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What pets have you had? Post pics of your pets, previous or now. Why do I love my pet so much?


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Dec 9, 2019
I have had some interesting pets and have even eaten some of them. Yes, I'm a meat eater. :facepalm:
Here some details and pics of pets I've had.

Firstly I had a large male German Shepherd. It was nice, had a good mental state and wouldn't harm me even though I was 1/2 its size. It was not moody, aggressive or fighting with other dogs and it was a inner city dog. It had dark coloration and died of old age. I would say it was a working German Shepherd and not a show type or slender one like some are. The pics are as close as possible to the real thing and will be the same breed and coloration.

Then I had gerbil. I hated that thing. I still hate it. It bit me every time I went near it and drew blood on my finger(s). I was very happy when it was given away. I wanted to kill it.

Then I made pets of the farm animals. They become accustomed to whom feeds them and they grow a bond and become trusting. Every year I ordered rooster chics from a supplier and I collected roosters of different types as pets because they are cool. I had pet turkeys, pet baby cattle and a very friendly milk cow that was the friendliest and most gentle of them all. We ate all of the farm animals :facepalm: except the nice Guernsey milk cow because she was so nice and she was passed along with the statement that she would not be butchered.









Then I had a very large thickly muscled blond colored male German Shepherd. It was tough as nails, fought with every dog in the neighborhood, never protected the farm animals and was the best company for me when I would grab a rifle and head across the river into the wilderness. It was always circling me as I walked and watched out for anything. People said they saw it running with the coyotes but I don't know if it was chasing them or with them. A neighbor put a 303 bullet through it because he caught it killing his chickens. Great dog!

Then I attempted making friends with a feral cat that was trapped out in the wilderness at the cabin. That went horribly and the cat was put down.

Then I had a blond colored male Smooth Collie. It was smart as could be, very athletic, chased and killed cats, lunged at skateboarders, in-line skaters, cyclists and runners. It was a rescue dog at the SPCA and had been locked inside and unsocialized all it's life of 2.5 years and it was freaked out at most anything that moved especially deer. It was registered as a cat killer at the SPCA when I got it. It got away and attacked, bit the legs of a horse pulling a carriage one day and I was almost fined $3800.00 but the dog had already been put down for attacking and trying to kill the neighbors cat and so the RCMP let that one slide and I was not fined. Very smart dog. It trained me to be on a schedule and it never took no for answer when it wanted to go out for exercise. It nipped my ankles herding me about as it ran it's world as it saw fit.

.. and that's all of them.
My brother had two cats. A grey one and a white one. The white one was very scared of everything and meowed a lot. So that cat sucked. The other one was nicer and wanted me to pet them. Though, they went on my table and broke my Logitech z2300 control pod (which was already on life support and very fragile). Since then I've been playing music without a subwoofer.

He gave the cats back due to allergies. Too bad this was before I started photography though. No pictures.
I was born into a house with a Siberian Husky but still ended up allergic to it and most other mammals.

When I was younger I had a tree frog and a gecko but they didn't live very long.

My sister had a Shih Tzu that she left behind with my mom after it got too attached to her. I'm not that allergic to it. Now my sister had a giant mutt which is very friendly and which I am very allergic to.

I like dogs, but I can't own one.

Now I have a Jenday Conure, ひかる (Hikaru). She's about 13 now

A random thread, but I love my pups and am happy to share them. They're all Tibetan Terriers.

First, our grumpy old man, Moses. 14 1/2 years old. Survived cancer 4 times (mast cell tumors), but unfortunately he has another and is living day to day. The good thing is he doesn't know that and is exceeding predictions. He's also missing most of his teeth.

He's a scruffy monkey, and is very food orientated.


Next is Lottie. She died last year on my 50th birthday, aged 7. It was very sudden and unexpected, and still makes me sad. She loved cuddles, and was one of the nicest dogs I've ever known, without a bad bone in her. (She's my avatar here - I got a portrait of her in oil paint from this very talented couple - https://www.pet-portraitartist.com/)



And now we have Penny. She's a very boisterous puppy, aged 7 months old now, who has an amazing knack for getting into trouble.


Here’s an audio-related pet picture (RoomPerfect calibration - our cats loved RP’s unique test tones!) from last year in our old house.


Unfortunately our fuzzy grey boy, “Nawabsahab” (named for his regal bearing) died very suddenly at 10 years old in October. He was a fine, loving cat. Both of them are. Both are rescues, though NS looks just like the picture for Norwegian Forest Cat on Wikipedia.
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I "adore" animals but to "love" a pet is way out of my realm.
Sounds harsh an crappy (and possibly 'racist'), but I reserve that tender feeling for humanoids.
Maybe it is better said by the following: The causes of my heart-breaks are strictly reserved for humanoids.
Family had all these pure-bred dogs (Lahsas, Pekinese, Sheppards, Husky, Labs) and there was always some ^&*% feline urine-stink somewhere in our houses. I was finally able to convince (and convert) the family that taking-in all-American MUTTs from the pound was more humane and endearing.
Currently, the 'art of negotiations' allows me free-reign over the whole-house music, in exchange for a ^&*% indoor cat and an fresh water aquarium.
And guess who gets to clean the stinky kitty-litter? Moi!:mad:
A tabby cat named Tom
A black cat named Shadrach (an explorer)
A black great dane named Sequoiah (smart, loyal, best dog I ever had)
Another great dane named Samantha (an abused rescue dog, a basket-case)
Various fish (are fish really pets? do they know you? or themselves?)
Two rats named Tibbles and Sweet Pea
A black & white cat named Katy (a sweetie-pie)
A black lab mix named Jinx (high energy scatter-brained)
A himalayan cat named Kiki (more love than brains)
Two cats (one black, one grey/white) named Thing 1 and Thing 2 (more friends with each other than with me)
Two black cats named Rover & Spot (mentally unstable)
Two tabby cats named Runtling & Tigger (half-wild but tolerated humans)
Two goats (not friendly but tolerated people, you could pet them and they wouldn't bite, butt or kick)
One black cat named Oliver (sweet & smart, but half-wild and killed by a Coyote)

I didn't eat any of them, but someone else ate the goats. That's a whole 'nuther story.
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