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Would someone care to interprate Amir's measurements/reviews here? Revel v Wharfedale.

I wasn't referring to and don't really care about subjective reviews, just general principles.
I thought with nearfield you meant really such which in typical home acoustic spaces and such compact loudspeakers would be under one meter listening distance so typically desktop listening with above mentioned problems.
This doesn't mean at all that the 12.1 are bad loudspeakers, I even stated that in the beginning of the review thread, and am considering even getting a pair just for fun to test as they currently only cost 220€ per pair locally. :) Also as I have written in many threads, everything in this universe, so also loudspeakers, is a compromise, nothing is perfect for each and every case.

Well said that man.

BTW, I'll be 1.2m-1.5m. I will have some acoustic panels at 1st reflection points on the side and front wall. Rear wall is 5m away, and the nearfield effect really should complete negate the need for anything there.

Funnily enough, I've asked about desk reflections before:

You'd think this would be a more common issue and point of discussion, and with more solutions.

As it is, I'm going to require a pretty special 'mirror 'test' to identify where first reflections will come off the desk; the speakers aren't actually on the desk, but on stands on either side. I hope to be able to position them so they're almost past the desk anyway.

My desk is 49cm deep, the speakers are c.30cm deep, and need to be 10cm from the wall because of the ports, so there's only 10cm between the front of the speaker and front of the desk - I'm not sure a first reflection would actually hit my ears, but I'll have a look. There may be a gap of 10cm between speaker and desk.

Time to have a look at the angles.

Thanks again.
Great thread

Subtle pros and cons between these speakers, including overcoming that bias that 'expensive is better', but once they are installed you only listen to one pair and they will sound good. Aesthetics probably play the biggest part in the end!

You would be crazy to reduce the choice to one single figure ( :) ) but ... as I understand it, the Preference score indicates just that (likelihood of a listener preferring the sound) and these two are identical. As I also understand it, you need a full integer increase in Pref score before listeners are statistically likely to prefer the higher rated speaker. i.e. you'd need to go to around 6.5 before something is likely to sound better to you.

Coincidentally, that's a pair of second hand Genelec 8030s.

I'm being slightly flippant, although I do think the argument is valid.

Answering your question at face value - the Wharfdales' are the clear choice unless you think the look of the Revels is worth the extra money.

Enjoy :)
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