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SOLD - FS/US:MiniDSP SHD - Streamer/Preamp/DSP/Crossover (4-channel), includes Dirac Live and is Roon ready


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May 4, 2022

Price: $895

Free shipping via U.S. Post Office to the continental U.S. If you need it shipped another way, there may be additional shipping charges.

I purchased the SHD new from MiniDSP on June 29, 2022 for $1,377.50 ($1,299 price + $30 tax + $48.50 import fees). The unit is only about 1.5 years old. It is in excellent condition.

Prior to shipping I will reset everything back to factory settings.

The SHD has a Fantastic piece of audio equipment. It includes Dirac Live and comes with a UMIK-1 microphone. As of this listing, it has been upgraded to the latest firmware and the latest version of Volumio that is available for the SHD.

The MiniDSP SHD includes a four-channel DSP. It resolved issues I had for years trying to get a smooth crossover transition between my speakers and my subwoofer. Specifically, the SHD allowed me to select the appropriate crossover frequencies, topologies and slopes for my system. In addition, the SHD allowed me to adjust the time delay for my speakers to get the speakers and subwoofer in phase at the crossover frequency. (The time delay is adjustable on all four channels.) This greatly improved my system's bass response, and music sounds much more natural. Tuning with Dirac Live further refined the sound with room correction.

The MiniDSP SHD has four presets. I used these to create tunings for speaker placement against the wall, and speaker placement away from the wall into the room for serious listening (after my wife goes to bed :)). For each position I have a tuning using the Harmon Curve, and a similar tuning without a lower bass bump.

The reason I am departing with the SHD is that I am removing the passive crossovers from my speakers to go all active. I need an 8-channel DSP unit to do so. I am looking at replacing the SHD with a miniDSP 8-channel unit.

MiniDSP SHD.jpg
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Mar 23, 2023
I think people would like to know how the transfer of the Dirac and Volumio licenses works.


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Feb 11, 2021
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Dirac licences are bound to minidsp devices not to user accounts.
There is nothing to do about it when buying a used device.
New owner of a device needs to send a mail to minidsp with the serial number only to gain access to related downloadable resources.
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