1. M

    DSP engineers help me out - does playing a 44.1 khz source file introduce aliasing when output at 48 khz by the DAC?

    I know that when downsampling a signal, aliasing will occur and this needs to be filtered out. But I'm having a discussion where people state the same is true when upsampling with a non-integer multiple. To me, this will not introduce alias artifacts, but I'm not sure if this is true. How is...
  2. A

    I plan on getting a Pi 4 with a Topping E30 DAC. I want to add DSP to my setup so I can use REW for room correction. Is this possible with an E30?

    Hi everyone! I have a Pi 4 on the way and I have been looking at different DACs to use with it. Originally I was going to go with one of the HiFiBerry HAT DAC chips, but after looking into it I found that the external USB DACs are actually better quality for less money, and that with the Pi 4...
  3. Marc v E

    Fixed vs Floating point explanation

    I came across a blogpost by Geoff from B&O and thought I'd share it because it is very clear and concise: https://www.tonmeister.ca/wordpress/2021/07/19/fixed-point-vs-floating-point/ I wonder if all dsp make use of floating point. Reading this blog I'd say it should give better SNR.
  4. D

    Worthwhile Plate Amp Candidates<=100W

    Hey all, I've been having fun with my recent DIY speakers, but I'm routinely disappointed with my hand-me-down, buzzy receiver or my distorted at high volume, no headroom desktop budget all-in-one amplifier. I like the way my buddy's JBL LSR305's are set up on the back, and as much as possible...
  5. R

    Digitally reducing volume when connecting DSP directly to power amplifier

    My current setup takes all its different inputs into a MiniDSP 2x4HD which acts as my DAC, and the output is connected directly into the power amplifier (main in) of my NAD C352 (80W per channel). Volume is controlled on the DSP. Currently, to get output volume at 0dB on the DSP that's not too...
  6. armigo

    Pi4 + CamillaDSP + Audio Interface (Motu M4) = Phenomal DSP streamer

    Hello Everyone, I am posting on this as people have been messaging me about how to use CamillaDSP with a Pi4 or any linux based system to turn the Motu M4 or any other audio interface into a very powerfull DSP. I use this for a 2.2 system with Genelec 8030s and two 8" DIY subwoofers. This...
  7. D

    General EQ advice

    Hey all, longtime reader and first time poster. The objective nature of this forum is refreshing, to say the least. It's also turned me on to the idea of EQ'ing my nearfield monitors and headphones. For now, I haven't attempted to measure or correct room gain or reflections at all. Using...
  8. mitchco

    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    Hello fellow ASR enthusiasts, Just over a year ago @dallasjustice was kind enough to announce my new DSP calibration service here on ASR. Since then, 125 individuals have used my service to calibrate their sound systems. Coming back to my audio roots after decades in the software industry was...
  9. M

    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    I'm not sure the following is even possible due to how high-frequency sound is perceived in off-axis listening configurations. In any case, here are the 'concept parameters': hardware/audio optical or coax digital input single speaker configuration available (maybe something like a sonos play...
  10. U


    Hi! A diy project to upgrade the NAD MDC BluOS module was recently completed. The upgrade was to integrate the DSP into the sound received from the BluOS module. The project was successfully completed, and now I can safely share with you the result. The BluOS module now has an ADAU1467 DSP...
  11. D

    Active Crossover Solutions / Feedback / Recommendations

    Closed - looking at Octo Research dac8 PRO, paired w. Roon + Convolution or MiniDSP.
  12. dominikz

    Turning an Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) into a media player with DSP

    So after looking into some depth at room correction SW, I wanted to see how to implement DSP into my system. Initially I looked at various of-the-shelf solutions, but in the end decided to see if I can work something out myself - ultimately audio DSP is just a bit of computing power combined...
  13. BillG

    PSB Aims to Customize Sound with Audio Personalization Company Audio do...

  14. J

    Internet Router to DSP to streamer/DAC

    I have an integrated streamer/DAC. I want to be able to use a DSP system for room correction before the signal gets to my streamer/DAC, hopefully directly from my router. I know that ROON, which I'm using, has DSP capability, but it looks fair hard to get properly setup. Are there any devices...
  15. BillG

    Dirac and Klipsch are teaming up for headphones...

    Given all of the attention headphones are receiving here as of late, I thought this might be of interest. It's merely a press release, though, and light on details: https://www.dirac.com/news/2020/6/30/dirac-and-klipsch-collaborate-to-pioneer-the-next-generation-of-headphone-audio-performance
  16. A

    Work on "time domain optimized filters" by M. Moffat

    In his book "Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up" Jason Stoddard mentions work done by Mike Moffat on "First true time domain optimized digital filters, based on math perfected with a U of Iowa Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and a RAND Corp mathematician". In a...
  17. MDAguy

    Adding a component with an AD/DA stage downstream from your DAC...‍♂️

    So I listen in a smallish room (Can't change that for a multitude of reasons) with some acoustic issues, nothing too bad, but I'm trying to achieve the best possible sound in this room... ... a friend brought his DSP (Accuphase DG-58) over and we tried it out, and it made a noticeable and...
  18. MDAguy

    Seeking some "sound" advice on installing DSP into my system..

    Hi all, new to the forum but I have been told this was the place to come find no-nonsense advice from people who know the ins and outs of the digital and analogue chain / signal and processing... So here is my situation... I've got a decent Hi-Fi system that I mostly (80%) use for streaming...
  19. MarsianC#

    FreeDSP Aurora with ADAU1452, 8 channel In/Out

    Care to help? https://github.com/freeDSP/freeDSP-aurora Specs: Analog Devices ADAU1452, 294.912 MHz, 32-bit SigmaDSP 6144 SIMD instructions per sample @ 48kHz fs 40kWords of data RAM 800ms digital audio delay pool @ 48kHz fs 8 stereo ASRCs with 139dB DNR XMOS...
  20. A

    Dac - Dsp - Crossover

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and hope you forgive my mistakes. I'm a old audiophile who wants to upgrade his (now) simple system (Oppo BD95 + Pass Labs amp + Magnepan MG 3.3) to multi amping. As everybody says Magnepans should sound better in multiamping (maybe all of the loudspeakers do) and I...
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