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  2. B

    How to position your speakers perfectly?

    Best speaker placement tutorial and best speaker placement music? On youtube there are a great number of tutorials in speaker placement. Any of these you would especially recommend? PDF manuals link are welcome as well. Cambridge Audio, Cnet, Crutchfield......? I have downloaded the Sound...
  3. L

    Topping D50s volume control

    Is there any recommended way to control volume? Currently using the JRiver volume control instead of the DAC (Preamp) to control volume. Should I use the DAC? If so, why? Audio device-Topping D50s DAC WASAPI
  4. L

    This might be a silly question however will the DAC improve the overall audio of my PC?

    For example a song from youtube or an MP3 file etc OR is it only FLAC files? Does the D50S have specs that are good enough to pair with a high end system with an amplifier? Currently my speakers are the Audioengine A5+ which has an inbuilt amp. Thanks for the help! ☺️
  5. L

    Foobar or JRiver

    Which player do you prefer and why? ☺️
  6. L

    How can I play flac files on my windows computer using CCA and using my iPhone as a remote?

    Speakers:Audioengine A5+ DAC:Topping D50 or D50s Audio files: 24/196, 24/192 and DSD files. I'd like to use the DAC of my Topping device (which I haven't chosen yet) instead of the CC. I want to use the CC to stream lossless music, if possible! My source is my iPhone and Windows PC. Yes, I...
  7. Xulonn

    Digital music collections - organizing/editing filenames and metadata...

    Classical and jazz, in particular, offer many challenges for digital audiophiles with their variable (and often long and complex for classical music) mix of names. Composers, symphonies, concertos, movements, sonatas, suites, conductors, soloists and more are some of the complexities for...
  8. L

    Topping D10 2019 or D30

    Which has better specs to play lossless music from powered bookshelf speakers? (AudioEngine A5+)
  9. Graph Feppar

    Streaming FLAC from PC to DAP?

    Hello, I am considering buying Fiio player with WiFi. I know it can stream loseless red book quality from Tidal but I dont know how streaming FLAC from PC works. If I have Windows 10 and bunch of 16bit 44.1KHz FLACs that I want to play using VLC media player, how do I make it so my WiFi DAP...
  10. dallasjustice

    New "Science": FLAC vs. WAV

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