1. T

    King of the sub 1000€/$ monitors 2022

    Hey i've seen a lot of updates in the monitors offering the past few months So i'm wondering whats your favorite monitors under 1000€/s the pair in the 3-8" range? I know its a wide range but i'm curious of the whole offering Here is a list of known and loved speakers. Price are from...
  2. Matias

    Monitor Audio Concept 50 announced

    Wow that is a unique looking one! "all sound is coming from a single point with consistent directivity" https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/concept-50/
  3. T

    [FS][EU] KEF LSX Wireless Speakers (All-in-1 system)

    For sale the critically-acclaimed (also excellent measurements in ASR) wireless desktop speakers KEF LSX (all-in-1 system) in red color. The speakers are in very good condition (see photos) and come with all accessories/original packaging + after-market custom protective covers (bought for...
  4. Wack Audio

    Big value bookshelf speaker poll

    Cast your votes above.
  5. Wack Audio

    Fluance Elite 2-Way Bipolar Speaker review

    Short Answer: Do not purchase this speaker Long answer: This particular Fluance speaker sounds like an IPhone speaker on poorly manufactured steroids. The overall sound is flat and raspy, the bass is non existent, and the highs are bright/hollow sounding. I have tried this speaker with several...
  6. Wack Audio

    Best amp under 500$?

    Despite weeks of research I can’t seem to find an amplifier that majority of people agree is a worthy unit. I am looking for sound quality mainly, and will use Elac B5.2 along with a Dayton sub1200. I currently have a (2011) Denon AVR 591 home theater receiver. This was their base model amp back...
  7. B

    Trying to decide on new near field monitors for casual(ish) listening

    I've read tons of reviews here (and elsewhere) and am struggling to choose an active powered near field monitor for casual (and sometimes critical-ish) listening. I have really good ears and am treble sensitive so anything with a ribbon tweeter is probably out. The speakers will go on a fairly...
  8. E

    F/S: Genelec 8361A Pair For Sale - Sacramento Region

    Includes GLM User Kit and 9310AM-US Volume Control. White finish, new condition. Price is $10,000. For everything, it would cost over $11K with tax, so you'd be getting a good discount for essentially brand new. Local only (Sacramento Region or SF Bay Area - if willing to drive). Each...
  9. K

    Looking for advices for speakers

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for bookshelves speakers for my Audiolab 6000A. I'm a beginner and knows nothing about hifi. I had the opportunity to listen to several speakers as Dynaudio emit 10 (which I liked), the Bower and wilkins 707 (not bad but too expensive for my budget) and the Wharfedale...
  10. R

    Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with

    With my job I travel very often and spend a large amount of my time sitting in front of a laptop in airbnbs and hotel rooms. I'm looking for the best STEREO audiophile speakers out there that I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with. These will get used sitting in front of a laptop 99% of...
  11. B

    Advice on stereo speaker height. Floorstanding or standmount when a couch is in the way?

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing a new stereo hi-fi system to replace my existing standmount speakers & integrated amp. The existing system is too small for the room size (10.5m x 4.1m). I bought it for our previous house, so want to move that system to a smaller room that's better sized for...
  12. oversorrow

    Changing Studio Monitors Suggestions

    Looking for a studio monitor for less than 600$ per pair. The room is about 11 square meters and I can't do barely any acoustic treatment. Right now I'm using JBL 305P MKII and the bass is overwhelming even if I reduce it as much as I can. I saw some reviews and these are on my wish list for...
  13. U

    Kanto YU4P Questions For Amateur

    Hi, I recently purchased the Kanto YU4P's due to price and mainly the dimensions due to limited space in my setup. I think they sound really good but, i'm looking for a really good pair of speakers in the sub $300 range that have a similar footprint to the YU4P's. Someone suggested PSB Alpha...
  14. Bling Guy McSqueezy

    Suggestions for first Mid-Fi listening system?

    I would like to start with a greeting from Israel and say that this is the place I feel most comfortable receiving real advice from, because it is the most professional place for the audio around the internet AFAIK :) As of today, I bought Sennheiser x Drop 6xx headphones and they are on their...
  15. I

    SOLD!!!: NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amp:SOLD!!!

    In excellent physical and working condition. Considered the best hifi amp for an entry price. v2 retails for $479. Sounded great with different speakers I tried with. Slim form factor. Price is $220 local cash pickup (zip code: 08540). I prefer local cash pickup and I am willing to travel...
  16. jensgk

    Does frequency response of speakers change with volume?

    Does anyone have some example measurements as to how typical speaker FR changes with volume? I know that Amir test speakers at 86dB and 96dB, but how does it work at low volume? The reason that I am asking, is a discussion I've seen on which speakers/hifi equipment sounds best at low volume...
  17. M

    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to mix my songs in my tiny bedroom. Is mixing with monitor speakers a viable option in this room? Sorry for the bad drawing, but here are the approximate measurements of my room: L: 280cm (110") W: 250cm (98.4") H: 240cm (94"). I typed the measurements into Bob Gold's...
  18. sweetchaos

    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to purchase...so, here you go! :D This guide is for PASSIVE speakers. For ACTIVE speakers go here. LEGEND: Value Description #1 Best rated-speaker in terms of preference score. #2 2nd best-rated speaker in terms of preference score. #3 3rd...
  19. sweetchaos

    Active Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to purchase...so, here you go! :D This guide is for ACTIVE speakers. For PASSIVE speakers go here. ACTIVE SPEAKERS / STUDIO MONITORS: LEGEND: Value Description #1 Best rated-speaker in terms of preference score. Update: I set the threshold at 3.0...
  20. biglebowski

    Sold: Dynaudio Excite X18 Walnut

    Hi there, I am selling my beloved pair of Dynaudio X18 in Walnut finish. I just switched to active speakers to replace them. They are in very good condition. Some very tiny scratches which are almost invisible thanks to the mat/satin (not glossy) finish of those speakers. One speaker has...
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