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Mytek AMP+ Review (Stereo Amplifier)



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Feb 13, 2016
Seattle Area
Did you test it in bridge mode after you fixed the 2nd channel ?
I don't think I did. My memory of these tests has a half-life of a couple days. :)


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Mar 23, 2021
My memory of these tests has a half-life of a couple days. :)
If 'memory is the 2nd thing to go'; then, you will not have to ask what the 1st thing to go is...;)


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Sep 16, 2021
Hi Amir,
Just spotted one potential inconsistency after reading again the amp+ review : this one has switching frequency of 650khz due to new MOSFETs. (Currently showing hypex 500khz one instead if I'm reading correctly)

Hope this brand survive and continue to propose their designs, because there products are well thought overall, and most importantly sound great.

On a client side, transparency of the founder is a plus, even if I understand this have not been a match between you two ;). You're both highly skilled.

I had a Brooklyn DAC+ in the past, and despite some QC issue needing RMA, I had just never been disappointed in the sound quality of Mytek's products. (Far better than TEAC BB UD501 or even maybe the AK4490 UD503, to my taste).

Regarding these AMPs+, here are my observations/wishes for the next iteration, if any :
- jumpers are really scary / too tiny for neophytes, and personally, I always triple check that thing, which hampers a bit the unboxing experience.
- the software to control it from usb does not scale on 4k monitors under win10 (again you need glasses when looking at the setting window)
- wish a bit higher snr at low power to improve the consistency of the experience, which is quite enjoying and dynamic, and precise at medium power levels.
- possibility of setting the color of the M logo is SO nice, keep it please!
- improve the quality of the asymmetric input (you spotted high freq) , as many nice streamers have no xlr pre out (evo150 tdai 1120), and the Mytek Bridge 2 is delayed anyway.
- Stereophile pointed higher 3rd harmonix on one channel, please add this criteria in QC, if significant enough.
- as I already pointed in my previous messages, a bit less heat in a closed rack would be reassuring
- and if possible, lessen the plop sound when going out of standby, on mines, which I use in bridge mode, the level of the 'plop' increase slightly when cycling standby on/off more than 2 times in 5 minutes, depsite not harmful. Solution would be adding relay, but this could worsen transparency, as Mytek support tends to point ; maybe are there other proper ways !

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