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Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

Three hours and 18 minutes into my Wednesday Stress Relief Session near Zephyrhills Florida.

It's always nnicer when theres some shade to fly into.

Also, it was 95F on the ground, about 65F up here.

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Mirror selfie
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The fastest and most beautiful plane ever made...
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I've spent a week in "Normandy", France...
This is a picture I've taken from "Mount St Michel" built from 1211 >> 1523 who is always full of people from Europe... but there was a bus full of Canadians.
1,5 million visitors a year >> 4110 each day. Entrance :13€... 19.501.950 €uros a year.
The mount is surrounded by water and quick sand, depending on the tide. The Atlantic Ocean is close... there is a golden statue of the Archangel Gabriel at the very top of the abbaye.
direct from my iPhone 6s.
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I was in a plane - Airbus - yesterday... from Nantes to Toulouse France...
a smaller Concorde 2 is coming... will go twice faster than Concorde 1.
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The new supersonic plane designed by Airbus could be able to go from Paris to New-York in 1 hour and 15 mn.
Airbus is located in Toulouse, France, where the planes are built.
4 hours and 30mn between San Francisco and Tokyo, six hours between Los Angeles and Sydney.
I've made a mistake the plane above will be made in USA.
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