1. K

    Purifi SPK5 Speakers For Sale

    Purifi SPK5 Rare chance to get a pair of these incredible speakers. These are nice condition, original, working perfectly. That have the upgraded crossovers. Collection from OX10, could possibly deliver by arrangement, or if you arrange a packsend service. Open to offers on PX etc. Looking...
  2. L

    Could someone help me witg choosing a speaker?

    Hello everyone. I have been looking for semi good speakers/monitors for my desk and I have problem with choosing with would be be the best for me. The main problem is the size. I have a bit of space on my desk but I can't put 8 inch monitors on it, so size matters for me. Mosly I narrowed it...
  3. chorus

    SpeakerFest 2022 August 27th 10am-4pm Fountain Hills Community center

    Saturday only 10am -4pm. Come to Fountain Hills Community Center 13001 N. La Montana Dr, Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268 to audition 17 different, highly acclaimed speakers. Details on AZAVCLUB.com All Standmounts. MSRP $650-$2,900. GiveAway- A pair of Elac Unifi Reference UBR62 MSRP $1,200...
  4. M

    DAC for budget speaker for home use 150 budget

    I am currently progressing my way through music listening, my current setup consists of a Lenovo PC, running QOBUZ with WASAPI, to an Aiyima A7 Integrated amp into Triangle Borea BR02's. I am looking for a DAC under 150 pounds (UK) mainly neutral as Boreas are quite mid heavy, the room size and...
  5. juliangst

    Best Room EQ settings for a desk setup?

    Hey, I just tried to correct my LS50 using REW and my Behringer ECM-8000 to get a flatter response. I set the volume to roughly 75dB using the pink noise generator. I only corrected peaks which are mainly caused by room modes in my setup. I used the following settings for the filter...
  6. G

    KRK Rokit 5 G4

    Hey, I have bought new speakers KRK Rokit but sound sounds crazy, like without basses. The top side looks damaged (maybe?). Look at the pictures. Can I fix it by myself?
  7. daniboun

    Hundreds of speakers measured here! impressive list)

    Hi amigos, I discovered this site yesterday... do you want measurements? measures you will have! Here's an impressive list of measures categorized by brands. https://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&Itemid=18
  8. M

    3 ROW HOME THEATER HELP.. no clue what to do. (Apologize for the long post)

    Hello everyone! Apologies ahead of time and THANK YOU for whomever replies in the future as I’d be lost without some of y’all even though I don’t post much, I’m here everyday reading! Quick backstory, 30 yrs old, bought my first house at 22, sold at 26, lived in 2 condos around STL for awhile...
  9. R

    EAC has posted DIY speakers, Samba and Overnight Sensation measurements

    The P.E. Dayton Audio DIY kits did not fair all that well. Has anyone here heard them? I have not heard either set. The Samba RS drivers are still obviously extremely good reasonably priced drive units. The cabinet is solid but that crossover is just really short of a good design. What gives...
  10. Thunder

    Bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors for just entertainment?

    I'll be using them with my PC to listen to music, watch movies, play games always at nearfield position and I'd like a very good sound quality, I won't be doing any music production, mixing, recording... I have no specific budget. I'm giving 2 examples. Speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2...
  11. R

    $35OTD, Hard Copy, NEW, Floyd Toole -Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms. 3rd/Current edition

    I bought I extra copy for a reason that fell through long ago. This is a brand new hard copy of Mr. Toole's opus book Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms,3rd Edition I have been on this forum awhile, hopefully you can trust me with the sale of an...
  12. Thunder

    Would the KRK Rokit RP5 G4 + Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen be a good combination for a budget entertainment setup?

    I want to upgrade to studio monitors for my gaming setup, I play games, watch movies, listen to music and I'd like the best audio quality possible for my budget (500€), although I don't have a limited/specific budget, it's an objective for me and I could save money if it'd be worth it to get...
  13. S

    Hedd Audio Type 07 Mk2 Standby vs turn off

    Hi guys A question: Would you recommend turning off my speakers overnight? Or is it okay to let them on, as they anyway switch into standby mode? Thanks.
  14. S

    Hedd Audio Type 07 MK2

    Hi guys I just unpacked my new Hedd Audio Type 07 MK2. I am using an Apollo Twin interface to connect to the speakers. I thought this would require me to connect the XLR cable to the AES input. However, there was no sound so I switched to the analog input and now everything is working...
  15. T

    King of the sub 1000€/$ monitors 2022

    Hey i've seen a lot of updates in the monitors offering the past few months So i'm wondering whats your favorite monitors under 1000€/s the pair in the 3-8" range? I know its a wide range but i'm curious of the whole offering Here is a list of known and loved speakers. Price are from...
  16. Matias

    Monitor Audio Concept 50 announced

    Wow that is a unique looking one! "all sound is coming from a single point with consistent directivity" https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/concept-50/
  17. T

    [FS][EU] KEF LSX Wireless Speakers (All-in-1 system)

    For sale the critically-acclaimed (also excellent measurements in ASR) wireless desktop speakers KEF LSX (all-in-1 system) in red color. The speakers are in very good condition (see photos) and come with all accessories/original packaging + after-market custom protective covers (bought for...
  18. Wack Audio

    Big value bookshelf speaker poll

    Cast your votes above.
  19. Wack Audio

    Fluance Elite 2-Way Bipolar Speaker review

    Short Answer: Do not purchase this speaker Long answer: This particular Fluance speaker sounds like an IPhone speaker on poorly manufactured steroids. The overall sound is flat and raspy, the bass is non existent, and the highs are bright/hollow sounding. I have tried this speaker with several...
  20. Wack Audio

    Best amp under 500$?

    Despite weeks of research I can’t seem to find an amplifier that majority of people agree is a worthy unit. I am looking for sound quality mainly, and will use Elac B5.2 along with a Dayton sub1200. I currently have a (2011) Denon AVR 591 home theater receiver. This was their base model amp back...
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