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Luxman AS-50R Speaker Selector Review

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Just for your info, in Japan, precision HiFi grade SP selectors, AMP selectors, Line-level selectors, are still available also from Audio Design Co., Ltd.
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/

SP Selectors:
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/HAS/HAS-3S

AMP-SP Selectors:
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/HAS/HAS-33S

RCA Line-level Selector:
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/HAS/HAS-3L

XLR Balanced Line-level Selectors:
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/HAS/HAS-3LB

Dual Line RCA Line-level Selector:
- https://audiodesign.co.jp/HAS/HAS-33L

They seem simple non-magnetic-susceptible precision rotary switch mechanism, no electromagnetic relay nor off-on delay circuit included, I believe.

(The power amplifier DCPW-240 by the same company has been highly rewarded at least in Japan: - https://audiodesign.co.jp/amp/DCPW-240)
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Can any of the owners share some pictures of the internals? There are none to be found on the interwebz.
Yes, I still have 13 "Likes" remaining, as the reward for the internal pictures.:)

Depending on how the 'unused' ports are terminated, the cross-talk graphs become suspect.
The calculated (based on as-tested switch configuration) cross-talk level of -55dB may apply to higher levels...if the switch outputs were properly terminated to start with (rather than left unterminated)..

Weren't there some previous discussions for ASR to possibly acquire an amplifier 'load-box'?
Depending on how the 'unused' ports are terminated, the cross-talk graphs become suspect.

Sorry, but I am still not yet fully understanding your point.
I am just wondering in case if the 'unused' ports would/might be connected to 8 Ohm 100W "dummy speaker" (ref. here), is it preferable or not?
- Renewal of SP cabling boards beside SP systems: #906
Yes NOT suitable on the face of it for use with any valve/tube based transformer output amp. I was about to post the same warning when I saw this! No problem at all with semis. Hmmm. Not sure with Class-D. On first consideration, probably OK, depending on the output configuration. Anyone tried this?
Power amplifiers that cannot survive unloaded operation deserve to die. (Well, no. But they couldn't be considered trustworthy in a real-world professional environment.)
Depending on how the 'unused' ports are terminated, the cross-talk graphs become suspect.
These are not RF distribution boxes to need termination. It is relay contact for bloody sake....



It is interesting the U.S. marketing data says 5 amps, but the relays are only rated at 3 amps. (edit; maybe in BTL mode, you have 2.5A on each leg so your amp is pushing out 5A?)

The wires are haphazardly routed, compared to some tube amps, which probably explains the crosstalk. But as Amir pointed out, not a big deal in grand scheme of things.

I am impressed the relays are actually made in Japan. That’s one reason Luxman and Accuphase always seem to be really really pricey (yet also associated with good reliability).
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I used these for a while, when I was switching between multiple speakers
Got the job done, the remote was a plus
Nice to see them reviewed here
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