1. Dogen

    Play multichannel FLAC files on my AVR

    Hi folks! I’m putting together a little 5.1 system in our bedroom, and would like to be able to play multichannel FLAC files on a hard drive through my Denon s760h AVR. I do this easily in my main system with an Oppo BluRay player, using usb from the drive to the Oppo and HDMI out to the AVR...
  2. Y

    Glitchy playback and FR - Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

    Got the Scarlett 3rd Gen and mated with JBL 104 monitors, and I'm quite pleased with it the combination. Been playing music while editing content I produce, and I noticed there's random playback glitches. Not cracks, or pops, or birdies, but glitches in playback. Sources can be mp3 or FLAC, but...
  3. Svperstar

    People who switched your library from MP3 to FLAC how did you go about doing it?

    EDIT: You don't need to reply and tell me you cannot "convert" and MP3 into FLAC and get back the lost audio. I am aware of that. I said "convert" when I should have said "replace". As in replace by downloading. So I have been building my MP3 library since I got my first PC in 1996. I started...
  4. R

    Windows Audio File Conversion Software

    Are there any differences between the myriad of applications out there that convert from one format to another? Specifically I'm looking for an application to convert my FLAC collection to OGG, AAF, etc. so I can take them along on my SmartPhone (FlAC collection won't fit and phones with SDCard...
  5. PaperBoat

    Apple music lossless

    Is there any free way to download lossless music from the Apple Music? I have AM active subscription but I don't know how to download my desired songs in .ALAC from Apple music and keep it forever and listen to it when I don't have an Apple music active subscription..?
  6. T

    Looking for a streamer to play local flac files via foobar2000 + CD transport + bluetooth. Asking too much?

    Hello everyone, First post here (please MODs move my thread elsewhere if chosen section not appropriate) So I'm trying to reorganise my hi-fi listening setup around the sources we most often use around the house. Like for many people, my old setup can play CDs and records but it's blind to the...
  7. C

    Best cheap DAC/Headphone Amp for classical music

    Hello everyone, Noob here. I would like to listen to good source material (high resolution FLACs, etc) on my AKG K612 Pro headphones. Music genre is wide range classical from rumbling low church organ to high pitch violin. It is important to me to get the sound as close as possible to master...
  8. aikofan

    Need local music player for headless Windows PC

    I’m looking for a music playing software solution that meets the following requirements: Works on Windows 10 Is free or very cheap (so I don’t feel committed and can easily switch to something else if I’m dissatisfied) Browses and plays various audio files (including flac, alac, aac, and mp3)...
  9. ThatM1key

    Why isn't WavPack more popular?

    Like the title says. Main advantages over FLAC: Able to store and losslessly compress DSD stereo & multichannel. Album can be 1 Single with built-in cuefile. Create lossy files with a correction file to reconstruct the whole file again. Can losslessly compress better
  10. S

    flac file played by blu-ray to DAC: bit perfect?

    Is this a bi-perfect playback? FLAC file played by a Blu-ray player -> HDMI cable -> TV -> optical cable -> hi-fi stereo DAC
  11. ThatM1key

    PS4 Digital Soundtracks Question

    I'm not much of a PS4 user, as I use my brothers. In recent years, I seen games bundled with digital soundtracks. I've done some research but not getting direct answers, people reply with its a zip file when you use a USB flash drive. I've heard its a zip with MP3, no other bitrate info and...
  12. K

    Example of audible difference between 320 kbps mp3 and flac with 1000+ kbps

    I listened to a bunch of music in mp3 and flac on akg-712 pro with fiio 5k and I hear no difference. Am I deaf or do I need something specific?
  13. R

    Audio Transparency, File Format and Bitrate Survey

    Hi, The poll aims to collect data on which file format and bitrate combination is preferred by most individuals (or sounds acoustically transparent to them when compared to lossless).
  14. R

    Has anyone tried to differentiate between a chain of audio devices (and files) which are perceptibly indistinguishable from each other individually?

    I wanted to know whether or not a blind test has been conducted to determine whether imperceptible differences observed in individual components become perceptible when added together. I have heard of this idea before (I think) and wanted to know of any study (amateur or professional) that took...
  15. S

    SOUND LIAISON, PCM DXD DSD free compare formats sampler. A new 2.0 version.

    The reason for a 2.0 version of the free compare formats sampler: We have been made aware by the good folks here at Audio Science Review that our Test your DAC! Free Format Comparison sampler contained some strange artifacts. Founder/Admin Amirm has taken the trouble to analyze our free...
  16. M

    Another MQA thread ;)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as a member, but have read threads in this forum many times before with great interest! I can see, that the guys here are WAY above my level, so I hope you will forgive me for sounding like the amateur, I am :) My question below is about MQA quality. If you...
  17. mssngpeces

    TIDAL HI-FI + ROON: some albums only offer an MQA version?

    Hello, I recently installed Roon on my computer and found out that some albums I've been playing are not being played in FLAC, but seems to be a downsampled version of the MQA version (see picture). I'm confused since I selected HiFi in streaming quality (and not master, as I've read it is...
  18. L

    I feel like HEOS is overlooked!

    Hi all, I have now owned 3 Denon / Marantz receivers with HEOS (3500, 3600, and SR6012). I always discounted it as a solution for the lazy or as a Sonos replacement, never thinking it was up to snuff for my “serious” (lol) listening practices. I previously used a Chromecast Audio into a DAC...
  19. B


    15 % off on all downloads at NativeDSD Music 15 % off on all downloads at Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment|Acoustic Sounds 50 % off on some downloads at Sound Liaison Music Shop
  20. B

    How to position your speakers perfectly?

    Best speaker placement tutorial and best speaker placement music? On youtube there are a great number of tutorials in speaker placement. Any of these you would especially recommend? PDF manuals link are welcome as well. Cambridge Audio, Cnet, Crutchfield......? I have downloaded the Sound...
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