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Kh 150 + Kh 750 sub room measurements advise


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Nov 2, 2023
Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advice.. I’m a long time recording engineer and musician. I’ve owned a few sets of speakers but I’m coming from a set of jbl Lsr 4300 with the matching sub I’ve used for 11 years. I recently bought the Neumann Kh 150s and Kh 750. With the MA1 system. Because I had a severe lightning strike it about took everything I own! Devastating … and terrifying. Anyways… long story! My room is pretty well treated I’ve worked in it for years l.. trying to improve it slowly over time. But as I know we all learn our rooms. So I have some questions? It’s 11 by 15. I was wondering what you guys think of the measurements I took today. In regards to fixing some issues the software found. Along with like what SPL Should I set the monitors at? Spacing ? They are set at 135cm apart from the center between the tweeter and woofer. Angle is 22 degrees. I’m curious to know your thoughts and I could use the mental health rescue from some speaker experts. I’ll include some pics fyi the latest pic of the studio was before I installed the new speakers it’s been a long few months of rebuilding. The sub is under the desk to the left. About 6”s from the back wall as the Kh 150s are on iso pucks on the custom desk I built pretty solid.


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