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Bose 901 Series VI ver 2 ("Final Edition") Measurements and Review



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Jan 15, 2020
Questions to those with 901 experience. (I have no 901s on hand now, but I have a friend owning 901 Series IV (blue drivers, not version 2))

How did you adjust tonal balance by ear? It was somewhat difficult (or different from conventional front firing speakers, or the particular pair of 901s was defective or counterfeit, or the particular room was exceptially bad. . . . )

some music tonally balanced -> dialog has hard to tolerate ess (not merely 4k-10k quantity issue I guess)

dialog in the evening news of big broadcast channels tonally balanced -> muffled incomprehensible dialog in movie channels

make dialog in movie channels intelligible -> the fight scenes are unbearable
(the same movie sounded intelligible while fight scenes were bearable on non-hi-end non-hi-fi speakers integrated to the TV chassis)

That sounds like the aftermarket drivers.

I think the trick is that you do need to mix it with something like full range Dirac Live if your room is not optimized.

There is definitely luck involved with the right room, which is where decades of innovation come into play. That said, the idea based upon actual measurements isn’t as crazy as you think.

During my testing with Dirac, I was able to watch both Downton Abbey and Ahsoka and felt it was well balanced. The only way to answer your question is to run measurements though.
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