1. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ

    What is the "Q" value and the "Cut off frequency" of the JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ? I want to replicate it using the Jriver low shelf software parametric Equalizer... Please help.
  2. C

    Deactivating DSP

    Hey, I just ordered a Topping D10's for my Topping L30. I have heard that my Asus b350-f gaming has DSP on as default, but I don't know how to deactivate it. Would be nice if someone has a tutorial for it, because I couldn't find one on google.
  3. T

    FS: Meridian DSP5000C digital active center channel speaker, in SoCal/Los Angeles/SF Bay/SD

    These are from Meridian, pioneers in using DSP to take speaker performance to the next level. These have 3 separate amplifiers, one for tweeter and each woofer, and signal-shaping DSP with a linear phase crossover between woofer and tweeter. Phenomenal sound. The only issue is that these...
  4. K

    Gullfoss dynamic EQ

    Has anyone given this a try? It's primarily aimed at producers but I've heard surprisingly good results using this for my library. It's a live algorithmic EQ (not ML nonsense) built around two adjustable parameters Recover and Tame. Recover attempts to retrieve detail by increasing the...
  5. V

    WebApp for Modifying Audyssey EQ

    Hi I am going to start hacking on a webapp to modify Audyssey EQ settings (like Ratbuddysey but.., not in C#). Was hoping to gauge interest. I have a lot going on so will squeeze it in here and there, but community interest is obviously a big push. I personally can't believe Audyssey's mobile...
  6. WonkyDonkey

    Active amplification for DIY two-way question.

    I'm planning a build of a large, high efficiency active two-way speaker. I had assumed I'd buy a couple of Hypex FA122 (or FA123 - future-proof option!) and the remote kit, as even 50W @ 8 Ohm is enough for stratospheric listening levels. I only need two digital inputs and one analogue balanced...
  7. B

    Audyssey Multieq-X: Real bi-amping with active crossover

    Denon AVRs have an option for bi-amping the main speakers. My understanding is this is the typical “passive bi-amping” where the same signal is sent to both, as there is no crossover functionality implemented by default. However: * Denon AVR already have active speaker/subwoofer crossovers. *...
  8. R

    Magnepan MMG & DSP

    Hi all, I recently found a pair of Magnepan MMG's listed for not a lot of money and I bought them just to get an idea why some people are so lyrical about Magnepan. I hooked them up and I have to say they sound amazing! It's not to be compared with a box speaker. Although the measurements and...
  9. J

    SOLD!!!: MiniDSP SHD with UMIK-1:SOLD!!!

    MiniDSP SHD with included UMIK-1 All in One Streaming processor with Dirac Live® Digital Room Correction, Volumio Network streamer, Audiophile 32bit converters, 450MHz Sharc DSP processor, DSP toolbox for subwoofer or multiway speaker Array I purchased this unit used in July 2020 (I am the 2nd...
  10. JunkHippo

    Dirac measurement beginner questions

    Hi there, I've been reading ASR for over a year now. Such a helpful page! One of the things it inspired me to is trying out room correction. I have a pair of Neumann KH310 (great speakers!), in a relatively small room (15m²) and positioned not quite symmetrical - one is closer to a wall with...
  11. A

    Alternative to miniDSP DDRC24 DIRAC

    Hello All. End of last year I bought the miniDSP DDRC24 DIRAC. My intention was to do some room correction and also to build a new active speakers. I connected the miniDSP my current setup. I own an ONKYO P-3000R preamplifier and the M-5000R power amplifier. So I connected the miniDSP between...
  12. mitchco

    Understanding the State of the Art of Digital Room Correction

    A deep dive presentation on the fundamentals of "proper" Digital Room Correction (DRC). Includes hands-on DSP FIR Filter Designer demos using Acourate and Audiolense. Having participated in many audio forum discussions, having watched online videos on Digital Room Correction (or DRC), and...
  13. N

    Upgrade Focal Aria 906 to Genelec 8340 or Genelec G4 (and minidsp)?

    hi all, i am currently trying to get my head around different options to progress my current home hifi (stereo) setup. the focal aria perform quite well and i am more than happy with the yamaha wxc-50 as streamer/preamp. the location of the speakers (that i can't really change) seems to be a...
  14. W

    Looking for cheap active speakers with user programmable DSP

    I like to hear music while cooking. I have a Yamaha Pianocraft receiver in the kitchen. With the small (passive) speakers placed in the room corners, I could help their weak bass reproduction a bit. Until a while ago, I was satisfied with the sound that they create. However, "a while ago" I...
  15. M

    DSP engineers help me out - does playing a 44.1 khz source file introduce aliasing when output at 48 khz by the DAC?

    I know that when downsampling a signal, aliasing will occur and this needs to be filtered out. But I'm having a discussion where people state the same is true when upsampling with a non-integer multiple. To me, this will not introduce alias artifacts, but I'm not sure if this is true. How is...
  16. A

    I plan on getting a Pi 4 with a Topping E30 DAC. I want to add DSP to my setup so I can use REW for room correction. Is this possible with an E30?

    Hi everyone! I have a Pi 4 on the way and I have been looking at different DACs to use with it. Originally I was going to go with one of the HiFiBerry HAT DAC chips, but after looking into it I found that the external USB DACs are actually better quality for less money, and that with the Pi 4...
  17. Marc v E

    Fixed vs Floating point explanation

    I came across a blogpost by Geoff from B&O and thought I'd share it because it is very clear and concise: https://www.tonmeister.ca/wordpress/2021/07/19/fixed-point-vs-floating-point/ I wonder if all dsp make use of floating point. Reading this blog I'd say it should give better SNR.
  18. D

    Worthwhile Plate Amp Candidates<=100W

    Hey all, I've been having fun with my recent DIY speakers, but I'm routinely disappointed with my hand-me-down, buzzy receiver or my distorted at high volume, no headroom desktop budget all-in-one amplifier. I like the way my buddy's JBL LSR305's are set up on the back, and as much as possible...
  19. R

    Digitally reducing volume when connecting DSP directly to power amplifier

    My current setup takes all its different inputs into a MiniDSP 2x4HD which acts as my DAC, and the output is connected directly into the power amplifier (main in) of my NAD C352 (80W per channel). Volume is controlled on the DSP. Currently, to get output volume at 0dB on the DSP that's not too...
  20. armigo

    Pi4 + CamillaDSP + Audio Interface (Motu M4) = Phenomal DSP streamer

    Hello Everyone, I am posting on this as people have been messaging me about how to use CamillaDSP with a Pi4 or any linux based system to turn the Motu M4 or any other audio interface into a very powerfull DSP. I use this for a 2.2 system with Genelec 8030s and two 8" DIY subwoofers. This...
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