1. WonkyDonkey

    Active amplification for DIY two-way question.

    I'm planning a build of a large, high efficiency active two-way speaker. I had assumed I'd buy a couple of Hypex FA122 (or FA123 - future-proof option!) and the remote kit, as even 50W @ 8 Ohm is enough for stratospheric listening levels. I only need two digital inputs and one analogue balanced...
  2. M

    [Requesting Advice] Issues with combination of miniDSP SHD + March Audio P452 + Wharfedale evo 4.2

    My main system is a Denon x4700H + Wharfedale Evo 4.2 + HSU Research VTF sub in my living room. I wanted to move the wharfedales to a separate 2 channel system and bought a miniDSP SHD + March Audio P452 purifi to support that. On connecting the purifi amp with SHD using balanced cables the...
  3. jcardoza

    FS: MiniDSP - SHD Studio (SOLD)

    Hey All! Selling a MiniDSP SHD Studio. Its an open box unit, this is an extra unit that I never ended up using. Original box not included. ***Microphone not included. Price: $825 with shipping within the states. Other notes: SHD Studio All in One Streaming processor w/ Dirac Live...
  4. N

    Upgrade Focal Aria 906 to Genelec 8340 or Genelec G4 (and minidsp)?

    hi all, i am currently trying to get my head around different options to progress my current home hifi (stereo) setup. the focal aria perform quite well and i am more than happy with the yamaha wxc-50 as streamer/preamp. the location of the speakers (that i can't really change) seems to be a...
  5. ad_fletch

    Preamp quandary for 2.1 or 2.2 stereo

    Hello, I've been reading for quite some time all the threads I can find about how to do a decent but affordable 2.1 or (ideally) 2.2 setup for music. Source is a Windows tablet running Foobar2000 + EqualizerAPO through a Meizu Hifi Pro dongle - prefer this to previous setup of Chromecast Audio...
  6. F

    DDRC-24 - Dirac Live on a budget?

    I'm looking into trying Dirac Live, and I'm looking into a cheap way of doing it. For reference, my system consists of a pair of ELAC DBR62 speakers in a nearfield configuration and a BK Electronics XLS200DF subwoofer. Speakers use an Audiophonis NC252MP amp, exclusively fed by a Topping D10...
  7. prasanth.nath

    Got Scanspeak Revelator 15W/8530K00 and Scanspeak Tweeter D2904/980000 - What to build?

    Greetings. I have an ellam 98 mk II designed by Troels Gravesen of Denmark. I made the terrible mistake of buying a JBL 305 mk II recently, because of the one-man-industry-disruptor we all know about. To my utter horror, the ellam is thoroughly...
  8. Tokyo_John

    Best Budget DAC for Subwoofer Downstream of miniDSP SHD Studio?

    I'm getting ready to add a subwoofer to my system (moving to a new place with a larger space) and I've become interested in the miniDSP SHD Studio, primarily for running Dirac. The SHD Studio handles up to 24/96 with output via SPDIF RCA or AES-EBU XLR to 2 separate for main speakers...
  9. R

    Digitally reducing volume when connecting DSP directly to power amplifier

    My current setup takes all its different inputs into a MiniDSP 2x4HD which acts as my DAC, and the output is connected directly into the power amplifier (main in) of my NAD C352 (80W per channel). Volume is controlled on the DSP. Currently, to get output volume at 0dB on the DSP that's not too...
  10. Shives

    WTB: MiniDSP HD

    Hello, I’m looking for a miniDSP HD for my home and using two subs... located in New England area! Also open to other MiniDSP units... But again only looking for a 2x4 (think that’s accurate) SHD or Dirac possibly I don’t need the UMIK mic, for I do have two (selling one) so that should work...
  11. Neto Rare

    SOLD!!!FS: MiniDSP SHD Studio SOLD!!!

    Purchased less than a month ago and still under warranty. Measuring mic not included. Includes original box, wifi dongle, ac adapter, remote, ethernet cable. Price: $729 Price includes FREE US shipping (insured), but will add PP fee. Pics here: Also posted here w/ feedbacks...
  12. K

    Minidsp DDRC-24 vs SHD

    Besides only having RCA in/outs and no streaming option does the minidsp DDRC-24 have the exact same room correction functionality as the SHD?
  13. K

    Minidsp advice needed..... to the forum. Enjoying the contributions. I have built a small second system for my office. Small room, 8x11, with concrete behind one wall backing onto my garage. Lots of bad reflections. 2.1 channel system purchased in the last 2 months playing tidal and internet radio...
  14. D

    Active Crossover Solutions / Feedback / Recommendations

    Closed - looking at Octo Research dac8 PRO, paired w. Roon + Convolution or MiniDSP.
  15. K

    miniDSP Analog Tap

    Has anyone used the mini DSP product in just an analog path? (ie: DAC RCA out -> Amp, or Preamp -> Amp) Just wondering if there's any disadvantage to not tapping the digital path or if it does just as good of a job.
  16. S

    SVS SB-3000 can‘t handle low input signal?

    Hi guys, I would like to know if anyone experienced something similar or has some ideas on the following. I already talked to the SVS customer support, they had an explanation but I‘m surprised that I seem to be the only one on the planet with that problem, so: I recently bought an SB-3000 to...
  17. xykreinov

    miniDSP UMIK-2 vs. Dayton Audio OmniMic V2

    Hi, I'm looking to get a speaker measurement microphone. But, I am unsure what all the specific benefits/downsides are between the UMIK-2 and OmniMic V2, besides the difference in price and Dayton's software. I would appreciate some help. I likely would not be using Dayton's software, which...
  18. S

    Peer-review: a new "reference" 2.2 speaker setup

    Hello, A few weeks ago I got exciting news - we are getting a new house! (yes it is just like getting one more kid, in many ways) So what does an engineer-audioholic does in such case? Well, gets down to literature, measurements and guidelines to quickly design in a "perfect" listening space...
  19. JDRCapeCod

    FS: MiniDSP combo DDRC-24, UMIK-1, Remote and long USB cable ($400 including US shipping)

    I love this setup but no longer need it after upgrading my preamp to an NAD C658 that has it built in. Selling for $400 including shipping in the US. I will transfer my MiniDSP account over to the new owner so you will continue to receive updates. Payment via Venmo or Paypal. Please reach...
  20. Kachda

    minidsp shd - just bought - nothing seems to work

    Hi, I bought a minidsp shd and it just arrived today. I installed all the apps and drivers. The SHD app connects to the minidsp over USB, and I can connect it to the network, but other than that literally nothing works. 1. The routing matrix has nothing on it. 2. Clicking on Config2 hangs the...
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