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Paris Audio Video Show 2022

My pick is this one. The number of capacitors, the tube pre section, and a flat screen display (I hope it is not just a backlit shop sign). Audiphoolery at its best!

Thanks Vintage,

With the demise of the local HiFi stores here in Australia, and I assume the rest of the world, it must have been fun to visit all the different displays.

I miss the smell and excitement of walking into an audio shop for the first time and talking with the sales people. As I do the old record and CD stores. The internet has bought a lot of good to our hobby but the human cost has been huge.

Thanks for making the effort to share, much appreciated.
Was it held in the Metaverse?

There's nobody there!
Nice photos, just like being there, given that these shows are all about seeing what nice new shiny boxes are being launched this time around.

All I am missing is being told off for touching!

Nice job and thank you.
Awesome, can’t wait to read about your experience and impressions. Many of those speakers are worth more than my house! :eek:
This looks like a good place to visit. Take your banker with you.
Does the tweeter mounting of the Atohm seem subpar to everything else? The direct lighting doesn't help generally isn't it best to flush mount the screws or have a trim ring. I thought this was a quick way to tell speaker built quality.
Well, I confess I like the Grande Utopias. I guess they would only require a full house redesign, redecoration, and relighting.

The bad thing about Focal is their rush towards insane prices driven by fit and finish. (the list price of my Scalas has at least doubled since I purchased them, with only minor technical tweaks).

The good thing about Focal is that their affordable models sound almost as good as the pricy ones. Plus the fact that, in Europe at least, they live in a permanent discount universe.
How many rooms did they had at the show? 11.000 that is A LOT of people ...
Well this year the show in our capital had 16000 if I'm not mistaken
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