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FS/US Large Listing of Amplifiers, DACs, and Headphones


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Feb 7, 2021
I have a lot of audio equipment for sale on my eBay store, and offering them direct with:
10 percent off listed price and free shipping on single or combined orders over $100.
I'll pay the 3 percent PayPal fee for buyer & seller protection.
Will ship only to PayPal verified U.S. addresses.

eBay list

eBay fees are effectively 15% (they charge full commission on shipping and sales tax) so I can pass on all of their fees as savings. Everything there is listed with lots of photos and complete descriptions. Private message a link of the item and email to send the PayPal invoice. PayPal has negotiated rates for USPS and UPS, so the tracking goes through their system as a purchase. I've been on eBay and PayPal for 24 years without a negative feedback or complaint (see my seller feedback). I'm in Tampa, Florida and ship the same day if it's before 12 noon eastern for USPS, or later if shipping UPS.
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