1. D

    Active speakers with Topping E/L 30, or 2.1 amp with passive speakers?

    Hello! I currently have a Topping E30 DAC, with an L30 amp. I'm quite happy with them. What I'm not happy with are my 20-year old, $20, 2.1 channel computer speakers. When I listen to music, I use my headphones. However, it would be nice to be able to have decent audio at moderate volumes for...
  2. R

    Ideas for DIY multiroom streaming (+ main system TV/Movie playback) on a budget

    To set the scene... around 20 years ago I was listening to FLACs ripped from my own CD collection on a Logitech Squeezebox -> Musical Fidelity X-DACV3 -> Audio Alchemy DLC -> Cambridge Audio SA200 -> Mission 752. Our TV was also connected to the DLC so one could have TV/Movie sound on this...
  3. D

    Value in adding HPF to KEF R3 in 2.1?

    Hey All, I've been trying to do my due diligence in building a new system geared towards music and video games. I'm having a ton of enjoyment in the process thanks to this forum. I'm hoping someone can give me some input on the design and specifically, if there would be noticeable value in...
  4. S

    How best (which) to DSP for 2.1 setup with SMSL DAC/preamp into Audiophonics poweramp.

    Currently my SMSL SU-10 DAC is also the preamp for my Audiophonics HPA S400ET poweramp via balanced connection. Powered sub is KEF KC62, fed by unbalanced output from SMSL. My room has a floor to ceiling glass wall & patio doors to entire left side. WAF precludes most acoustic treatment. Looking...
  5. Exprymer

    DiY Measurement Mic Inputs

    Hello guys, Hope you are all doing well! I have the intention to build a DiY Measurement Mic. Using parts of the Electronics i've used in previous projects. My main problem now is how to interface the analog readings with REW. How to insert the digital data using USB using STM32, for...
  6. J

    Nightmare room setup request for advice (audio only)

    Hi all - I'm looking for some advice on what appears to be an impossible situation - how to create a pretty good audio experience in a horrible room setup / layout. Diagram is below, but here's some background: - We're only worried about Audio... no AV requirements - There's a big room with...
  7. Matias

    Trinnov NOVA

    New ARM based hardware from Trinnov for studios with "more cost-effective solutions for stereo and small surround applications" using "Trinnov’s room-correction and optimisation processing on up to six channels of audio, as well as handling bass management duties". Price TBD. I wish they could...
  8. Talisman

    Why don't the usual suspects (Topping, Sabaj, Smsl, Loxije etc) touch the dsp market?

    The question is serious, and is aimed at anyone with sensible hypotheses. In a market so saturated with dacs of all kinds, where a new photocopied dac comes out every month, all with the same functions, all with the same characteristics, how is it possible that none of the low-cost Chinese...
  9. M

    Audio interface usb multipurpose inside 500€

    Hello everyone! I'm looking around for a usb audio interface (no thunderbolt) around 500€ that has these requirements: - distortion around -115db more is better - at least 4 entrances more is better -at least 6 outings -at least 24/192khz -internal mixer and dsp -a truly flat frequency response...
  10. R

    Can I use EQAPO when I connect the Mini sp to my PC?

    I inquired about this to minidsp, but I haven't received a reply yet. I have a question for those who use these DSPs (if I had it, I would test it out, but I haven't purchased it yet). There are a few things I am curious about. I would appreciate it if anyone with experience and knowledge of...
  11. IAtaman

    STM32 based DSP/EQ

    Well, I wanted a new pet project for a while and fiddling with the eqMac (and hating it), I thought, why not build one yourself! I am aware there are quite a lot of RPi4 based solutions out there, but 1. Pi4 is very hard to source even if you are willing to pay win11 mini PC prices for it, 2. I...
  12. L

    Why "audiophiles" don't use VSTs?

    Why "audiophiles" don't use VSTs? Concept is pretty clear - you would get objectively saying the most precise amp, speaker - entire audio rig - and then colorize signal digitally at source (well, you could route analog signal to the actual analog rig, but plugins mimic analog rigs so well...
  13. PaperBoat

    IFI XBass+

    Hello everyone! Newbie here... I have paired my IFI Zen Air DAC with JBL 305p MKII Monitors using IFI Zen Air DAC’s RCA outputs… Will it be safe to use the XBass+ feature of IFI Zen Air DAC when I’m listening to my JBL Speakers? Is XBass+ only meant for headphones and not for speakers? Is XBass+...
  14. A

    Preferred Target FR Curve

    Hi Everyone! TLDR; what's your preferred FR Curve and EQ goals when using DSP? I've built my own pair of speakers of my own design, you can find my write up of it here: Still Haven't Named Them. I stopped messing with them for a bit and am very happy with its sound signature except I found...
  15. U

    Best way to add tone control to my system

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I really love this place! Currently, I'm putting together my first Desktop-HiFi-System. For that, I have the following requirements: - Decent DAC with USB Input - possibility to add an active Sub - Drive 8 Ohm Speakers at (real!) 30 Watt - acceptable...
  16. W

    DSP iPhone app NEUTRON is perfect match to Topping E50

    I just started using this today https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neutroncode.mp&hl=en_AU&gl=US It supports 32 bands full parametric EQ plus other DSP features which allows me to EQ my room with ease. If you want DSP functionality but have a basic DAC like me (Topping E50) I...
  17. C

    Graphic equaliser Vs DSP (or similar)

    I'm looking into room correction and I was just wondering if it were possible to use one of those old boxes known as a graphic equaliser instead of something like mini DSP (et al)? For example: I could use a UMIK-1 connected to my computer along with REW, pass a test tone through my speakers...
  18. SDC

    s/pdif input for dolby digital?

    My audio interface has optical spdif in without dolby decoder, and window sees it as 2ch audio. The question is, is it possible to input DD optical through this 2ch input and decode using PC? So it goes like this TV(5.1 dolby)-audio interface(optical)-PC-audio interface(analog)-Multichannel...
  19. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ

    What is the "Q" value and the "Cut off frequency" of the JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ? I want to replicate it using the Jriver low shelf software parametric Equalizer... Please help.
  20. C

    Deactivating DSP

    Hey, I just ordered a Topping D10's for my Topping L30. I have heard that my Asus b350-f gaming has DSP on as default, but I don't know how to deactivate it. Would be nice if someone has a tutorial for it, because I couldn't find one on google.
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