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Help choosing a sub to go with Revel M16s (UK)


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Feb 16, 2024
Hey all,

I'm looking to buy my first subwoofer (other than the one that came with my Harmon Karden Soundsticks 15 years ago).

I've got Revel M16s and a Cambridge Audio CXA61, playing mainly through an optical out connection to a wiim mini.

I'm based in the UK and was looking to buy a BK Electornics sub, maybe the Double Gem or the XXLS400 or maybe the XLS300 or even one or two single Gems (heard lots about multiple subs, but then lots of people just saying buy the best you can then one day upgrade). But until like 30 minutes ago I'd never heard of DSPs which made me think twice as I don't think these have DSPs. Many of them don't have measurements though seem to come highly regarded?

Broadly I'm very out of my depth, despite trying to read up. Would anyone have any recommendations? Sounds like the SVS SB-1000 pro has DSP built in? But might be less sub for my money (at least here in the UK - can get it for £570, or £800 for the pro which is out of my budget really.

Don't want to spend much more than £500, was hoping to get away with more like £350 originally. There is some flexibility on this though if there's a strong argument.

Currently they'll be in a not ideal shaped open plan living room/kitchen around 3*5.5m, but I'd like it to be able to last in different spaces. Mainly for music but secondary use for film/TV/video games.



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Aug 20, 2020
Manchester, WA
I have this desktop setup: NUC10 - RME ADI-2 DAC FS - Buckeye NC252MP - Revel M16 + SVS SB1000 Sub. I love it.
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