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Eversolo DMP-A6 into Bluesound Powernode


New Member
Sep 12, 2023
Hi All,

I know what some will say here, but I value having Bluesound multi-room, as often my wife and I like to listen to the same music while we are doing jobs around the house.

Currently, we have a NAD C700 in the living area feeding bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer, and a record player (not impressed with the lack of volume on the inputs to the C700, always have to crank the volume). We have a Powernode Edge in outbuilding in the garden feeding some Focal floorstanders, and a Flex 2i small speaker upstairs.

I wanted to buy a DMP-A6 to replace the C700, and then buy another Powernode (does not matter which model, as long as it acts as a power amplifier and a link in the multi-room setup). I would then just set the Powernode being fed by the DMP-A6 to the Analog Input, and group as needed.

The questionI have is will the DMP-A6 bypass the Powernodes DAC if the line/aux in is connected?

Sorry if I'm committing some sin here by wanting to have this as a setup.
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