1. M

    Streamer for Genelec 8240A

    Hello everyone, I have a pair of Genelec 8240A's and I was "driving" them via Focusrite 2i2 (2nd gen) + custom XLR Klotz cables. This was ages ago, now I want to play PC sound and stream from my Android phone (YT Music). From what I read here, I should stay digital only, something like WiiM Pro...
  2. B

    Bypassing Streamer (Wiim) DAC

    I’m a newbie, to digital, I admit it. I’m confused on digital to digital output and if DA conversion occurs once, twice. I’d like to stream (have a Pro + w the DAC), to my R26 R2R (which I feed to a Levinson preamp via XLR). If I’m running Wiim via say Optical (24/192 vis WiFi), into Gustard...
  3. R

    optical network

    Some LUMIN models include an optical network port intended to provide complete isolation from network digital noise. Is it justified to upgrade from ethernet cable ? 15 Meters long. Thanks.
  4. B

    Recommendation for Tidal connect streamer with HDMI output

    Well the story is simple. I am pretty happy with my Denon AVR. Unfortunately, it does not have Tidal connect. Heos app is a useless crap. And finally, Spotify still hasn't delivered their CD quality streams. So the goal is to achieve convenience of the Spotify with my hardware and enjoy Tidal...
  5. S

    Streamer track change speed

    I’ve noticed when using Qobuz with an Arylic streamer I browse unknown music and albums less because the time to change / play tracks + albums is often up to a second after clicking. Is this just a reality of wireless / cloud streaming or can it be made faster by spending more on a better...
  6. lerp

    Wiim Pro Plus + Fosi V3/BT20a Pro OR Yamaha R-N303?

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 speakers for a killer deal and am trying to decide which route to go with regards to amplification/interface. Budget is around the $300-350 USD range. I was planning on going with the Yamaha R-N303, but am wondering if...
  7. M

    Streamer + DAC combo < 500 EUR

    Hi, I'm looking for Streamer + DAC combo to add it to my setup. (it can be one device) I currently have: - old CEC AMP3 (from 1993, got it as a gift, it has both unbalanced and balanced inputs) - old LUA 5/3 D DIVA (also gift) - Epiphany USB EDAC (aka. NwAvGuy ODAC, I was using it with PC...
  8. A

    Anyone know of a Raspberry Pi player that has bookmarking?

    I have a lot of audio dramas and audiobooks, the problem is most players don’t have a bookmarking feature so it’s difficult to resume from where I left off.
  9. W

    My Christmas Gift

    Hello everyone, after about six months of second thoughts and changes I present to you my Christmas present. It's a network streamer, but I'd call it PC audio. For now only the first part is completed, the second part which is just a cabinet containing the DAC (smsl DO300) is still WIP, but from...
  10. L

    Streamer differences.

    This is a great forum, and im really glad i found it in pursuit of better sound. There is way to much bro-science out there. With that said, i havent read everything in here, so i might as well ask and see what the thoughts are. Im thinking streamers. Streamers doesnt convert the signal so in...
  11. B

    System build components

    Greetings, this is just a general presentation of what kind of an audio system I would like to build and if everything will work together. Thank you in advance. Parts: - Speakers: Kef Ls50 Meta (already have- found good local second hand deal) also nice banana plugs and cables - Streamer: Wiim...
  12. C

    Looking for my first streamer

    Hey, I am considering buying a pair of Genelec 8030C as my first quality speakers but i want to be able to stream to it. So i wonder whats the best solution is for a streamer Max budget $150.
  13. O

    Looking for below $100 Streamer with USB Output only

    I’ve already had $90 USB-C DAC and $90 Stereo Amp. Hopefully can find $90 Music Streamer with USB output only to replace my iPad Pro streamer app. Can anyone recommend something?
  14. C

    SOLD - FS/US: MiniDSP SHD - Roon Ready network player with Dirac Live - $825

    MiniDSP SHD - Unit is in great shape, and works perfectly. I've just decided to go in a different direction. Firmware and Volumio fully updated and ready to go. Fully transferrable Dirac Live license with a simple e-mail to MiniDSP. $825 shipped and PayPal G&S. miniDSP is proud to...
  15. D

    Which Streamer

    Hello Hope you are having all a great time. I have at the moment a Auralic Aries Mini but would like to upgrade it At the moment I have some streamers in mind - Eversolo 6 - Atoll MS120 - Fiio + PowerSupply - mini-i_Pro_4 - Silent Angel Munich M1 The alternative would be to...
  16. escape2

    Squeezebox (streamer) replacement?

    My old Squeezebox2/Classic has served me well for the past 16 years, alas, it seems to be dying and I don't think I'm capable of fixing it. I want something nice looking, primarily to use as transport (don't care if it has a DAC or not), with a nice display. Support for Logitech Media Server...
  17. S

    Introduction to the SmartCross project

    Many of us are fascinated by the idea that we can process audio signals precisely and flexibly in the digital domain. Currently, there are numerous options available in the market, including popular offerings like MiniDSP and FusionAMP, each with their unique aspects. People have also brewed...
  18. A

    SMSL SU-1 DAC + WiiM Pro Plus Streamer

    After reviewing the ASR data, I've noticed that the SMSL SU-1 DAC boasts a SINAD rating of 116, while the WIIM Pro Plus streamer comes in slightly lower at 111.6.
  19. Scytales

    812 digital sources from 1992 to 2024 ranked by THD

    From 2013 onward, I began a systematic survey of FFT measurements published by some German Hi-Fi magazines. Those magazines belong to a publisher which runs its own laboratory, thus ensuring consistency in the measurement method. At that time, I was driven by sheer curiosity. My goal was to...
  20. B

    Lossless stream with an iPhone (apple music)?

    Hi! I was wondering if using the apple camera lightning kit (lightning -> usb) to connect my iPhone directly to my DAC would result in lossless audio? And do you think it's a good solution? (I don't really care having to connect the cable each time I want to listen to music...) I'm currently...
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