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SOLD - FS/US: MiniDSP SHD - Roon Ready network player with Dirac Live - $825

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Jul 15, 2022
MiniDSP SHD - Unit is in great shape, and works perfectly. I've just decided to go in a different direction. Firmware and Volumio fully updated and ready to go. Fully transferrable Dirac Live license with a simple e-mail to MiniDSP.

$825 shipped and PayPal G&S.

miniDSP is proud to introduce the SHD (“Streaming High Definition”) digital audio processor incorporating Dirac Live®, the world’s premier room correction solution. A natural evolution and extension of our considerable experience with Dirac Live implementation, the miniDSP SHD heralds a new era in affordable yet powerful DSP-based network streamers.

The miniDSP SHD is a certified Roon Ready network player. Being Roon Ready means that miniDSP uses Roon streaming technology, for an incredible user interface, simple setup, rock-solid daily reliability, and the highest levels of audio performance, without compromise. The quad-core streaming processor in the SHD also runs Volumio, a popular open-source network streamer, providing web-based access to music files from sources as diverse as a USB stick to Internet Radio and Spotify/Tidal/Qobuz streaming.

The SHD has extensive connectivity options. Three digital inputs, two analog inputs and USB Audio enable the SHD to fit right into any modern audio system. The four-channel DSP-controlled outputs are available as single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) analog as well as SPDIF digital.

In addition to Dirac Live, the miniDSP SHD includes a full suite of our powerful but user-friendly DSP audio tuning software - ten-band parametric EQ per channel, crossovers up to 48 dB/octave, compressor/limiter, and a flexible 2x4 matrix mixer — for powerful audio system tuning in applications ranging from subwoofer integration to a two-way active speaker.

Hardware Features​

  • Processor: 32-bit floating-point 400MHz Analog Devices SHARC DSP
  • 32bit Audiophile converters: Measured 120dB Dynamic Range / 0.0003% THD+N
  • Powered by Dirac Live® 3.x Digital Room Correction
  • Powered by miniDSP's new Device Console for Over The Air upgrades, Live Real Time control of DSP settings
  • Quad core ARM processor for network audio streaming - Roon Ready, Volumio streaming, Tidal/Tidal Connect, Spotify/Spotify Connect, Qobuz.
  • Inputs: Stereo digital (USB Audio/AES-EBU/SPDIF/Optical), stereo analog (Balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA)
  • Outputs: 4 x digital (SPDIF out), 4 x analog out (Balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA)
  • USB audio recording feature (4xCH processed output via USB audio to record inputs, e.g. Vinyl)
  • White/Black OLED front panel controller


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When did you purchase the SHD?
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