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Bose 901 Series VI Active Equalizer Measurements

I went back to my friends a few more times since I last posted about the 901s and listened more.

I agree the spaciousness is truly amazing and the overall sound is quite interesting.
I got to mess with the EQ more the last few times, and it can be made to sound relatively neutral in room, but still sounds nothing like any relatively neutral "normal" speaker at all.

We listened to parts of "Tommy" from the Who and it was honestly almost amazing sounding on some parts.
I still feel like it glosses over "detail" and has a slightly warmish full sound.

It is a speaker that is quite hard to describe. I am still not sure if I like it or just like some aspects about it.

The only thing I have heard that was even mildly similar was some old console stereo with side firing speakers at each end of the long console. Wide, full and room filling, but lacking in resolution, but still fun to listen to.

Erin got this "In Room" curve with some EQ alterations, now I can go back and try to get that response next time I go over.
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I know this is probably a dumb question. I know the 901s are getting very old by now. Has you friend taken off the grills and checked to make sure the driver surrounds are all ok and working well? Also you can check to make sure each individual driver is working by just touching it. If any are not really 100% it would mess with the sound. I just had this thought and wanted to pass it on. I used to repair a bunch of them 30+ years ago.
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