1. dweeeeb2

    Assessing DSP quality

    I’m curious, what’s people take on DSP “quality”. I don’t see it mentioned very often so was wondering if people generally consider all “graphic” equalizers the same, all PEQ equalizers the same etc. If I was to apply a +2dB PEQ at 2kHz with a 0.7Q would I expect the same result on all PEQ’s.
  2. mitchco

    The Easy Way to add DSP plugins to any music app

    I have been asked many times how do I add convolution to Spotify, or a loudness control to Roon, or how about spatial audio like cross talk cancellation for any of the music apps listed here, which are examples. I thought the best way to do this is to make a presentation explaining how digital...
  3. C

    Setup to apply EQ from TV(streaming apps) to headphones (possibly active/passive 2.0/2.1 speakers in the future as well)

    Hello currently I have a Topping L30II and E30II lite connected to the PC, I use Equalizer APO and the HD650 are phenomenal like this. I have tried gaming using spatial sound from windows and it works flawlessly with Equalizer APO as well. I thought I would be able to watch streaming services...
  4. M

    Audio components for connecting multiple subwoofers: Double Bass Array and DSP

    I currently have a system consisting of an RPi 4 with moode audio and CamillaDSP connected to a Topping D90 III Sabre. I want to expand this system with a double bass array consisting of 4 subwoofers with DSP. I know that there are Hypex FA251 FusionAmps with their own DSP, but I would prefer to...
  5. S

    Explain how to create an FIR file like I’m 5

    Hey all - so I’m totally new to PEQ/correction, etc. Done a bunch of reading and searching but still not exactly clear on this and how to generate the files. Here is what I’d like to do: I have an Eversolo A8 and I’d like to use its DSP to do room correction when I’m playing digital. I have...
  6. H

    Will an external DAC sound better/different than my AVR DAC?

    Hi everyone. The thread's subject is almost clickbaity as I expect responses of "there is no difference" as I have read on numerous posts here. However, I am asking more from a theoretical perspective. Most responses I have read are similar to the following: the DAC conversion in the external...
  7. F

    Help choosing a sub to go with Revel M16s (UK)

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy my first subwoofer (other than the one that came with my Harmon Karden Soundsticks 15 years ago). I've got Revel M16s and a Cambridge Audio CXA61, playing mainly through an optical out connection to a wiim mini. I'm based in the UK and was looking to buy a BK...
  8. mjgraves

    JBL 705P Circuitry?

    As mentioned elsewhere I've just upgraded to a pair of JBL 705Ps. To feed them I've assembled PiCorePlayer on a Pi4 with a HifiBerry SPDIF HAT. This feeds the AES input nicely. So it's an all-digital signal path. Or is it? Does anyone here have an insight into the internals of the 70x series...
  9. J

    Any software or electrical engineers on the forum familiar with the USB spec?

    I recently got a Moondrop FreeDSP which is an IEM cable with a USB-C termination, comprising both a balanced DAC and a DSP. It's plug and play and the last used DSP profile is automatically carried forward & applied without the need of any software. However, the software you need to configure...
  10. Mantra

    what/which dsp effects software player do you use mostly to listen muisic?

    Hi I used to play music with foobar2000 Since many albums have lots of trebles and sometime too sharp (for example I was listening radiohead ok computer I own the vinyl,cd and audio aac , it 's clipping and lots of trebles ), other could sound dull or too weak or loud or with a not pleasant Eq...
  11. I

    AVR: Replacement or DIY

    Hi, I have been following ASR for quite some time getting myself educated and looking beyond the audio foolery of the marketing departments. (Many thanks for that) For years now I have been using an AVR in the living room powering a 2ch speaker setup. We’re mainly watching TV and listen to...
  12. O

    Help with understanding sampling rate for DSP.

    Hi, quick question. I’m looking at the DMP-A8 and its DSP capabilities. I see people talking about the fact that the DSP resamples hi res audio to 48khz. On this site I thought it was pretty well established that “hi res” audio (specifically its sampling rate for the purposes of this discussion)...
  13. B

    System build components

    Greetings, this is just a general presentation of what kind of an audio system I would like to build and if everything will work together. Thank you in advance. Parts: - Speakers: Kef Ls50 Meta (already have- found good local second hand deal) also nice banana plugs and cables - Streamer: Wiim...
  14. G

    Help for selecting passive bookshelf speakers and more

    Hi, Newbie here and looking for some advices for upgrading my 2.1 stereo system. I learned a lot from Amir's tutorials and others' posts. Wonderful forum here! Current system: a pair of KEF Q150, Sony STR-DH190 power amp, Bluesound Node 2i, and RSL Speedwoofer 10S MKII. (I am considering to...
  15. dominikz

    RME adds Room EQ capability to TotalMix FX (UFX+, UFX II, UFX III and UCX II only)

    Just saw this yesterday on RME forums and thought it was exciting news: (full source) Preview: I can only hope this functionality finds its way to Babyface and ADI-2 DAC successors some day :) EDIT [2024-01-25]: Seems UCX II support was added as well; updated title accordingly.
  16. Talisman

    Cheap DSP recommendation for bass management.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a small low-cost DSP (less than 200 euros) to only manage the equalization of two or three subwoofers. I saw the t.racks dsp 4x4 mini pro. Seems like he can do the job with dignity. Has anyone tried it? Are there any differences in sound quality between the non-pro...
  17. J

    Looking for latest & greatest CamillaDSP hardware options, inc non-USB input & output, DSP, DAC, etc.

    I'm curious what the latest & greatest hardware options people are using for CamillaDSP, in particular, non-USB input and non-USB output options. Here's the use case: - Goal: Multizone / multiroom house-wide audio with per-room room correction - Plan: WiiM Pro streamers (maybe a 4x Pro in a 1u...
  18. T

    Subwoofer integration without external DSP

    I'm planning adding a subwoofer to my system, but I don't want to use external DSP. Are there any guides I should follow in order to phase (/time) align the subwoofer to the mains solely by positioning and through the sub's own dsp settings (crossover, phase, etc.)? Can it be done? Thank you
  19. W

    HiFiBerry Measurement Microphone for DRC?

    I am looking for a microphone for Digital Room Correction at home, and saw the HiFiBerry Measurement Microphone for 65€: https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/accessories/mic/ HiFiBerry published a short comparison here: https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/measurement-microphones/ Does anyone know more...
  20. henologist

    Non-Raspberry Pi SBCs for Streaming + CamillaDSP

    I'm about to get a MOTU Ultralite mk5 to pair with an SBC for CamillaDSP/streaming, but unfortunately Raspberry Pi 4s are still hard to find at decent prices. There are plenty of alternative SBCs and small form-factor PCs out there, but it's hard to narrow it down to one that's not too weak nor...
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