was lost

thanks in advance :)
The best amplifier for Auratone 5C is - a broken one!
Seriously - why do you want to use extremely colored loudspeaker, with no lows whatsoever? Sell Auratone 5C and buy anything else - I and mean anything else.
You can easily and cheaply add a bluetooth receiver to your existing amp, if that is the only thing lacking.
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