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Dirac live miniDSP SHD issue, please help


Dec 16, 2023
Greetings and Merry Christmas!

Please help with an issue I have with Dirac live.

I use miniDSP SHD (featuring dirac live full) with 2 active monitors and a subwoofer.

At the dirac volume calibration tab the subwoofer is working together with only one of the channels but not with the other. (The volume of the 2 channels is different because of this.)

The speakers are connected to the SHD via XLR 1 and 2. I tried connecting the sub in two different ways: as stereo to RCA 1 and 2 and also as mono to RCA 1 only. The problem is the same both ways.

As per the SHD instructions I have linked the left and right channel and set the crossover to 80hz on both the speakers and the subwoofer. The subwoofer channel (or 2 channels when I use stereo) show the signal meter and the subwoofer is working.

No matter what I try, at the dirac volume calibration tab the sub is working with the second channel only.

Please help me out with this. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Anthony LoFi

Active Member
Jan 1, 2022
Hi YK, Ive just seen you post from last year and no one has replied.

I can help if you still need it ?
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