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The fastest and most beautiful plane ever made...

Not ... even ... close.


Paris to New-York in 1 hour and 15 mn.

That seems a little off.

3627 miles at 48.36 miles per minute (full speed point to point)

That's Mach 3.75

Even faster cruise speed if slow flight time for takeoff and landing are included in the 75 minutes..

What's it made of so it won't burn up (or melt)?
Small Village by the Atlantic Ocean in French Britany...
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with my iPhone 6
Looks gorgeous!
I've been in Britany in the long-gone-by 1995, in Lorient, for the inter-celtic festival (don't know whether they do it any more, but likely yes...)
One thing I remember very well is that gosh if it was raining... ;-)
The landscape was (well, IS) amazing, and the people of a warmth I will never forget!
I also was on some cliffs, kind of 250/300 m above the ocean... the view was breathtaking, and the wind sprinkling me with the salty water from the far-below crushing waves...
Britany is definitely one of the places I recommend any and everyone to visit.
August 12-18 2024

Capture d’écran 2024-06-13 à 00.52.49.png

I've spent a week in French Britany and the sky was blue every day....
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View attachment 374529 The new supersonic plane designed by Airbus could be able to go from Paris to New-York in 1 hour and 15 mn.
Airbus is located in Toulouse, France, where the planes are built.
4 hours and 30mn between San Francisco and Tokyo, six hours between Los Angeles and Sydney.
I've made a mistake the plane above will be made in USA.
You know... Boom sounds like a bad marketing decision for a name for a manufacturer of safe aircraft.
Maybe Boeing will consider spinning off its manned spaceflight division and call it Boom?
For a while, I was thinking SpaceX might do that -- but they haven't had much at all blow up recently.
What's it made of so it won't burn up (or melt)?
Titanium and its black color increased internal heat emissions at Mach speeds and invisible at night.
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